Waikuri language

Waikuri (Guaycura, Waicura) is an extinct language of southern Baja California spoken by the Waikuri or Guaycura people. The Jesuit priest Baegert documented words, sentences and texts in the language between 1751 and 1768.

RegionBaja California
Extinctbefore 1800
Language codes
ISO 639-3None (mis)
qjg Guaicura (Waikura, Waykuri)
 qea Waicuri (Waicuru)
 qny Cora (Huchití)
Glottologguai1237  Guaicurian
monq1236  Monqui
The location of Guaycura. Monqui and Pericú are essentially unattested; Cochimí, which is still spoken, is a Yuman language.

Waikuri may be, along with the Yukian and Chumashan languages and other languages of southern Baja such as Pericú, among the oldest languages established in California, before the arrival of speakers of Penutian, Uto-Aztecan, and perhaps even Hokan languages. All are spoken in areas with long-established populations of a distinct physical type.[1]

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