Wang Laboratories

Wang Laboratories was a computer company founded in 1951, by An Wang and G. Y. Chu.[1] The company was successively headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts (1954–1963), Tewksbury, Massachusetts (1963–1976), and finally in Lowell, Massachusetts (1976–1997). At its peak in the 1980s, Wang Laboratories had annual revenues of $3 billion and employed over 33,000 people. It was one of the leading companies during the time of the Massachusetts Miracle.[2]

Wang Laboratories
IndustryComputer hardware
FoundedCambridge, Massachusetts, US (1951)
FateAcquired by Getronics
HeadquartersTewksbury, Massachusetts, US (1963–1976)
Lowell, Massachusetts, US (1976–1997)
Key people
An Wang (founder)
ProductsWord Processors, Minicomputers, Microcomputers
Number of employees

The company was directed by An Wang, who was described as an "indispensable leader" and played a personal role in setting business and product strategy until his death in 1990. Under his direction, the company went through several distinct transitions between different product lines,[3] beginning with typesetters, calculators and word processors, then adding computers, copiers and laser printers.[4]

Wang Laboratories filed for bankruptcy protection in August 1992.[5] After emerging from bankruptcy, the company eventually changed its name to Wang Global. Wang Global was acquired by Getronics of The Netherlands in 1999, becoming Getronics North America, then was sold to KPN in 2007 and CompuCom in 2008, after which it no longer existed as a distinct brand or division.