Valdemar IV of Denmark

Valdemar IV Atterdag (the epithet meaning "Return of the Day"), or Waldemar (1320  24 October 1375) was King of Denmark from 1340 to 1375.[1] He is mostly known for his reunion of Denmark after the bankruptcy and mortgaging of the country to finance wars under previous rulers.

Valdemar IV
Valdemar shown on a contemporary fresco in St. Peter's Church, Næstved (Sankt Peders Kirke).
King of Denmark
Reign24 June 1340  24 October 1375
PredecessorChristopher II
SuccessorOlaf II
Tikøb, Helsingør, Denmark
Died24 October 1375(1375-10-24) (aged 54–55)
Gurre Castle, North Zealand, Denmark
ConsortHelvig of Schleswig
among others...
Christopher, Duke of Lolland
Ingeborg, Duchess of Mecklenburg
Margaret I, Queen of Denmark
Valdemar Christoffersen
HouseHouse of Estridsen
FatherChristopher II, King of Denmark
MotherEuphemia of Pomerania
ReligionRoman Catholicism

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