Vehicle registration plates of the Democratic Republic of the Congo

The issuing of the current license plates of the DRC began in April 2009. The plates are based on the layout of the registration plates of the European Union, but are of a slightly different in size (480 × 112 mm) than the European standard size (520 × 110 mm). At the left side is the national flag of the DRC which is displayed with the letters "CGO" below. The serial combination consists of five numbers followed. In addition, located on the front windshield of the vehicle, a so-called third mark in the form of an 84 × 53 mm large sticker. It repeats the serial combination on the plate and it also includes the chassis number of the vehicle.[1]

The DRC plates are produced by Utsch. [2][3] The plates have various security features to make counterfeiting difficult.[4] For example, the background of all letters has a hologram foil labeled authentic. Similar measures are also found in the plates produced by Utsch for the licenses of Egypt and Kyrgyzstan.

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