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On the slope.
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abcThs usre haz verry goode spelng.
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Derek Athwart-lier:

Without sleepers the train won't run

Some friend said about me (in dutch ..) : "zonder dwarsliggers, rijdt de trein niet..." [1] a dutch expression that roughly translates as : "without sleepers the train will not go anywhere .." , there might be some truth in the fact that I'm a "sleeper" keeping the tracks parallel, keeping train on the tracks .. for it to reach to its final destination. [2]


  • Professionally :
    • PA of a Belgian Senator
    • Patient advocate : Cancer, Brain tumour, Epilepsy, Poverty and survivors of chronic/rare disease
    • ICT architect / Business Analyst consultant
  • Other
    • Wikimedia Belgium, founding member, board member , treasurer
    • Wikimedia Belgium  : Wikiducation project

Wikipedia subjects

  • Politics :
    • Democracy Trias politica ans secular organistation of the state
    • Influence of religion on politics
    • Equal rights, Gender-issues, LGBT..-issues, right to auto-determination (abortion , euthansia)
    • Belgian politics : organisation of Belgian state
  • History of Belgium and the Netherlands
    • Antwerp
    • People of interest to science and cultural development
  • Lifestyle
    • Food : cheese, chocolates
    • Preparation/cooking : traditional dishes and haute cuisine
    • Drink : Beer, Wines, Sherry, Port, Whisky

Hobbies :

loves to ski, internet addict, international referee alpine ski, motorcyclist, vintage and olt-timer cars

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Spellng, lysdexiae and other language shortcommings

For those who suffer from eyesore when they encounter zpellingmiztakez in the Wiki, especially in what I have written/ added/ edited, I encourage you to make any necessary corrections ... do not restrain yourself, enjoy
Please accept my apologies, for I suffer form a mild type of dyslexia, mental blindness for typos, and thoughts that flash over fiberoptics through my mind, but my fingers are wired with standard copper twisted pair ...

About Dyslexia

I'm directly affected by this so i would like to collect here some iedas about that particular gift I was emdowed with :

  • in a dutch paper by Cognitive Psychology student at the Utrecht_School_of_the_Arts, Kamiel Vossen, ïn Lysdexie.doc, 2002 (which is no longer on line) the author makes following statement : (tranlated quote in italics) "
Graphical Thinking
The dyslexic thinks in images, graphically, however not everyone thinking that way is a dylexic. A dyslexic thinks at a rate of 32 imageframes per second.
Everything the dyslexic think is expressed in images that have to be translated into conventional language (words phrases etc). That activity is time consuming because the image-language link is not automated correctly in the dyslexic brain.
In his book "The gift of dyslexia" R.D. Davis claims that the dyslexic when they think about or hear a word like "elephant" they immediately see an image of an elephant, not like a 2D picture they see a 3D image and they see it from all angles. The result of touching a word for the dyslexic is that his brain is overloaded with images, and they engage in a search for "the complete image". Imagine you are in a (planetarium) with a dyslexic and we interface his mind with the projector to project the images in his mind on the ceiling; and then you suddenly say to him "elephant", an explosion of light would beam to the ceiling and you would see a fully rendered elephant in a3D CAD image turning around in all directions, immediately followed by the beast in his natural habitat. That is the easy part. If you were having a conversation with him about cars and how they function the film on the ceiling would not only show the car but explosions of the motor, steering, suspension, breaksystem, transmission, fuelsystem you would have the equivalent of the Haynes_Manual projected in 3d above you, more and more images would come to complete the full picture in his mind.
Having a meeting with a dyslexic person causes him or her to prepare a film of that meeting and allows him/her tot prepare the answers, asking him or her an unexpected question will definitely result in 1 of 2 courses of action either the dyslexic consults his imagebanks to generate an answer or he reconstructs images to provide the answer. In the latter event he jumps in somewhere in the middle of the unfinished process and starts spilling an answer that lacks coherence, in the first he starts telling an endless story. The dyslexic either goes back to the core of the matter or the beginning of the proces and starts there because he's compelled to be complete and he cannot determine what is a logical point of entry for the other(s) in the conversation. This often leads to misunderstandings, miscommunication but mostly irritates his public.

This is very recognisable : 3D images, in technicolour and in sequential or chronological order flash through my mind. I learned that the little words that bind the others with an image together in sentences do not always require an image or might be interpreted as an instruction to manipulate the imagery. For instance "fuel in car" would not cause me to wonder about the image for "in", I would ignore the in and generate the images for "fuel" and "car" manipulating fuel in teh car would cause the focus to go to the fuel tank and would also generate the image of the fueling pistol delivering fuel in the teank of the car. Lingering in the back might be an alternate image of a jerry-can, becasue completeness demands that such an alternate image is quickly available.
I talk like that, reason like that, I argument like that, images flash thorugh my mind at light speed, language works in bps (bytes per second).
The worst insult is when peopel say "come to the point".. I am to the point, the question was shallow and the expected answer is superficial, I will not give in to superficiality. Awkward situations occur when someone wants me to limit my self to making my point and I limit my answer to that, then people tend to walk away frustrated, angry and sometimes insulted, because the implications of what you said flash into my mind, which races forward and then I deliver a ticking bomb....
Sorry that's me ("no us".. shut up fool, they might notice .. "what" .. ok that's enough dyslexia is enough .. "oh you were goign to keep stumm abnout the schizo..." shut up!) . sorry folks had a little altercation with my alter ego

This was my userpage on Dutch_wikipedia


  1. Dwarsligger : lit. sleeper, timber keeping rails parallel ; syn. athwart-lier fig. headstrong person
  2. I don't deny being kind of headstrong bordering on stubborn, sometimes... however a sleeper also keeps the train on the track, and you need a certain degree of stubbornness to ensure the train stays on the tracks