United States European Command

The United States European Command (EUCOM) is one of the eleven unified combatant commands of the United States military, headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany. Its area of focus covers 21,000,000 square miles (54,000,000 km2) and 51 countries and territories, including Europe, Russia, and Greenland. The Commander of the United States EUCOM simultaneously serves as the Supreme Allied Commander, Europe (SACEUR) within NATO, a military alliance. During the Gulf War and Operation Northern Watch, EUCOM controlled the forces flying from Incirlik Air Base.

United States European Command
Emblem of the United States European Command
Founded1 August 1952 (1952-08-01)
Country United States
TypeUnified combatant command
RoleGeographic combatant command
Part of Department of Defense
HeadquartersPatch Barracks, Stuttgart, Germany
Commander GEN Christopher G. Cavoli, USA
Deputy Commander Lt Gen Steven L. Basham, USAF
Senior Enlisted LeaderCSM Robert V. Abernethy, USA
Shoulder Sleeve Insignia
NATO Map Symbol[1][2]
The EUCOM Area of responsibility is in red.

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