Vice-President of the European Parliament

There are fourteen Vice-Presidents of the European Parliament who sit in for the President in presiding over the plenary of the European Parliament.


Vice-Presidents are members of the Bureau and chair the plenary when the President is not in the chair. The President may also delegate any duty, task or power to one of the Vice-Presidents. Three Vice-Presidents, designated by the Conference of Presidents, traditionally have more power than the others; the right to be on the conciliation committee.[1]


The vice-presidents are elected following the election of the president, which takes place every two and a half years.[2]

There tends to be an agreement dividing up the 14 posts between the groups,[citation needed] and thus they are usually elected without formal opposition.[dubious ] However, in 2009 Edward McMillan-Scott, through the individual support of 40 MEPs, successfully challenged his group's (the European Conservatives and Reformists) formal candidate; Michał Kamiński. Having been elected and prevented the election of Kaminski, McMillan-Scott was expelled from the ECR and Kaminski gained the group chair.[1]

6th parliament

Vice-presidents elected by country in 2004
30 July 2004 to 16 January 2007

Elected (unopposed) in order of precedence;

Members Group State
1Alejo Vidal-Quadras RocaEPP-ED Spain
2Antonios TrakatellisEPP-ED Greece
3Dagmar Roth-BehrendtPES Germany
4Edward McMillan-ScottEPP-ED United Kingdom
5Ingo FriedrichEPP-ED Germany
6Mario MauroEPP-ED Italy
7António CostaPES Portugal
8Luigi CocilovoALDE Italy
9Jacek Saryusz-WolskiEPP-ED Poland
10Pierre MoscoviciPES France
11Miroslav OuzkýEPP-ED Czech Republic
12Janusz OnyszkiewiczALDE Poland
13Gérard OnestaGreens/EFA France
14Sylvia-Yvonne KaufmannEUL/NGL Germany
Vice-presidents elected by country in 2007
16 January 2007 to 14 July 2009

Elected (unopposed) in order of precedence;[3]

Members Group State Votes
1Rodi Kratsa-TsagaropoulouEPP-ED Greece322
2Alejo Vidal-QuadrasEPP-ED Spain300
3Gérard OnestaGreens/EFA France285
4Edward McMillan-ScottEPP-ED United Kingdom274
5Mario MauroEPP-ED Italy262
6Miguel Angel Martínez MartínezPES Spain260
7Luigi CocilovoALDE Italy234
8Mechtild RothePES Germany217
9Luisa MorgantiniGUE/NGL Italy207
10Pierre MoscoviciPES France207
11Manuel António Dos SantosPES Portugal193
12Diana WallisALDE United Kingdom192
13Marek SiwiecPES Poland180
14Adam BielanUEN Poland128

7th parliament

Vice-presidents elected by country in 2009
14 July 2009 to 17 January 2012

Elected in order of precedence;[4]

Members Group State Votes
1Giovanni PittellaS&D Italy360
2Rodi Kratsa-TsagaropoulouEPP Greece355
3Stavros LambrinidisS&D Greece346
4Miguel Angel Martínez MartínezS&D Spain327
5Alejo Vidal-QuadrasEPP Spain308
6Dagmar Roth-BehrendtS&D Germany287
7Libor RoučekS&D Czech Republic278
8Isabelle DurantGreens/EFA Belgium276
9Roberta AngelilliEPP Italy274
10Diana WallisALDE United Kingdom272
11Pál SchmittEPP Hungary257
12Edward McMillan-ScottNon-attached[5] United Kingdom244
13Rainer WielandEPP Germany237
14Silvana Koch-MehrinALDE Germany186
Changes since election
Departed member Group State Date Reason Replacement Elected Group State
Pál SchmittEPP Hungary14 May 2010Resigned due to becoming president of HungaryLászló Tőkés[6]May 2010EPP Romania
Silvana Koch-MehrinALDE Germany11 May 2011Resigned due to doctorate plagiarism scandalGiles Chichester6 July 2011ECR UK
17 January 2012 to 1 July 2014

Elected in order of precedence;[7]

