Western European Union Mission Service Medal

The Western European Union Mission Service Medal, is an international military decoration awarded to individuals, who served with Western European Union (WEU) military missions.[2]

Western European Union Mission Service Medal
Depiction of obverse and reverse of the medal
TypeCampaign or service medal
Awarded forService in designated WEU military missions
Presented by
Western European Union
EligibilityCitizens of WEU member countries
StatusNo longer awarded.
Superseded by European Security and Defence Policy Service Medal.
Established20 December 1994[1]
Ribbon of the medal


The WEU first acted in military operations in the context of the Iran–Iraq War. In 1987, mines were laid in the Persian Gulf, restricting the freedom of navigation in international waters.[3] A joint mine sweeping effort was undertaken by member nations of the WEU.[4]

The WEU next took part in military operations during the Yugoslav Wars in 1992. The WEU undertook Operation Sharp Fence starting in 1992, in tandem with NATO who was executing Operation Maritime Guard. WEU and NATO joined their operations together in a single command as Operation Sharp Guard in June 1993.[3]


The medal is circular, made of silver-coloured oxidised metal, 36 mm in diameter. The obverse of the medal displays the letters WEU arranged horizontally for "Western European Union". Above the letter E is the letter U and below the letter O. UEO is the acronym for the French equivalent, Union de l'Europe Occidentale. Below the acronyms, arranged along the edge, are ten five pointed stars. The reverse bears the Latin words in relief, PRO PACE UNUM, meaning "one for peace",[5] or idiomatically as "united for peace".[6]

The suspension ribbon of the medal is blue with a central stripe of yellow-gold. Worn on the ribbon are clasps naming the mission for which the medal is awarded. The service ribbon is the same as the suspension ribbon, utilizing miniature versions of the clasps.[5]

Order of wear

Some orders of wear are as follows:

Order of wear[7]
United Nations Service Medal for UNPREDEPUnited Nations Service Medal for MINUGUA
Order of precedence[8]
Aceh Monitoring Mission MedalCSDP Medal
United Kingdom
Order of approval for wear[9]
NATO Medal for the former YugoslaviaUnited Nations Service Medal for UNOMIG

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