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Below is an incomplete list of academic conference presentations, peer-reviewed papers and other types of academic writing which focus on Wikipedia as their subject. Works that mention Wikipedia only in passing are unlikely to be listed.

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Scholarly articles

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label publication date main subject
Usage of and learning from Wikipedia: a study of university students in Pakistan 2020-07-27 Wikipedia
Wikipedia, The Free Online Medical Encyclopedia Anyone Can Plagiarize: Time to Address Wiki-Plagiarism 2020-07-21 plagiarism
Wikipedia: global audiences, digital histories 2020-05 history
WikiCSSH: Extracting Computer Science Subject Headings from Wikipedia 2020-06 Wikipedia
Editing for equity: Understanding instructor motivations for integrating cross-disciplinary Wikipedia assignments 2020-05-25 Wikipedia
higher education
Aligning Wikipedia with WordNet:a Review and Evaluation of Different Techniques 2020-05 Wikipedia
Entity Extraction from Wikipedia List Pages 2020 Wikipedia
Modeling Popularity and Reliability of Sources in Multilingual Wikipedia 2020-05-13 Wikipedia
reliability of Wikipedia
Gender, power and emotions in the collaborative production of knowledge: A large-scale analysis of Wikipedia editor conversations 2020-09 Wikipedian
Wikimedia and universities: contributing to the global commons in the Age of Disinformation 2020 Wikimedia Movement
Endless palimpsest: Wikipedia and the future’s historian 2020-04-08 Wikipedia
Why and how medical schools, peer-reviewed journals, and research funders should promote Wikipedia editing 2020-04-08 Wikipedia
medical school
Science through Wikipedia: A novel representation of open knowledge through co-citation networks 2020-02-10 citation analysis
Science information on Wikipedia
Access to Wikipedia among the Library Users of the University of Mysore, Karnataka 2020-01-31 Wikipedia
University of Mysore
Wisdom of crowds: the effect of participant composition and contribution behavior on Wikipedia article quality 2020-01-15 Wikipedia
Novidades no front: experiências com humanidades digitais em um curso de história na periferia da Grande São Paulo 2020-01-01 digital humanities
Quantifying Engagement with Citations on Wikipedia 2020-01-26 Wikipedia
Understanding Wikipedia as a Resource for Opportunistic Learning of Computing Concepts 2020-02-26 Wikipedia


label publication date main subject
Wikipedia as a data source for studies of collective mental representations of geographical objects (examplified by the cities of the Russian Arctic zone) 2019-09-05 Wikipedia
How anthropogenic climate change prevailed: A case study of controversies around global warming on Portuguese Wikipedia 2019-04-03 Wikipedia
global warming
Organización automática del conocimiento: la geografía en la Wikipedia 2019-10-09 Wikipedia
Learning to become an online editor: the editathon as a learning environment 2019-07-27 edit-a-thon
redes sociales
Learning to Retrieve Reasoning Paths over Wikipedia Graph for Question Answering 2019-11-24 question answering
Writing the World in 301 Languages: A Political Geography of the Online Encyclopedia Wikipedia 2019-10-23 Wikipedia
‘WP2Cochrane’, a tool linking Wikipedia to the Cochrane Library: Results of a bibliometric analysis evaluating article quality and importance 2019-12-23 Wikipedia
Cochrane Library
Wikipedia: Why is the common knowledge resource still neglected by academics? 2019-12-03 Wikimedia in education
WikiLiteracy - Enhancing students’ digital literacy with Wikipedia 2019-12-03 Wikimedia in education
Public Archaeology's Mammoth in the Room: Engaging Wikipedia as a Tool for Teaching and Outreach 2019-05-27 Wikipedia
public archaeology
Extracting Literal Assertions for DBpedia from Wikipedia Abstracts 2019 DBpedia
The Dynamics of Peer-Produced Political Information During the 2016 U.S. Presidential Campaign 2019-11-07 2016 United States presidential election
The Roles Bots Play in Wikipedia 2019-11 Wikipedia
internet bot
Analyzing Wikipedia Deletion Debates with a Group Decision-Making Forecast Model 2019-11-07 Wikipedia
group decision-making
A Forensic Qualitative Analysis of Contributions to Wikipedia from Anonymity Seeking Users 2019-09-17 Wikipedia
Applying Library of Congress Demographic Group Characteristics for Creators 2019-08-28 cataloging
authority control
faceted search
linked data
Die Wikipedia und das Software-Dispositiv: Eine digitale kollaborative Online-Enzyklopädie für die Turing- Galaxis – und die Geschichte des Hypertextes 2019-01-29 Wikipedia
Data Citation Service for Wikipedia Articles 2019 Wikipedia
Predicting Economic Development using Geolocated Wikipedia Articles 2019-08 Wikipedia
Aligning the Bulgarian BTB WordNet with the Bulgarian Wikipedia 2019-07-24 Bulgarian
word net
Bulgarian Wikipedia
Uncovering the Semantics of Wikipedia Categories 2019-06-28 Wikipedia category
A season for all things: Phenological imprints in Wikipedia usage and their relevance to conservation 2019-03-05 Wikipedia
How Partisanship and Perceived Political Bias Affect Wikipedia Entries of News Sources 2019 Wikipedia
Political bias
Understanding Travel from Web Queries using Domain Knowledge from Wikipedia 2019 Wikipedia
A Graph-Structured Dataset for Wikipedia Research 2019 Wikipedia
Understanding the Signature of Controversial Wikipedia Articles through Motifs in Editor Revision Networks 2019 Wikipedia
Citation Needed: A Taxonomy and Algorithmic Assessment of Wikipedia's Verifiability 2019 Wikipedia
Inferring Advertiser Sentiment in Online Articles using Wikipedia Footnotes 2019 Wikipedia
sentiment analysis
Finding Prerequisite Relations Using the Wikipedia Clickstream 2019 Wikipedia
Wikipedia Knows the Value of What the Library Catalog Forgets 2019-04-03 Wikipedia
library catalog
Discovering Topical Contexts from Links in Wikipedia 2019 Wikipedia
Detecting and Gauging Impact on Wikipedia Page Views 2019 Wikipedia
People Who Can Take It: How Women Wikipedians Negotiate and Navigate Safety 2019
gender bias on Wikipedia
Thanks for Stopping By: A Study of “Thanks” Usage on Wikimedia 2019 Wikipedia
What’s in the Content of Wikipedia’s Article for Deletion Discussions? Towards a Visual Analytic Approach 2019 Wikipedia
Producing Historical Knowledge on Wikipedia 2019 Wikipedia
Breaking news on Wikipedia: Collaborating, collating and competing 2019-05 Wikipedia
breaking news
2014 Sydney hostage crisis
Participation of New Editors After Times of Shock on Wikipedia 2019 Wikipedia
Wikipedia outperforms individuals when it comes to hindsight bias 2019-03-20 Wikipedia
hindsight bias
Wikipedia, socialpedia, and randompedia: How could I play by the rules when there aren’t any? 2019-03-09 Wikipedia
Detecting pages to protect in Wikipedia across multiple languages 2019-03-14 Wikipedia
Wikipedia Cultural Diversity Dataset: A Complete Cartography for 300 Language Editions 2019 Wikipedia
Advancing Feminism Online 2019-03-01 feminism
Women's Classical Committee UK
What is the central bank of Wikipedia? 2019-02-21 Wikipedia
Wizard of Wikipedia: Knowledge-Powered Conversational agents 2019-02-21 Wikipedia
Who Counts as a Notable Sociologist on Wikipedia? Gender, Race, and the “Professor Test” 2019-01 sociologist