Members Group State Votes
1Gianni PittellaS&D Italy319
2Miguel Angel Martínez MartínezS&D Spain295
3Anni PodimataS&D Greece281
4Alejo Vidal-QuadrasEPP Spain269
5Georgios PapastamkosEPP Greece248
6Roberta AngelilliEPP Italy246
7Othmar KarasEPP Austria244
8Edward McMillan-ScottALDE United Kingdom239
9Isabelle DurantGreens/EFA Belgium238
10Alexander AlvaroALDE Germany235
11Rainer WielandEPP Germany230
12Oldřich VlasákECR Czech Republic223
13Jacek ProtasiewiczEPP Poland206
14László SurjánEPP Hungary188

8th parliament

1 July 2014 – 18 January 2017

Elected in order of precedence;[8]

Members Group State Votes
1Antonio TajaniEPP Italy452, Round 1
2Mairead McGuinnessEPP Ireland441, Round 1
3Rainer WielandEPP Germany437, Round 1
4Ramón Luis ValcárcelEPP Spain406, Round 1
5Ildikó Pelczné GállEPP Hungary400, Round 1
6Adina VăleanEPP Romania394, Round 1
7Corina CrețuS&D Romania406, Round 2
8Sylvie GuillaumeS&D France406, Round 2
9David SassoliS&D Italy394, Round 2
10Olli RehnALDE Finland377, Round 3
11Alexander Graf LambsdorffALDE Germany365, Round 3
12Ulrike LunacekGreens/EFA Austria319, Round 3
13Dimitrios PapadimoulisGUE/NGL Greece302, Round 3
14Ryszard CzarneckiECR Poland284, Round 3
Changes since election
Departed member Group State Date Replacement Elected Group State
Corina CrețuS&D RomaniaOctober 2014Ioan Mircea PașcuNovember 2014S&D Romania
Olli RehnALDE FinlandMay 2015Anneli JäätteenmäkiMay 2015ALDE Finland

Elected on 18 January 2017

Members Group State Votes
1Mairead McGuinnessEPP Ireland466, Round 1
2Bogusław LiberadzkiS&D Poland378, Round 1
3David SassoliS&D Italy377, Round 1
4Rainer WielandEPP Germany336, Round 1
5Sylvie GuillaumeS&D France335, Round 1
6Ryszard CzarneckiECR Poland328, Round 1
7Ramón Luis ValcárcelEPP Spain323, Round 1
8Evelyne GebhardtS&D Germany315, Round 1
9Pavel TeličkaALDE Czech Republic313, Round 1
10Ildikó Pelczné GállEPP Hungary310, Round 1
11Ioan Mircea PașcuS&D Romania517, Round 2
12Dimitrios PapadimoulisGUE/NGL Greece469, Round 2
13Ulrike LunacekGreens/EFA Austria441, Round 2
14Alexander Graf LambsdorffALDE Germany393, Round 2
Changes since election
Departed member Group State Date Reason Replacement Elected Group State
Ildikó Pelczné GállEPP Hungary1 September 2017Resigned to join the European Court of AuditorsLívia Járóka15 November 2017[9]EPP Hungary
Ulrike LunacekGreens/EFA Austria23 October 2017Resigned from politics after a defeat in national electionsHeidi Hautala26 October 2017[10]Greens/EFA Finland
Alexander Graf LambsdorffALDE Germany23 October 2017Resigned to become member of the BundestagFabio Massimo Castaldo15 November 2017[9]EFDD Italy
Ryszard CzarneckiECR Poland7 February 2018Removed from office due to serious misconduct[11]Zdzisław Krasnodębski1 March 2018[12]ECR Poland

9th Parliament

3 July 2019–

Elected in order of precedence;[13]

Members Group State Votes
1Mairead McGuinnessEPP Ireland618, Round 1
2Pedro Silva PereiraS&D Portugal556, Round 1
3Rainer WielandEPP Germany516, Round 1
4Katarina BarleyS&D Germany516, Round 1
5Othmar KarasEPP Austria477, Round 1
6Ewa KopaczEPP Poland461, Round 1
7Klára DobrevS&D Hungary402, Round 1
8Dita CharanzováRE Czech Republic395, Round 1
9Nicola BeerRE Germany363, Round 1
10Lívia JárókaEPP Hungary349, Round 1
11Heidi HautalaGreens/EFA Finland336, Round 1
12Marcel KolajaGreens/EFA Czech Republic426, Round 2
13Dimitrios PapadimoulisGUE/NGL Greece401, Round 2
14Fabio Massimo CastaldoNI Italy285, Round 3