Wallace Group

The Wallace Group is a grouping of seven universities in the UK[1] that have a shared interest in promoting sports and health workshops in developing countries. The members are the Cardiff Metropolitan University, Durham University, the University of Edinburgh, Loughborough University, Northumbria University, University of St Andrews and the University of Stirling; the University of Bath supports the work of the group with a parallel sports facility construction programme.[1] The sports which are primarily promoted are football, volleyball, basketball and netball with education workshops focused on HIV & AIDS.[2]

Wallace Group
TypeAssociation of United Kingdom-based universities
Region served
United Kingdom
Key people
Peter Warburton OBE
(The Wallace Group c/o)

The group was formed in 2004, originally with six universities, in partnership with UK Sport[3] and established itself in 2006. It is named after David Wallace who is affiliated to two member universities.[4] [5] As a group they have worked in collaboration and have shown commitment to the establishment and sustainable practices of International Development. The focus for the group has been Zambia through the partnership with Sport in Action and EduSport.[6] The University of Edinburgh joined in 2018.[7]

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