gender bias on Wikipedia
notability in the English Wikipedia
WikiLinkGraphs: A complete, longitudinal and multi-language dataset of the Wikipedia link networks 2019-02-12 Wikipedia
Improving the Quality of Consumer Health Information on Wikipedia 2019-03-18 physical therapy education
TableNet: An Approach for Determining Fine-grained Relations for Wikipedia Tables 2019-02-05 Wikipedia
A Perspective on Wikipedia: Your Students Are Here, Why Aren't You? 2019-03 Wikipedia
Information literacy
Measures for Quality Assessment of Articles and Infoboxes in Multilingual Wikipedia 2019 Wikipedia


label publication date main subject
A Wikipédia como fonte de informação de referência: avaliação e perspectivas 2018-01 Wikipedia
Examining Wikipedia With a Broader Lens 2018 Wikipedia
Book Review: Leveraging Wikipedia 2018-11-03 Wikipedia
Leveraging Wikipedia: Connecting Communities of Knowledge
The Struggle of Small and Non-Western Wikipedia Editions 2018 Wikipedia
Los periódicos españoles como fuente de referencia en la Wikipedia 2018-12-06 Wikipedia
National Meeting Sfide e alleanze tra Biblioteche e Wikipedia : Edition 2017 (National Central Library of Florence, 10th November 2017) 2018 Wikipedia
Libraries and open access industry 2018 open access
A collaborative example between archives and Wikipedia community. A Wikimedian in residence at Central Institute for Archives 2018 Wikipedia
open access
Wikimedian in Residence
The Global Popularity of William Shakespeare in 303 Wikipedias 2018-12-01 Wikipedia
William Shakespeare
Using a diabetes discussion forum and Wikipedia to detect the alignment of public interests and the research literature 2018-12-14 Wikipedia
The Ladies Vanish? American Sociology and the Genealogy of its Missing Women on Wikipedia 2018-08-30 sociologist
gender bias on Wikipedia
Improving the Quality of Consumer Health Information on Wikipedia (Preprint) 2018-10-09 Wikipedia
Improving Word Meaning Representations Using Wikipedia Categories 2018 Wikipedia
word embedding
"Anonymous calling": The WikiScanner scandal and anonymity on the Japanese Wikipedia 2018-12-03 WikiScanner
Japanese Wikipedia
Wikipedia enriched advertisement recommendation for microblogs by using sentiment enhanced user profiles 2018-12-04 Wikipedia
online advertising
Why the World Reads Wikipedia: Beyond English Speakers 2018-12-02 Wikipedia
An inferior source? Quantitatively analysing the production and revision of five technology-enhanced learning-related terms on Wikipedia 2018-11-23 Wikipedia
The history of women in engineering on Wikipedia 2018-11-27 women's history
history of engineering
“Critter of the Week”: Wikipedia as a Museum Outreach Tool 2018-06-15 Wikipedia
Let’s Talk About Refugees: Network Effects Drive Contributor Attention to Wikipedia Articles About Migration-Related Topics 2018-12-05 refugee
human migration
Pharmacy students can improve access to quality medicines information by editing Wikipedia articles 2018-11-20 Wikipedia
Why we’re editing women scientists onto Wikipedia 2018-08-14 Wikipedia
Spread open knowledge to create new one. Report of the conference “Challenges and Alliances between Libraries and Wikipedia” (Central National Library of Florence, November 10th 2017 2018-08-03 Wikipedia
Information literacy
History of libraries
Integrating Wikipedia Articles and Images into an Information Resource for Radiology Patients 2018-11-06 Wikipedia
The Evolution of the Concept of Semantic Web in the Context of Wikipedia: An Exploratory Approach to Study the Collective Conceptualization in a Digital Collaborative Environment 2018-11-05 Semantic Web
Automatically Generating Wikipedia Info-boxes from Wikidata 2018 Wikipedia
Readers' Demanded Hyperlink Prediction in Wikipedia 2018 Wikipedia
WikiConv: A Corpus of the Complete Conversational History of a Large Online Collaborative Community 2018-11 Wikipedia
The Evolution of the Concept of Semantic Web in the Context of Wikipedia: An Exploratory Approach to Study the Collective Conceptualization in a Digital Collaborative Environment 2018-07-30 Semantic Web
Wiki-MID: A Very Large Multi-domain Interests Dataset of Twitter Users with Mappings to Wikipedia 2018 Wikipedia
Wikipedia and Libraries 2018-08-26 Wikipedia
The most influential medical journals, according to Wikipedia: how quickly does new medical research propagate in a non-academic encyclopedia (Preprint) 2018-06-29 Wikipedia
Wikimedia in education
The most influential medical journals, according to Wikipedia: how quickly does new medical research propagate in a non-academic encyclopedia (Preprint) 2018-06-29 citizen science
knowledge translation
Scholarly publishing
Wikimedia in education
Leveraging Wikipedia knowledge to classify multilingual biomedical documents 2018-06 Wikipedia
More than 2 billion pairs of eyeballs: Why aren't you sharing medical knowledge on Wikipedia? 2018-08-14 Wikipedia
Capturing the influence of geopolitical ties from Wikipedia with reduced Google matrix 2018 Google matrix
Gender gap through time and space: A journey through Wikipedia biographies via the Wikidata Human Gender Indicator 2018-06-18 gender bias on Wikipedia
EVE: explainable vector based embedding technique using Wikipedia 2018-06-04 Wikipedia
Which Type of Research is Cited More Often in Wikipedia? A Case Study of PubMed Research 2018-09 Wikipedia
scientific citation
health information on Wikipedia
citation analysis
Stepping Beyond Libraries : the Changing Orientation in Global GLAM-Wiki 2018-09-15 GLAM
Wikimedia Movement
GLAM-Wiki project
Writing Women in Mathematics Into Wikipedia 2018-03-01 gender bias on Wikipedia
Determining Quality of Articles in Polish Wikipedia Based on Linguistic Features 2018 Polish Wikipedia
information quality
Application of SEO Metrics to Determine the Quality of Wikipedia Articles and Their Sources 2018-08-29 Wikipedia
information quality
search engine optimization
Evaluating the impact of the Wikipedia Teahouse on newcomer socialization and retention 2018-08 Wikipedia
Quality flaw prediction in Spanish Wikipedia: A case of study with verifiability flaws 2018-11 Spanish Wikipedia
information quality
semi-supervised learning
supervised learning
Do less active participants make active participants more active? An examination of Chinese Wikipedia 2018-08 Chinese Wikipedia
Getting the Most out of Wikidata: Semantic Technology Usage in Wikipedia’s Knowledge Graph 2018 Wikidata
Wikidata Query Service
knowledge graph
The Battle for Wikipedia: The New Age of 'Lost Victories'? 2018-07-18 Verlorene Siege
WikiProject Military history
Computing semantic similarity based on novel models of semantic representation using Wikipedia 2018-11 Wikipedia
semantic similarity
Use of Wikipedia categories on information retrieval research 2018 Wikimedia category
information retrieval
A comparison of the content and primary literature support for online medication information provided by Lexicomp and Wikipedia 2018-07-01 Wikipedia
health information on Wikipedia
The Pipeline of Online Participation Inequalities: The Case of Wikipedia Editing 2018-02-01 Wikipedia
Framing the Holocaust Online: Memory of the Babi Yar Massacres on Wikipedia 2018-06 Wikipedia
The Holocaust
Babi Yar
WikiRef: Wikilinks as a route to recommending appropriate references for scientific Wikipedia pages 2018-06-11 Wikipedia
