United States Marine Band

The United States Marine Band is the premier band of the United States Marine Corps. Established by act of Congress on July 11, 1798, it is the oldest of the United States military bands and the oldest professional musical organization in the United States. Today, the Marine Band includes the Marine Chamber Orchestra and Marine Chamber Ensembles.

United States Marine Band
The United States Marine Band at the White House in October 2007
ActiveJuly 11, 1798  present
Allegiance United States
Branch United States Marine Corps
TypeMilitary band
Garrison/HQMarine Barracks, Washington, D.C.
Nickname(s)"The President's Own"
March"Marines' Hymn" (official hymn) Play 
"Semper Fidelis" (official march) Play 
DirectorColonel Jason K. Fettig
Senior Assistant DirectorMajor Ryan J. Nowlin
Assistant Director1st. Lt. Darren Y. Lin
Operations OfficerCWO-4 Bryan P. Sherlock
Drum MajorMaster Gunnery Sergeant Duane F. King
Assistant Drum MajorGunnery Sergeant James R. Holt III
John Philip Sousa
Colonel Michael J. Colburn

The Marine Band is entirely separate from its sister military band, the United States Marine Drum and Bugle Corps ("The Commandant's Own") and the 10 active duty Marine Corps field bands.

The Marine Band has been uniquely known as "The President's Own" since 1801 due to its historical connection to the President of the United States. The relationship between the Marine Band and the White House began on New Year's Day 1801 when President John Adams invited the band to perform at the Executive Mansion. Later that year, Thomas Jefferson initiated the tradition of Marine Band performances by requesting that it perform at his inauguration. The Marine Band has played at every United States presidential inauguration since. President Thomas Jefferson gave it the title "The President's Own" in 1801. This terminology emulated a long-established British usage, where various military units were designated as "King's Own" or "Queen's Own".

Today, the Marine Band performs in approximately 500 events every year[1][non-primary source needed] including state funerals, state arrival ceremonies, state dinners, parades, concerts, and other social events. The Marine Band travels across the country each October and November during its fall concert tour, a tradition that began in 1891 under its most famous director, composer John Philip Sousa.

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