Welsh Government sponsored bodies

Welsh Government sponsored bodies (WGSBs) (Welsh: Corff (plural: Cyrff) a Noddir gan Lywodraeth Cymru, CNLC) are non-departmental public bodies directly funded by the Welsh Government.[1] Under the Government of Wales Act 1998 they were sponsored by the National Assembly for Wales and were known as Assembly Sponsored public bodies, and this was changed by the Schedule 3 of the Wales Act 2017 which amended the Government of Wales Act 2006.[2][3][4][5]

Welsh Government sponsored bodies undertake various functions on behalf of Welsh Ministers, but operate independently of the Welsh Government. Corporate governance is performed by a Chair and Board for each sponsored body, who are appointed by Welsh Ministers, in accordance with governance code established by the Commissioner for Public Appointments.[6][7] The role and governance of sponsored bodies was stated by Ken Skates (Cabinet Secretary for Economy and Infrastructure), in a written statement to the National Assembly,[8]

Sponsored bodies have expertise and experience in specialist areas, and are valued partners who support and contribute towards many Welsh Government strategic initiatives and programmes. In terms of governance, they have separate Chairs and Boards appointed in accordance with the Code of Practice for Ministerial Appointments to Public Bodies.

Ken Skates, Welsh Government relationship with sponsored bodies

Sponsored bodies are subject to the Freedom of Information Act 2000, under Section 83, and have been given guidance by the Information Commissioner's Office on how they should exercise this responsibility.[9][10]

List of public bodies

Executive WGSBs

Former Executive WGSBs

These organisations have now been integrated into their respective Departments.

Advisory WGSBs

  • Agricultural Dwelling House Advisory Committee
  • All Wales Medicines Strategy Group
  • Ancient Monuments Board for Wales
  • Historic Buildings Council for Wales
  • Local Government Boundary Commission for Wales
  • Social Services Inspectorate for Wales Advisory Group
  • Welsh Centre for Post-Graduate Pharmaceutical Education
  • Welsh Dental Committee
  • Welsh Industrial Development Advisory Board
  • Welsh Medical Committee
  • Welsh Nursing and Midwifery Committee
  • Welsh Optometric Committee
  • Welsh Pharmaceutical Committee
  • Welsh Scientific Advisory Committee


  • Adjudication Panel Wales
  • Agricultural Land Tribunal
  • Mental Health Review Tribunal for Wales
  • Registered Inspectors of Schools Appeals Tribunal for Wales
  • Registered Nursery Education Inspectors Appeal Tribunal
  • Residential Property Tribunal Wales
  • Rent Assessment Panel for Wales
  • Special Educational Needs Tribunal
  • Valuation Tribunals (Wales)
  • Welsh Language Tribunal


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