Effects of Contributor Experience on the Quality of Health-Related Wikipedia Articles. 2018-05-10 Wikipedia
health information on Wikipedia
Wikipedia Infobox Type Prediction Using Embeddings 2018-05-30 Wikipedia
Submit a Topic Page to PLOS Computational Biology and Wikipedia 2018-05-31 Wikipedia
PLOS Computational Biology
PLOS Genetics
open access
science communication
health information on Wikipedia
Collective Attention towards Scientists and Research Topics 2018 scientist
science award
Wikipedia’s top-cited scholarly articles — revealed 2018-05 Wikipedia
citation analysis
WISER: A Semantic Approach for Expert Finding in Academia based on Entity Linking 2018-05-10 Wikipedia
entity linking
The reCAPTCHA of medical education 2018-04-22 mass collaboration
medical education
health information on Wikipedia
A Clockwork Wikipedia: From a Broad Perspective to a Case Study 2018-04-17 Wikipedia
scholarly communication
research dissemination
circadian clock
circadian rhythm
How Did Wikipedia Become Navigable? 2018-04 Wikipedia
Importance and Interactions of World Universities from 24 Wikipedia Editions 2018-04 Wikipedia
Gender Markers in Wikipedia Usernames 2018-04 Wikipedia
gender bias on Wikipedia
Estimating Credibility of News Authors from their WIKI Validated Predictions 2018-04 Wikipedia
Population's Preferences by Editing Wikipedia: 12 Worldwide Languages 2018-04 Wikipedia
The Elicitation of New Users’ Interests on Wikipedia 2018-04 Wikipedia
cold start
recommender system
Event-based News Suggestion in Real-Time for Wikipedia Pages from News Streams 2018-04 Wikipedia
Readers' Demanded Hyperlink Prediction in Wikipedia 2018-04 Wikipedia
link analysis
Detecting Biased Statements in Wikipedia 2018-04 Wikipedia
Structuring Wikipedia Articles with Section Recommendations 2018-04-17 Wikipedia
Mapping WordNet Instances to Wikipedia 2018-01-08 WordNet
A Wikipedia-based approach to profiling activities on social media 2018-04-06 Wikipedia
social media
How trust in Wikipedia evolves: a survey of students aged 11 to 25 2018-03 Wikipedia
information seeking
Beyond notification: Filling gaps in peer production projects 2018-03-24 Wikipedia
Learning to Generate Wikipedia Summaries for Underserved Languages from Wikidata 2018-03-19 Wikipedia
Natural language generation
Automatically Generating Wikipedia Info-boxes from Wikidata 2018-03 Wikipedia
A comparison of title words for journal articles and Wikipedia pages: Coverage and stylistic differences? 2018-02-12 Wikipedia
Mind the (Language) Gap: Generation of Multilingual Wikipedia Summaries from Wikidata for ArticlePlaceholders 2018-02-14 Wikipedia
Natural language generation
Readability and quality of wikipedia pages on neurosurgical topics. 2018-01-29 Wikipedia
health information on Wikipedia
Why do people search Wikipedia for information on multiple sclerosis? 2018-02-05 Wikipedia
health information on Wikipedia
Italian Wikipedia and epilepsy: An infodemiological study of online information-seeking behavior. 2018-02-14 Wikipedia
health information on Wikipedia
Leveraging Google Trends, Twitter, and Wikipedia to Investigate the Impact of a Celebrity's Death From Rheumatoid Arthritis. 2018-02-14 Twitter
health information on Wikipedia
Time-focused analysis of connectivity and popularity of historical persons in Wikipedia 2018-02-08 Wikipedia
Generating Wikipedia by Summarizing Long Sequences 2018-01-30 Wikipedia
automatic summarization
Wikipedia in academia as a teaching tool: from averse to proactive faculty profiles 2018-01-22 Wikipedia
Knowledge categorization affects popularity and quality of Wikipedia articles. 2018-01-02 Wikipedia
Computing controversy: Formal model and algorithms for detecting controversy on Wikipedia and in search queries 2018-01 Media technology


label publication date main subject
Neural Wikipedian: Generating Textual Summaries from Knowledge Base Triples 2017-11-01
Natural language generation
knowledge base
SESAME: European Statistics Explored via Semantic Alignment onto Wikipedia 2017 Wikipedia
Language-Agnostic Relation Extraction from Wikipedia Abstracts 2017 Wikipedia
Wind power research in Wikipedia: Does Wikipedia demonstrate direct influence of research publications and can it be used as adequate source in research evaluation? 2017-07-01 Wikipedia
wind power
Lay metalanguage on grammatical variation and neutrality in Wikipedia's entry for Che Guevara 2017-02-23 Wikipedia
Science Is Shaped by Wikipedia: Evidence from a Randomized Control Trial 2017 Wikipedia
Libraries and Wikimedia : common strategies for open access to knowledge and collaborative construction of free knowledge 2017 collaboration
The effects of Wikipedia referencing: a protocol for a randomised trial 2017 Wikipedia
Decision making in the self-evolved collegiate court: Wikipedia’s Arbitration Committee and its implications for self-governance and judiciary in cyberspace 2017-08-11 governance
The Third Man: hierarchy formation in Wikipedia 2017 Wikipedia
Student perceptions of writing with Wikipedia in Australian higher education 2017-06-01 Wikipedia
Wikipedia e biblioteche: una prospettiva globale 2017-05-02 Wikipedia
There and Here: Patterns of Content Transclusion in Wikipedia 2017 transclusion
Memory storytelling between heritage and tourism in the age of the converging culture 2017-06-28 storytelling
cultural heritage
Spectral Clustering Wikipedia Keyword-Based Search Results 2017-01-31 Wikipedia
Comparison of the Impact of Wikipedia, UpToDate, and a Digital Textbook on Short-Term Knowledge Acquisition Among Medical Students: Randomized Controlled Trial of Three Web-Based Resources (Preprint) 2017-06-12 Wikipedia
Valorization of private collections in an academic library: dissemination, communication and research 2017-12-29 Wikipedia
special collections
social media
History of libraries
Three Reasons Why Earth Scientists Should Edit Wikipedia 2017-01-27 Wikipedia
Operationalizing Conflict and Cooperation between Automated Software Agents in Wikipedia 2017-12-06 Wikipedia
internet bot
Estimating the Quality of Articles in Russian Wikipedia Using the Logical-Linguistic Model of Fact Extraction 2017 Wikipedia
Enrichment of Information in Multilingual Wikipedia Based on Quality Analysis 2017 Wikipedia
A Bag of Concepts Approach for Biomedical Document Classification Using Wikipedia Knowledge 2017 Wikipedia
Semi-automatic generation of a corpus of Wikipedia articles on science and technology 2017-09-14 Wikipedia
Explaining teaching uses of Wikipedia through faculty personal and contextual features 2017-09-11 Wikipedia
Wikipedia as Informal Self-Education for Clinical Decision-Making in Medical Practice 2017-09-30 Wikipedia
Wikimedia in education
Completeness, accuracy, and readability of Wikipedia as a reference for patient medication information 2017-03
You Could Look It Up: The Reference Shelf from Ancient Babylon to Wikipedia 2017-01-02 Wikipedia
Relative Quality Assessment of Wikipedia Articles in Different Languages Using Synthetic Measure 2017 Wikipedia
Persistent Bias on Wikipedia 2017-06-21 Wikipedia
Using Morphological and Semantic Features for the Quality Assessment of Russian Wikipedia 2017 Russian Wikipedia
information quality
Visualising Historical Networks: Family Trees and Wikipedia 2017 Wikipedia
