WTA 500 tournaments

WTA 500 tournaments is a category of tennis tournaments in the Women's Tennis Association tour, implemented since the reorganization of the schedule in 2021.[1][2]

As of 2021, WTA 500 tournaments include events with prize money of approximately $500,000.

The ranking points awarded to the winners of these tournaments are 470.

This compares to 2,000 points for winning a Grand Slam tournament ("major"), up to 1,500 points for winning the WTA Finals, 900 or 1000 points for winning a WTA 1000 tournament, and 280 for winning a WTA 250 tournament. This system differs slightly from that used for the men's ATP Tour, which has 13 ATP Tour 500 events with 500 points for the winner (similar to WTA 500 tournaments), and other tiers of ATP tournaments that offer 1000 and 250 points for winning, respectively.

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