TU Wien

TU Wien (German: Technische Universität Wien), also known as the Vienna University of Technology,[2][3][4] is a public research university in Vienna, Austria.[5][6]

TU Wien
Technische Universität Wien
TU Wien logo
Other name
Vienna University of Technology
Technik für Menschen
Motto in English
Technology for people
EstablishedNovember 6, 1815; 207 years ago (1815-11-06)
FounderEmperor Francis I of Austria
Budget€271 million (2019)[1]
RectorSabine Seidler
Academic staff
4,228 (2020)[1]
Administrative staff
1,271 (2020)[1]
Students26,654 (2021)[1]
Imperial-Royal Polytechnic Institute (now TU Wien) in 1823
The main building of TU Wien at the Karlsplatz in 1825
Main building of TU Wien in 2012
Former Geniedirektion, institute building of TU Wien

The university's teaching and research is focused on engineering, computer science, and natural sciences. It currently has about 28,100 students (29% women), eight faculties and about 5,000 staff members (3,800 academics).

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