News stories as evidence for research? BBC citations from articles, Books, and Wikipedia 2017-06-05 citation analysis
Extracting central places from the link structure in Wikipedia 2017-06 Wikipedia
German Wikipedia
Wikipedia-integrated publishing: a comparison of successful models 2017-11 Wikipedia
scholarly publication
Evaluation of Naive Bayes and Support Vector Machines for Wikipedia 2017-11-26 Naive Bayes classifier
support vector machine
document classification
Cross-lingual Name Tagging and Linking for 282 Languages 2017-07 Wikipedia
named-entity recognition
Using a Bayesian Method to Assess Google, Twitter, and Wikipedia for ILI Surveillance. 2017-05-01 Twitter
Cultural diversity of quality of information on Wikipedias 2017-08-07 Wikipedia
A Vision for Performing Social and Economic Data Analysis using Wikipedia's Edit History 2017 Wikipedia
data analysis
Citolytics: A Link-based Recommender System for Wikipedia 2017 Wikipedia
recommender system
citation analysis
Analysing Timelines of National Histories across Wikipedia Editions: A Comparative Computational Approach 2017-05-24 Wikipedia
Completeness and Reliability of Wikipedia Infoboxes in Various Languages 2017 Wikipedia
Wikipedia: a tool to monitor seasonal diseases trends? 2017-05-01 Wikipedia
Information needed: understand and anticipate the information needs in the time of Wikipedia 2017-06-21 Wikipedia
Relative Quality and Popularity Evaluation of Multilingual Wikipedia Articles 2017-12-08 Wikipedia
information quality
Evaluating Wikipedia as a self-learning resource for statistics: You know they'll use it 2017-10-30 Wikipedia
Introduction to anatomy on Wikipedia. 2017-07-12 Wikipedia
The Wisdom of Polarized Crowds 2017-11-29 Wikipedia
group polarization
Vector Embedding of Wikipedia Concepts and Entities 2017-06-02 embedding
Wikipedia - From the Popular Source of Information to the Pedagogical Tool 2017-12-01 Wikipedia
university student
Wikipedia as a gateway to biomedical research: The relative distribution and use of citations in the English Wikipedia. 2017-12-21
English Wikipedia
scientific literature
WikiProject Medicine
citation analysis
Message from the ISCB: The 5th ISCB Wikipedia competition: coming to a classroom near you? 2017-09-01 Wikipedia
What can Google and Wikipedia can tell us about a disease? Big Data trends analysis in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. 2017-09-14 Wikipedia
big data
Can conference papers have information value through Wikipedia? An investigation of four engineering fields 2017 Wikipedia
conference paper
citation analysis
The Impact of Topic Characteristics and Threat on Willingness to Engage with Wikipedia Articles: Insights from Laboratory Experiments. 2017-11-07 Wikipedia
WikiSeeAlso: Suggesting Tangentially Related Concepts (See also links) for Wikipedia Articles 2017 Wikipedia
Robust clustering of languages across Wikipedia growth. 2017-10-18 Wikipedia
Should archivists edit Wikipedia, and if so how? 2017-06-23 archives
Wikimedian in Residence
Wikipedia and Edinburgh University 2017-06-01 University of Edinburgh
Wikimedian in Residence
WikiJournal of Medicine, the first Wikipedia-integrated academic journal 2017-01-15 WikiJournal of Medicine
health information on Wikipedia
Wikimedia in education
Analysing the potential of Wikipedia for science education using automatic organization of knowledge 2017-10-10 Wikipedia
science education
Wikipedia: An opportunity to rethink the links between sources' credibility, trust, and authority 2017-11-06 Wikipedia
Comparison of the Impact of Wikipedia, UpToDate, and a Digital Textbook on Short-Term Knowledge Acquisition Among Medical Students: Randomized Controlled Trial of Three Web-Based Resources. 2017-10-31 Wikipedia
medical education
SEED: a tool for disseminating systematic review data into Wikipedia 2017-10-17 Wikipedia
systematic review
Science Is Shaped by Wikipedia: Evidence from a Randomized Control Trial 2017-09-20 Wikipedia
science communication
scientific culture
Science information on Wikipedia
Global reaction to the recent outbreaks of Zika virus: Insights from a Big Data analysis. 2017-09-21 big data
Zika virus
data analysis
2015–16 Zika virus epidemic
data ethics
data mining
Google Trends
Google News
Wikipedia graph mining: dynamic structure of collective memory 2017-10-01 Wikipedia
Crowd Development: The Interplay between Crowd Evaluation and Collaborative Dynamics in Wikipedia 2017 Wikipedia
Analysis of References Across Wikipedia Languages 2017-09-23 Wikipedia
An Exploration of Wikipedia Data as a Measure of Regional Knowledge Distribution 2017-09-02 Wikipedia
Context-Aware Representations for Knowledge Base Relation Extraction 2017-09 Wikidata
knowledge base
Improving Information Quality of Wikipedia articles with cooperative principle 2017-08-25 Wikipedia
information quality
Readability of Wikipedia Pages on Autoimmune Disorders: Systematic Quantitative Assessment. 2017-07-18 Wikipedia
Evolution of Wikipedia's medical content: past, present and future. 2017-08-28 Wikipedia
health information on Wikipedia
Interpolating Quality Dynamics in Wikipedia and Demonstrating the Keilana Effect 2017 Wikipedia
information quality
A Bag of Concepts Approach for Biomedical Document Classification Using Wikipedia Knowledge*. Spanish-English Cross-language Case Study. 2017-08-16 Wikipedia
The Wikipedia Adventure: Field Evaluation of an Interactive Tutorial for New Users 2017 Wikipedia
What do Wikidata and Wikipedia have in common? An analysis of their use of external references 2017-08-08 WikiCite
A productive clash of perspectives? The interplay between articles' and authors' perspectives and their impact on Wikipedia edits in a controversial domain 2017-06-02 Wikipedia
"(Weitergeleitet von Journalistin)": The Gendered Presentation of Professions on Wikipedia 2017 gender bias on Wikipedia
Search strategies of Wikipedia readers 2017-02-02 Wikipedia
Academics can help shape Wikipedia 2017-08-11 Wikipedia
health information on Wikipedia
Science information on Wikipedia
"A wound that has been festering since 2007": The Burma/Myanmar naming controversy and the problem of rarely challenged assumptions on Wikipedia 2017-07-10 Wikipedia
Expanding the sum of all human knowledge: Wikipedia, translation and linguistic justice 2017-04-03 Wikipedia
Wikimedia Foundation
An end-to-end learning solution for assessing the quality of Wikipedia articles 2017 Wikipedia
information quality
Methodological issues in measuring citations in Wikipedia: a case study in Library and Information Science 2017-07-27
citation analysis
library science
Fine Grained Citation Span for References in Wikipedia 2017-07-23 Wikipedia
citation analysis
Reading Wikipedia to Answer Open-Domain Questions 2017-04-28 question answering
Joining the Global Village: Teaching Globalization with Wikipedia 2017-06-28 Wikipedia
Cumulative Experience and Recent Behavior and their Relation to Content Quality on Wikipedia 2017-06-23 Wikipedia
information quality
Latent Groups in Online Communities: a Longitudinal Study in Wikipedia 2017-06-20 Wikipedia
Cultural Interpretations of Global Information? Hindsight Bias after Reading Wikipedia Articles across Cultures 2017-05-22 Wikipedia
hindsight bias
Understanding and coping with extremism in an online collaborative environment: A data-driven modeling 2017 Wikipedia
