United Romania Party

The United Romania Party (Romanian: Partidul România Unită) is a Romanian nationalist political party. It was founded by former members of the Social Democratic Party, such as Bogdan Diaconiu and Greater Romania Party, like Horațiu Șerb, Vasile Vlasin and Valerian Moraru. The founding members, signatories of the party registration, are: Bogdan Diaconu, Daniel Hogea, Augustin-Florin Hagiu, Horațiu Șerb, Dumitru Badragan și Dragoș Stancu, based on the civil decision nr. 5 from 7 February 2017, definitive on 25 April 2015.

United Romania Party

Partidul România Unită
PresidentRobert Bugă
Founded23 April 2015
Split fromSocial Democratic Party
HeadquartersB-dul Nicolae Bălcescu nr. 17-19
Sector 1
IdeologyRomanian nationalism
National conservatism
Anti-Hungarian sentiment
Political positionRight-wing to far-right
National affiliationNational Identity Bloc in Europe
European affiliationAlliance for Peace and Freedom
ColorsRed, white, blue
SloganNoi avem de strâns laolaltă pe toți ai noștri.
('We have to gather up together every one of ours.)
Seats in the Senate
0 / 136
Seats in the Chamber of Deputies
0 / 330
Seats in the European Parliament
0 / 33
0 / 3,176
County Councilors
0 / 1,340
Local County Councilors
0 / 39,900

The party claims to adhere to a "national-democratic" doctrine based on the ideas of Romanian historian and politician Nicolae Iorga and centered on principles of social justice, economic protectionism, Romanian nationalism and anticorruption.[2] According to a resolution adopted in September 2015, it opposes migrant quotas, same-sex marriage, adoption of the euro, Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), among others.[3] The party's adversaries consider that it wears a mimetic nationalist stance, former 'PSDists and clerks of Voicescu were not and will never be nationalists'. Prominent members (ex. vicepresident Ovidiu Hurduzeu) of the party support IMMEDIATE Romanian exit from the E.U and NATO publishing messages such as 'The Ceausescu times were better!' on websites.[4] In the 2016 Romanian legislative election, the party received 207,608 votes in the Senate election, and 196,602 in the election to the Chamber of Deputies, not achieving the parliamentary status.


The United Romania Party characterizes itself as: We are a young team that believes in Romania and her values which also proposes an alternative to the entire political class after 1990. Our Ideals are of a Strong and United Romania, respecting rights for every Romanian citizen.

Party criticism

In July 2016, Daniel Ghiță, kickboxing world champion, left the party, disagreeing with the party president at the time, Bogdan Diaconu, stating that he does not follow the principles he promotes.[5]

Electoral history

Legislative elections

Election Chamber Senate Position Aftermath
Votes % Seats Votes % Seats
2016 196,397 2.79
0 / 329
207,977 2.95
0 / 136
7th Extra-parliamentary opposition to PSD-ALDE government (until August 2019)
Extra-parliamentary opposition to PSD minority government (until November 2019)
Extra-parliamentary opposition to PNL minority government

European elections

ElectionVotesPercentageMEPsPositionEU PartyEP Group
2019 51,787 0.57%
0 / 33
 13th  APF