Volcanic Repeating Arms

The Volcanic Repeating Arms Company was an American company formed in 1855 by partners Horace Smith and Daniel B. Wesson to develop Walter Hunt's Rocket Ball ammunition and lever action mechanism. Volcanic made an improved version of the Rocket Ball ammunition, and a carbine and pistol version of the lever action gun to fire it. While the Volcanic Repeating Arms Company was short-lived, its descendants, Winchester Repeating Arms Company and Smith & Wesson became major firearms manufactures.

A Volcanic pocket pistol
A Volcanic rifle, 16 1/2 inch barrel
Volcanic Repeating Arms
PredecessorSmith & Wesson Company
Founded1855; 167 years ago (1855)
FoundersHorace Smith; Daniel B. Wesson
Defunct1856; 166 years ago (1856)
SuccessorNew Haven Arms Company
United States
Key people
Horace Smith; Daniel B. Wesson; Benjamin Tyler Henry; Oliver Winchester; Courtlandt Palmer
ProductsRifles, Pistols, Ammunition

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