Biases in the production and reception of collective knowledge: the case of hindsight bias in Wikipedia 2017-04-17 Wikipedia
hindsight bias
280 Birds with One Stone: Inducing Multilingual Taxonomies from Wikipedia using Character-level Classification 2017-04-25 Wikipedia
Finding News Citations for Wikipedia 2017-04-24 Wikipedia
information retrieval
citation analysis
Decolonizing Wikipedia through Advocacy and Activism: The Latina/o Theatre Wikiturgy Project 2017-03 Wikipedia
How much is Wikipedia Lagging Behind News? 2017-03-30 Wikipedia
Why We Read Wikipedia 2017-03-16 Wikipedia
On Quality Assesement in Wikipedia Articles Based on Markov Random Fields 2017 Wikipedia
Markov random field
Spatio-temporal Analysis of Reverted Wikipedia Edits 2017 Wikipedia
Visualizing Rank Time Series of Wikipedia Top-Viewed Pages 2017-03 Wikipedia
On the "How" and "Why" of Emergent Role Behaviors in Wikipedia 2017 Wikipedia
What can you do with a rock? Affordance extraction via word embeddings 2017-03-09 word embedding
reinforcement learning
Digging Wikipedia: The Online Encyclopedia as a Digital Cultural Heritage Gateway and Site 2017-03-10 Wikipedia
cultural heritage
Testing Coleman’s Social-Norm Enforcement Mechanism: Evidence from Wikipedia 2017-01 Wikipedia
social norm
Measuring Global Disease with Wikipedia: Success, Failure, and a Research Agenda 2017 Wikipedia
Learning to generate one-sentence biographies from Wikidata 2017-04
Natural language generation
recurrent neural network
Glaring Chemical Errors Persist for Years on Wikipedia 2017-01-26 Wikipedia
quality control
data curation
reliability of Wikipedia
Privacy, Anonymity, and Perceived Risk in Open Collaboration : A Study of Tor Users and Wikipedians 2017 Wikipedia
World Literature According to Wikipedia: Introduction to a DBpedia-Based Framework 2017-01-04 Wikipedia
Excavating the mother lode of human-generated text: A systematic review of research that uses the wikipedia corpus 2017-03 Wikipedia
text corpus
The memory remains: Understanding collective memory in the digital age 2017-04-05 Wikipedia
collective memory


label publication date main subject
Amplifying the impact of open access: Wikipedia and the diffusion of science 2016-10-13
scientific citation
open access
Science information on Wikipedia
YAGO: A Multilingual Knowledge Base from Wikipedia, Wordnet, and Geonames 2016-09-23 YAGO
Discovering Wikipedia Conventions Using DBpedia Properties 2016 Wikipedia
Cumulative Growth in User-Generated Content Production: Evidence from Wikipedia 2016-07 Wikipedia
user-generated content
Where are the Women in Wikipedia? Understanding the Different Psychological Experiences of Men and Women in Wikipedia 2016-01-04 Wikipedia
gender bias on Wikipedia
Who Did What: Editor Role Identification in Wikipedia 2016 Wikipedia
Foreword : Wikipedia and the Sum of All Human Information 2016-03-13 Wikipedia
Towards SamiTalk: A Sami-Speaking Robot Linked to Sami Wikipedia 2016-12-25 Sami languages
Sami people
Learning Word Embeddings from Wikipedia for Content-Based Recommender Systems 2016 Wikipedia
Visualizing Wikipedia Article and User Networks 2016 visualization
Wikipedia ranking of world universities 2016-03 Wikipedia
Wikipedia mining of hidden links between political leaders 2016-12 Wikipedia
redes sociales
Circadian Patterns on Wikipedia Edits 2016 Wikipedia
Derivation of “is a” taxonomy from Wikipedia Category Graph 2016-04 Wikipedia
Taxonomy-based information content and wordnet-wiktionary-wikipedia glosses for semantic relatedness 2016-03-28 WordNet
semantic similarity
LWCR: multi-Layered Wikipedia representation for Computing word Relatedness 2016-12 Wikipedia
semantic similarity
Distributional semantics study using the co-occurrence computed from collaborative resources and WordNet 2016-08 distributional semantics
Teaching with Wikipedia in a 21st-century classroom: Perceptions of Wikipedia and its educational benefits 2016-03-15 Wikipedia
Book Review: Dariusz Jemielniak, Common Knowledge? An Ethnography of Wikipedia 2016-07-09 Wikipedia
Common Knowledge?: An Ethnography of Wikipedia
Path-based methods on categorical structures for conceptual representation of wikipedia articles 2016-06-11 Wikipedia
Diversity of editors and teams versus quality of cooperative work: experiments on wikipedia 2016-10-07 Wikipedia
Erratum to: Linguistic neighbourhoods: explaining cultural borders on Wikipedia through multilingual co-editing activity 2016-04-08 Linguistic neighbourhoods: explaining cultural borders on Wikipedia through multilingual co-editing activity
Profiling vandalism in Wikipedia: A Schauerian approach to justification 2016-04-30 Wikipedia
Semantic Space as a Metapopulation System: Modelling the Wikipedia Information Flow Network 2016 Wikipedia
Do We Still Need Reference Services in the Age of Google and Wikipedia? 2016-02-23 Wikipedia
Students' use of Wikipedia as an academic resource — Patterns of use and perceptions of usefulness 2016-01 Wikipedia
undergraduate student
Wikimedia in education
50/50 Norm in Massive Online Public Good: The Case of Wikipedia 2016 Wikipedia
A Latent Space Analysis of Editor Lifecycles in Wikipedia 2016 Wikipedia
Temporal patterns of scientific information-seeking on Google and Wikipedia 2016-05-20 Wikipedia
From MDMA to Lady Gaga: Expertise and Contribution Behavior of Editing Communities on Wikipedia 2016 Wikipedia
Assessing the Quality of Wikipedia Editors through Crowdsourcing 2016 crowdsourcing
Not at Home on the Range: Peer Production and the Urban/Rural Divide 2016 Wikipedia
Writing Irataba: On Representing Native Americans on Wikipedia 2016-07-01 Wikipedia
Indigenous peoples of América
Wikipedia Tools for Google Spreadsheets 2016-02-08 Wikipedia and Wikidata Tools
Wikipedia in the anti-SOPA protests as a case study of direct, deliberative democracy in cyberspace 2016-03-16 Wikipedia
Stop Online Piracy Act
breaking the glass ceiling on Wikipedia 2016-07 Wikipedia
Graph-Based Breaking News Detection on Wikipedia 2016-04-16 Wikipedia
breaking news
Linguistic neighbourhoods: explaining cultural borders on Wikipedia through multilingual co-editing activity 2016-03-11 Wikipedia
Study on the Usage of Wikipedia in the Field of Academics 2016 Wikipedia
More than an Edit: Using Transcendental Information Cascades to Capture Hidden Structure in Wikipedia 2016 Wikipedia
Can we use Wikipedia to teach chemistry? 2016 Wikipedia
Wikimedia in education
Mining the Spoken Wikipedia for Speech Data and Beyond 2016-04-21 Wikipedia
Fostering Public Good Contributions with Symbolic Awards: A Large-Scale Natural Field Experiment at Wikipedia 2016-09-30 Wikipedia
Finding Structure in Wikipedia Edit Activity 2016 Wikipedia
Employing Wikipedia for good not evil: innovative approaches to collaborative writing assessment 2016-02-15 Wikipedia
collaborative writing
Wikipedia use: Risk for developing technology addiction. 2016-01-01 Wikipedia
Information needs of Botswana health care workers and perceptions of wikipedia. 2016-07-27 Botswana
The wisdom of crowds. 2016-07-01 Wikimedian in Residence
Wellcome Library
science communication
Writing a Wikipedia Article on Cultural Competence in Health Care. 2016-04-01 Wikipedia
The double power law in human collaboration behavior: The case of Wikipedia 2016-11 Wikipedia
