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  • Hello and welcome to Jza84's user page.
  • I live in Greater Manchester and my interests are geography, geneaology, politics and ethnic studies.
  • I have been contributing to the English language Wikipedia since December 2005 (first as an anon, then under a different username).
  • I mainly contributute to articles related to the WikiProjects I participate with, particularly (but by no means exclusive to) local and national geography.
  • An advocate of consistency across articles, my personal aims include producing outstanding articles about places and things important to me and my life, and encourage a greater ethos of teamwork at Wikipedia.
  • I'm not perfect.[1]
  • 25 December 2009 was my day.
  • I took a break in 2011 and much of 2012. I returned to find Wikipedia and Wikipedians still struggle with WP:A!
  • WP:SELFREF needs to be promoted much more thoroughly ("See below" and "See link X" are utterly useless if you print the article, or have it made in to a Wikibook, or read the article on certain electronic devices - so please help the project remove this!).

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This user knows the dissolution of the United Kingdom would most benefit England.

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  1. Although I try.