Vehicle-ramming attack

A vehicle-ramming attack is an assault in which a perpetrator deliberately rams a vehicle into a building, crowd of people,[1][2] or another vehicle. According to Stratfor Global Intelligence analysts, this attack represents a relatively new militant tactic which could prove more difficult to prevent than suicide bombings.[3]

The 2017 Stockholm truck attack killed five.
The 2008 Jerusalem bulldozer attack killed three.

Deliberate vehicle-ramming into a crowd of people is a tactic used by terrorists,[4] becoming a major terrorist tactic in the 2010s because it requires little skill to perpetrate, cars and trucks are widely available, and it has the potential to cause significant casualties.[5][6][7] Deliberate vehicle-ramming has also been carried out in the course of other types of crimes,[8] including road rage incidents.[9][10] Deliberate vehicle-ramming incidents have also sometimes been ascribed to the driver's psychiatric disorder.[11][lower-alpha 1]

Vehicles have also been used by attackers to breach buildings with locked gates, before detonating explosives, as in the Saint-Quentin-Fallavier attack.[12]

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