Are Wikipedia citations important evidence of the impact of scholarly articles and books? 2016-06-13 Wikipedia
citation analysis
Wikipedia and participatory culture: Why fans edit 2016 Wikipedia
Using Wikipedia page views to explore the cultural importance of global reptiles 2016-12-01 Wikipedia
Chilling Effects: Online Surveillance and Wikipedia Use 2016 Wikipedia
Spanish word vectors from Wikipedia 2016 word embedding
Plagued by doubt and viral misinformation: the need for evidence-based use of historical disease images. 2016-08-10 Black Death
open access
digital humanities
Quality and Importance of Wikipedia Articles in Different Languages 2016 Wikipedia
information quality
Evaluating Link-based Recommendations for Wikipedia 2016 Wikipedia
recommender system
Preliminary Analyses for Extracting Scholarly Information on Wikipedia as Linked Open Data 2016-09-05 Wikipedia
Linked Open Data
digital object identifier
linked data
Wikipedians' Knowledge and Moral Duties 2016 neutral point of view
Similar Gaps, Different Origins? Women Readers and Editors at Greek Wikipedia 2016-05 Greek Wikipedia
gender bias on Wikipedia
Identifying Topics in Microblogs Using Wikipedia 2016 Wikipedia
Efficient chemical-disease identification and relationship extraction using Wikipedia to improve recall 2016 Wikipedia
Learning management system and e-learning tools: an experience of medical students' usage and expectations 2016-08-20 e-learning
medical student
learning management system
The 5th ISCB Wikipedia Competition: Coming to a Classroom Near You? 2016-12 Wikipedia
Unfolding large-scale online collaborative human dynamics. 2016-12-01 Wikipedia
Multi-cultural Wikipedia mining of geopolitics interactions leveraging reduced Google matrix analysis 2016-12-23 Wikipedia
Google matrix
Growing Wikipedia Across Languages via Recommendation 2016-04 Wikipedia
Jewish, Christian and Islamic in the English Wikipedia 2016 English Wikipedia
semantic prosody
'Anyone can edit' not everyone does: Wikipedia and the gender gap 2016-12-20 gender bias on Wikipedia
An Intelligent Agent with Ontological Knowledge: Classification of Educational Materials to Support the Creation of Online Courses 2016-12-15 e-learning
Accuracy and completeness of drug information in Wikipedia medication monographs 2016-11-17 reliability of Wikipedia
Pairing Wikipedia Articles Across Languages 2016-12-11 Wikipedia
Does Astronomy research become too dated for the public? Wikipedia citations to Astronomy and Astrophysics journal articles 1996-2014 2016-11 Wikipedia
scientific citation
citation analysis
Wikipedia as a platform for impactful learning: A new course model in higher education 2016-12-12 Wikipedia
higher education
Wikimedia in education
Wikiwhere: An interactive tool for studying the geographical provenance of Wikipedia references 2016-12-03 Wikipedia
Indigenous Knowledge for Wikipedia 2016 Wikipedia
DOI Links on Wikipedia 2016-11-15 Wikipedia
digital object identifier
scientific citation
It’s Not What You Think: Gender Bias in Information about Fortune 1000 CEOs on Wikipedia 2016 gender bias on Wikipedia
Evaluating Google, Twitter, and Wikipedia as Tools for Influenza Surveillance Using Bayesian Change Point Analysis: A Comparative Analysis 2016-10-20 Twitter
Women through the glass ceiling: gender asymmetries in Wikipedia 2016-03-01
gender bias on Wikipedia
Bridging the gap between Wikipedia and academia 2016-04-04 Wikipedia
scientific culture
Dynamics of Disagreement: Large-Scale Temporal Network Analysis Reveals Negative Interactions in Online Collaboration 2016-11-03 Wikipedia
Improving Information Literacy through Wikipedia Editing in the Chemistry Classroom: Lessons Learned 2016-10-20 Wikipedia
Information literacy
Medical journals and Wikipedia: a global health matter. 2016-11-01 Wikipedia
medical journal
global health
Ideological Segregation among Online Collaborators: Evidence from Wikipedians 2016-10 Wikipedia
Changes in cultural consumption: ethnographic collections in Wikipedia 2016-10-17 Wikipedia
Dynamics and biases of online attention: the case of aircraft crashes 2016-10 Wikipedia
Examining potential mechanisms underlying the Wikipedia gender gap through a collaborative editing task 2016-10 gender bias on Wikipedia
Why Medical Schools Should Embrace Wikipedia: Final-Year Medical Student Contributions to Wikipedia Articles for Academic Credit at One School. 2016-09-13 Wikipedia
medical school
Wiki Education Foundation
WikiProject Medicine
health information on Wikipedia
Wikimedia in education
Answering End-User Questions, Queries and Searches on Wikipedia and its History 2016-09 question answering
A Study of Citations to Wikipedia in Scholarly Publications 2016-07-02 Wikipedia
Monitoring the Gender Gap with Wikidata Human Gender Indicators 2016-08 gender bias on Wikipedia
WikiReading: A Novel Large-scale Language Understanding Task over Wikipedia 2016 WikiReading
Wikipedia traffic data and electoral prediction: towards theoretically informed models 2016-06-18 Wikipedia
The Evolution of Wikipedia’s Norm Network 2016-04-20 Wikipedia
How the structure of Wikipedia articles influences user navigation 2016-05-12 Media technology
information system
Understanding Editing Behaviors in Multilingual Wikipedia 2016-05-12 Wikipedia
Intellectual interchanges in the history of the massive online open-editing encyclopedia, Wikipedia 2016-01-22 Wikipedia


label publication date main subject
Getting a “quick fix”: First-year college students’ use of Wikipedia 2015-10-05 undergraduate education
WSR:A Semantic Relatedness Measure Based on Wikipedia Structure 2015-04-18 Wikipedia
基于双模社会网络的Wikipedia作者信任模型 2015 Wikipedia
Wikipedia in Education: Acculturation and learning in virtual communities 2015-12 Wikipedia
Wikipedia, collective memory, and the Vietnam war 2015-05-13 Wikipedia
Information Architecture in Wikipedia 2015-06 Wikipedia
information architecture
Building Governance Capability in Online Social Production: Insights from Wikipedia 2015-06-09 governance
Wikipedianer in der Wissensgesellschaft: Die Ureinwohner einer digitalen Agora 2015 Wikipedia
Authority control : operational aspects in a university context and new experiences 2015-01-15
authority control
online public access catalog
Improving the articles about modern art in Wikipedia: a partnership between Wikimédia France and the Pompidou Centre 2015 Wikipedia
Semantic Annotation for Microblog Topics Using Wikipedia Temporal Information 2015 Wikipedia
Wikipedia und Wissenschaftler – ein nicht repräsentatives Stimmungsbild 2015 Wikipedia
The use of software tools and autonomous bots against vandalism: eroding Wikipedia’s moral order? 2015-09 Wikipedia
Debating reliable sources: writing the history of the Vietnam War on Wikipedia 2015-05-11 Wikipedia
Wikipedia and history: a worthwhile partnership in the digital era? 2015-10-07 Wikipedia
Social Interactions vs Revisions, What is Important for Promotion in Wikipedia? 2015 Wikipedia
Social Interactions vs Revisions, What Is Important for Promotion in Wikipedia? 2015 Wikipedia
Contribution, social networking, and the request for adminship process in Wikipedia 2015 Wikipedia
Societal Controversies in Wikipedia Articles 2015 Wikipedia
The influence of network structures of Wikipedia discussion pages on the efficiency of WikiProjects 2015-10 general psychology
