Waṇetsi (Pashto: وڼېڅي), commonly called Tarīno (Pashto: ترينو), and sometimes Tsalgari (Pashto: څلګري), is a distinct dialect of Pashto and is considered by some to be a different language. In some cases, Wanetsi rather shares similarities with the Pamir language of Munji, showing to be something of a bridge between the former and Pashto.[3] It is perhaps a representation for a more archaic, or very early, form of Pashto.[4]

The Spin Tarin informant of the linguist Georg Morgenstierne[1]
RegionBalochistan, Southern Afghanistan
Native speakers
95,000 (1998)[2]
Pashto alphabet
Language codes
ISO 639-3wne

It is spoken by the Spin Tareen tribe in Pakistan and Afghanistan, primarily in Harnai (هرنای) and Chawter (چوتېر) area in Sanjawi, Northern Balochistan, Pakistan.[3] The Tarīno or Waṇetsi is at risk due to lack of attention.[5]