Vaud (/v/ VOH; French: (Canton de) Vaud, pronounced [kɑ̃tɔ̃ də vo];[3][4][5] German: (Kanton) Waadt, pronounced [vat] (listen) or [vaːt]), more formally[6] the canton of Vaud, is one of the 26 cantons forming the Swiss Confederation. It is composed of ten districts and its capital city is Lausanne. Its flag bears the motto "Liberté et patrie" on a white-green background.

Waadt (German)
Canton of Vaud
Canton de Vaud  (French)
Liberté et patrie
("Freedom and fatherland")
Anthem: Hymne vaudois
("The Vaudese Anthem")
Location in Switzerland
Map of Vaud

Coordinates: 46°37′N 6°33′E
Capital and largest cityLausanne
Subdivisions339 municipalities, 10 districts
  ExecutiveConseil d’État (7)
  LegislativeGrand Council (150)
  Total3,211.94 km2 (1,240.14 sq mi)
 (December 2020)[2]
  Density250/km2 (660/sq mi)
ISO 3166 codeCH-VD
Highest point3,210 m (10,531 ft): Diablerets
Lowest point372 m (1,220 ft): Lake Leman
Logo of the canton of Vaud

Vaud is the third largest canton of the country by population and fourth by size. It is located in Romandy, the French-speaking western part of the country; and borders the canton of Neuchâtel to the north, the cantons of Fribourg and Bern to the east, the canton of Valais to the south, the canton of Geneva to the south-west and France to the west. The geography of the canton includes all three natural regions of Switzerland: the Jura Mountains, the Swiss Plateau and the (Swiss) Alps. It also includes some of the largest lakes of the country: Lake Geneva and Lake Neuchâtel. It is a major tourist destination, renowned for its landscapes and gastronomy.

The largest city is Lausanne, followed by Yverdon-les-Bains and Montreux. As of 2020 the canton has a population of 814,762.[2] It is one of the four cantons where French is the sole official language. Formerly a Bernese bailiwick, Vaud joined the Swiss Confederation as an independent canton in 1803.

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