The Valuation of Unprotected Works: A Case Study of Public Domain Photographs on Wikipedia 2015 Wikipedia
Estimating tourism statistics with Wikipedia page views 2015 tourism
Wikipedia-based Learning Path Generation 2015-10-04 Wikipedia
Using WikiProjects to Measure the Health of Wikipedia 2015 Wikipedia
Wikipedia como objeto de investigación 2015-05-11 Wikipedia
Gezieltes Verbessern von Themenbereichen in der Wikipedia Fünf Jahre Wikipedia Education Program – eine Bestandsaufnahme 2015 Wikipedia
Hierarchien in der Schwarmintelligenz. Geschichtsvermittlung auf Wikipedia 2015 Wikipedia
Eliciting Disease Data from Wikipedia Articles 2015-05 Wikipedia
Anatomy and Wikipedia 2015-05-14 Wikipedia
Factors that influence the teaching use of Wikipedia in higher education 2015-02-11 Wikipedia
An Examination of Scope, Completeness, Credibility, and Readability of Health, Medical, and Nutritional Information on the Internet: A Comparative Study of Wikipedia, WebMD, and the Mayo Clinic Websites 2015-04 health information on Wikipedia
Linguistic influence patterns within the global network of Wikipedia language editions 2015 Wikipedia
Document Controversy Classification Based on the Wikipedia Category Structure 2015 Wikipedia
Wikipedia Use in Research: Perceptions in Secondary Schools 2015-04-23 Wikipedia
secondary school
Digital Divisions of Labor and Informational Magnetism: Mapping Participation in Wikipedia 2015-11-02 Wikipedia
Wikipedians reach out to academics 2015-09-07 Wikipedia
Vom Universitäts-Professor zum Wikipedia-Administrator. Wie ich zu Wikipedia kam … 2015 Wikipedia
Wikimedia in education
Setting the facts straight on Wikipedia. 2015-06-16 Wikipedia
Editing for Equality: The Outcomes of the Art+Feminism Wikipedia Edit-a-thons 2015-09 Wikipedia
Modelling the Quality of Attributes in Wikipedia Infoboxes 2015 Wikipedia
Improving Information Literacy Skills through Learning To Use and Edit Wikipedia: A Chemistry Perspective 2015-12-22 general chemistry
Information literacy
Mapping bilateral information interests using the activity of Wikipedia editors 2015-12 Wikipedia
Wikipedia at university: what faculty think and do about it 2015-08-03 Wikipedia
Wikimedia in education
Mapping the Structure of the Archaeological Web 2015-05 digital archaeology
Wikipedia in the world of global gender inequality indices 2015 gender bias on Wikipedia
First Women, Second Sex: Gender Bias in Wikipedia 2015 gender bias on Wikipedia
Gender Gap Through Time and Space: A Journey Through Wikipedia Biographies and the "WIGI" Index 2015-02-10 gender bias on Wikipedia
Central Places in Wikipedia 2015-04-24 Wikipedia
central place theory
Wikipedia editing dynamics. 2015-01-29 Wikipedia
Exploration of Online Culture Through Network Analysis of Wikipedia. 2015-10-15 Wikipedia
The readability of the English Wikipedia article on Parkinson's disease. 2015-01-18 English Wikipedia
health information on Wikipedia
Parkinson's disease
Automatically Expanding the Synonym Set of SNOMED CT using Wikipedia. 2015-01-01 Wikipedia
Effects of a Wikipedia Orientation Game on New User Edits 2015 Wikipedia
Wikipedia and neurological disorders. 2015-04-15 Wikipedia
Is it possible to enhance our expert knowledge from Wikipedia? 2015-04-14 Wikipedia
Is Wikipedia a reliable learning resource for medical students? Evaluating respiratory topics. 2015-03-01 Wikipedia
health information on Wikipedia
On the Evolution of Wikipedia: Dynamics of Categories and Articles 2015-04-22 Wikipedia
Information-seeking behaviour for epilepsy: an infodemiological study of searches for Wikipedia articles. 2015-11-12 Wikipedia
The Transmission of Scientific Knowledge to Wikipedia 2015 Wikipedia
DBpedia – A large-scale, multilingual knowledge base extracted from Wikipedia 2015 DBpedia
knowledge base
Disaster Monitoring with Wikipedia and Online Social Networking Sites: Structured Data and Linked Data Fragments to the Rescue? 2015-01-26 Wikipedia
Linked Data Fragments
Preliminary Analyses of DOI Links on Japanese Wikipedia 2015 Japanese Wikipedia
digital object identifier
citation analysis
User Session Identification Based on Strong Regularities in Inter-activity Time 2015 Wikipedia
Challenges of Mathematical Information Retrievalin the NTCIR-11 Math Wikipedia Task 2015 Wikipedia
Wikipedia's Politics of Exclusion: Gender, Epistemology, and Feminist Rhetorical (In)action 2015-09 Wikipedia
gender bias on Wikipedia
Interactions of cultures and top people of Wikipedia from ranking of 24 language editions 2015 Wikipedia
Wikipedia and medicine: quantifying readership, editors, and the significance of natural language 2015-03-04 Wikipedia
health information on Wikipedia
Wikipedia--challenges and new horizons in enhancing medical education 2015-03-06 Wikipedia
health information on Wikipedia
Forecasting the 2013-2014 influenza season using Wikipedia 2015-05 Wikipedia
Analysis of reference sources used in drug-related Wikipedia articles 2015-07 Wikipedia
Accuracy and readability of cardiovascular entries on Wikipedia: are they reliable learning resources for medical students? 2015-10-06 Wikipedia
Using ontologies to model human navigation behavior in information networks: A study based on Wikipedia 2015 Wikipedia
Biomedical literature classification using encyclopedic knowledge: a Wikipedia-based bag-of-concepts approach 2015 medical literature
Mining Missing Hyperlinks from Human Navigation Traces: A Case Study of Wikipedia 2015 Wikipedia
Is There a Weekly Pattern for Health Searches on Wikipedia and Is the Pattern Unique to Health Topics? 2015-12-22 Wikipedia
Influence of Wikipedia and Other Web Resources on Acute and Critical Care Decisions. A Web-based Surey 2015 Wikipedia
The Legal Consciousness of Wikipedia 2015 Wikipedia
Domain-Specific Semantic Relatedness from Wikipedia Structure: A Case Study in Biomedical Text 2015 semantic similarity
It's a Man's Wikipedia? Assessing Gender Inequality in an Online Encyclopedia 2015-01-26 gender bias on Wikipedia
The Detection of Emerging Trends Using Wikipedia Traffic Data and Context Networks 2015 Wikipedia
Content Volatility of Scientific Topics in Wikipedia: A Cautionary Tale 2015 Wikipedia
"The sum of all human knowledge": A systematic review of scholarly research on the content of Wikipedia 2015-02 academic studies about Wikipedia
Wikipedia, sociology, and the promise and pitfalls of Big Data 2015-12-01 big data
Wikipedia Chemical Structure Explorer: substructure and similarity searching of molecules from Wikipedia 2015 Wikipedia
chemical structure
Utilizing the Wikidata system to improve the quality of medical content in Wikipedia in diverse languages: a pilot study 2015-05-05 Wikidata
Wikimedia in education
Collective remembering of organizations: Co-construction of organizational pasts in Wikipedia 2015-10-05 Wikipedia
corporate communication
collective memory


label publication date main subject
Learning to Compute Semantic Relatedness Using Knowledge from Wikipedia 2014-08-14 Wikipedia
Tracking Topics on Revision Graphs of Wikipedia Edit History 2014-06-18 Wikipedia
Mining the Personal Interests of Microbloggers via Exploiting Wikipedia Knowledge 2014-04-18 Wikipedia
A hybrid method for detecting outdated information in Wikipedia infoboxes 2014-01-24 Wikipedia
Iranian EFL Learners’ Vocabulary Development through Wikipedia 2014-06-16 Wikipedia
