Violin octet

The violin octet is a family of stringed instruments developed in the 20th century primarily under the direction of the American luthier Carleen Hutchins. Each instrument is based directly on the traditional violin and shares its acoustical properties, with the goal of a richer and more homogeneous sound. Unlike the standard modern stringed instruments, the main resonance of the body of the violin octet instrument is at a pitch near the two middle open strings, giving the instruments a more balanced, clearer sound.

Violin octet
From left to right:
  • Contrabass violin
  • Baritone violin
  • Small bass violin
  • Tenor violin
  • Alto violin
  • Treble violin
  • Soprano violin
  • Mezzo violin
Other namesThe New Violin Family
Related instruments

The instruments were proposed by composer Henry Brant in 1957 and the first octet was completed in 1967.

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