Vice President of the Navajo Nation

The office of Vice-President of the Navajo Nation was created in 1991 following restructuring of the Navajo Nation government. The president and vice president are elected every four years. The Navajo Nation Vice-President shall serve no more than two terms.[1]

Vice-President of the
Navajo Nation
Great Seal of the Navajo Nation
Flag of the Navajo Nation
Richelle Montoya
since January 10, 2023
ResidenceWindow Rock, AZ
Term lengthFour years. Shall serve no more than two terms.
Constituting instrumentNavajo Nation Code & Treaty of 1868
Inaugural holderMarshall Plummer
FormationJanuary 15, 1991
Salary$45,000.00 USD per year
WebsiteVice President

In 2010, Ben Shelly became the first vice president to be elected president of the Navajo Nation.[2]

In 2022, Richelle Montoya was the first woman to be elected into the Executive Branch of the Navajo Nation.[3]

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