Upper Burgundy

The Kingdom of Upper Burgundy was a Frankish dominion established in 888 by the Welf king Rudolph I of Burgundy on the territory of former Middle Francia. It grew out of the Carolingian margraviate of Transjurane Burgundy (Transjurania, French: Bourgogne transjurane) southeast of ('beyond') the Jura Mountains together with the adjacent County of Burgundy (Franche-Comté) in the northwest. The adjective 'upper' refers to its location further up the Rhône river, as distinct from Lower Burgundy (Cisjurane Burgundy and Provence) and also from the Duchy of Burgundy west of the Saône river. Upper Burgundy was reunited with the Kingdom of Lower Burgundy in 933 to form the Kingdom of Burgundy, later (from the 12th century) known as Kingdom of Arles or Arelat.

Burgundy about 900
  Upper Burgundy, est. 888 (Transjurania and County of Burgundy)
  Lower Burgundy, est. 879 (Cisjurania and Provence)

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