Vice President of Sudan

The vice president of Sudan is the second highest political position obtainable in Sudan. Currently there is a provision for one de facto vice president, deputy chairman of the Sovereignty Council, who is appointed by the Chairman of the Council. Historically (in the 1972–1983 and 2005–2011 periods) either the first or the second vice president was from Southern Sudan (now independent South Sudan). From 2011 until the abolition of the post in 2019, the second vice president was from Darfur.

Vice President of the
Republic of Sudan
Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo

since 11 November 2021
Member ofSovereignty Council
ResidenceKhartoum, Sudan
AppointerChairman of the Sovereignty Council
Lt. General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan
Term length39 months[1]
FormationMay 1969 (First Vice President)
First holderBabiker Awadalla (First Vice President)

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