Vice President of the Philippines

The vice president of the Philippines (Filipino: pangalawang pangulo ng Pilipinas, also referred to as bise presidente ng Pilipinas) is the second-highest official in the executive branch of the Philippine government. The vice president is directly elected by the people, and is one of only two nationally elected executive officials, the other being the president.

Vice President of the Philippines
Pangalawang Pangulo ng Pilipinas
Sara Zimmerman Duterte

since June 30, 2022
Office of the Vice President of the Philippines
Government of the Philippines
StatusSecond highest in the executive branch
SeatMandaluyong, Philippines
AppointerDirect popular vote, or, if vacant, President via congressional confirmation
Term lengthSix years, renewable once
Constituting instrument1987 Constitution of the Philippines
Inaugural holderSergio Osmeña
FormationNovember 15, 1935
Salary353,476 monthly

The official title of the office in Filipino is Pangalawang Pangulo, although Bise Presidente, derived from Spanish, is the usual title used in some of the major Philippine languages, such as Cebuano and Hiligaynon language.

The text of the 1987 Constitution refers to the person and office of the vice-president, with a hyphen connecting the two words. However, the person and office is usually referred to today without the hyphen, as the vice president.

The current office of the vice president was re-established under the 1987 Constitution, bearing similarities with the office as created in the 1935 Constitution that was abolished by the Marcos regime. The vice president may be elected to two consecutive six-year terms. The 15th and incumbent vice president Sara Zimmerman Duterte was inaugurated on June 19, 2022,[1][2] but her term officially began 11 days later on June 30, as per Constitution.

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