Title named entity recognition using wikipedia and abbreviation generation 2014-02-21 Wikipedia
Heterogeneous graph-based intent learning with queries, web pages and Wikipedia concepts 2014-02-18 Wikipedia
A Comparison of Approaches for Measuring Cross-Lingual Similarity of Wikipedia Articles 2014-03-24 Wikipedia
Bootstrapping Wikipedia to answer ambiguous person name queries 2014-05-30 Wikipedia
Mining Hidden Concepts: Using Short Text Clustering and Wikipedia Knowledge 2014-07-28 Wikipedia
Virtual tutorials, Wikipedia books, and multimedia-based teaching for blended learning support in a course on algorithms and data structures 2014-02-18 Wikipedia
Collaborative projects (social media application): About Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 2014-06-25 Wikipedia
social media
Semantic Question Answering Using Wikipedia Categories Clustering 2014-08-27 Wikipedia
Computer-supported collaborative accounts of major depression: Digital rhetoric on Quora and Wikipedia 2014-08-20 Wikipedia
Tagging Scientific Publications Using Wikipedia and Natural Language Processing Tools 2014-07-05 Wikipedia
Lightweight domain ontology learning from texts: graph theory-based approach using Wikipedia 2014-04-11 Wikipedia
Revision history: Translation trends inWikipedia 2014-07-30 Wikipedia
Extracting Semantic Concept Relations from Wikipedia 2014-05-27 Wikipedia
User Interest Profile Identification Using Wikipedia Knowledge Database 2014-06-21 Wikipedia
Improving contextual advertising matching by using Wikipedia thesaurus knowledge 2014-04-03 Wikipedia
Writing for Wikipedia: co-constructing knowledge and writing for a public audience 2014-03-27 Wikipedia
Ways of worldmaking in Wikipedia: reality, legitimacy and collaborative knowledge making 2014-02-13 Wikipedia
Arabic Text Categorization Based on Arabic Wikipedia 2014-03-04 Wikipedia
An Automatic sameAs Link Discovery from Wikipedia 2014-05-20 Wikipedia
Graph-Based Domain-Specific Semantic Relatedness from Wikipedia 2014-04-30 Wikipedia
Wikipedia-based query performance prediction 2014-07-08 Wikipedia
What influences online deliberation? A wikipedia study 2014-01-29 Wikipedia
Analysing the duration of trending topics in Twitter using wikipedia 2014-07-01 Wikipedia
Modeling and Simulation on Collective Intelligence in Future Internet-A Study of Wikipedia 2014-03-21 Wikipedia
Creating a Phrase Similarity Graph from Wikipedia 2014-09-02 Wikipedia
Exploiting Wikipedia for Evaluating Semantic Relatedness Mechanisms 2014-01-22 Wikipedia
What Makes a Good Team of Wikipedia Editors? A Preliminary Statistical Analysis 2014-04-15 Wikipedia
No praise without effort: experimental evidence on how rewards affect Wikipedia's contributor community 2014-03-13 Wikipedia
Wikipedians from Mars: Female students' perceptions toward wikipedia 2014-05-08 Wikipedia
Ranking Wikipedia article's data quality by learning dimension distributions 2014-08-02 Wikipedia
Revision Graph Extraction in Wikipedia Based on Supergram Decomposition and Sliding Update 2014-03-31 Wikipedia
Semantic Relatedness Estimation using the Layout Information of Wikipedia Articles 2014-02-20 Wikipedia
From open-source software to Wikipedia: ‘Backgrounding’ trust by collective monitoring and reputation tracking 2014-04-21 Wikipedia
The completeness of articles and citation in the Slovene Wikipedia 2014-01-30 Wikipedia
Does formal authority still matter in the age of wisdom of crowds?: Perceived credibility, peer and professor endorsement in relation to college students' wikipedia use for academic purposes 2014-05-08 Wikimedia in education
Preferences in Wikipedia abstracts: Empirical findings and implications for automatic entity summarization 2014-01-19 Wikipedia
Text summarization using Wikipedia 2014-03-07 Wikipedia
automatic summarization
A Method for Refining a Taxonomy by Using Annotated Suffix Trees and Wikipedia Resources 2014-05-29 Wikipedia
Short Text Classification Using Wikipedia Concept Based Document Representation 2014-01-17 Wikipedia
Exploiting Twitter and Wikipedia for the annotation of event images 2014-07-08 Wikipedia
A New Approach to Detecting Content Anomalies in Wikipedia 2014-04-17 Wikipedia
Clustering Editors of Wikipedia by Editor's Biases 2014-01-03 Wikipedia
Diversifying Query Suggestions by Using Topics from Wikipedia 2014-01-03 Wikipedia
Academic opinions of Wikipedia and Open Access publishing 2014-06-17 Wikipedia
Wikipedia-based Kernels for dialogue topic tracking 2014-07-29 Wikipedia
Topic Modeling for Wikipedia Link Disambiguation 2014-07-22 Wikipedia
topic modeling
Open domain question answering using Wikipedia-based knowledge model 2014-06-06 Wikipedia
Investigation of information behavior in Wikipedia articles 2014-08-21 Wikipedia
An Information Retrieval Expansion Model Based on Wikipedia 2014-06-23 Wikipedia
Assessing the Quality of Thai Wikipedia Articles Using Concept and Statistical Features 2014-03-18 Wikipedia
Advances in Wikipedia-based Interaction with Robots 2014 Wikipedia
What makes a good biography?: multidimensional quality analysis based on wikipedia article feedback data 2014 Wikipedia
Poisson statistics of PageRank probabilities of Twitter and Wikipedia networks 2014-04 Wikipedia
The dynamic nature of conflict in Wikipedia 2014-10-01 Wikipedia
Evaluating arbitration and conflict resolution mechanisms in the Spanish Wikipedia 2014-12-10 Spanish Wikipedia
conflict resolution
Common knowledge?: an ethnography of Wikipedia 2014-09-22 Wikipedia
Using Wikipedia to enhance student learning: A case study in economics 2014-12-23 Wikipedia
Infoboxes and cleanup tags: Artifacts of Wikipedia newsmaking 2014-08-31 Wikipedia
Towards robust tags for scientific publications from natural language processing tools and Wikipedia 2014-10-28 Wikipedia
Updates on Technical Committees and Wikipedia [Technical Activities] 2014-10 Wikipedia
Supporting navigation in Wikipedia by information visualization: extended evaluation measures 2014-05-06 Wikipedia
Insights into Entity Name Evolution on Wikipedia 2014 Wikipedia
Named entity evolution analysis on wikipedia 2014 Wikipedia
Twelve years of Wikipedia research 2014 Wikipedia
Contropedia - the analysis and visualization of controversies in Wikipedia articles 2014 Wikipedia
Arabic medical terms compilation from Wikipedia 2014-10 Wikipedia
Wikimedia in education
Identifying and Extracting Named Entities from Wikipedia Database Using Entity Infoboxes 2014 Wikipedia
Integration of multiple network views in Wikipedia 2014-11-07 Wikipedia
To Use or Not to Use? The Credibility of Wikipedia 2014-07 Wikipedia
Using linked data to mine RDF from wikipedia's tables 2014 Wikipedia
Anticipating Stock Market Movements with Google and Wikipedia 2014 Wikipedia
stock market
Visualizing large-scale human collaboration in Wikipedia 2014-02 Wikipedia
On the Use of Reliable-Negatives Selection Strategies in the PU Learning Approach for Quality Flaws Prediction in Wikipedia 2014-09 Wikipedia
Evaluation experiments on related terms search in Wikipedia 2014-03-17 Wikipedia
Learning conflict resolution strategies for cross-language Wikipedia data fusion 2014 Wikipedia
Collaboratively Designed Information Structures in Wikipedia 2014 collaboration
The reasons why people continue editing Wikipedia content – task value confirmation perspective 2014-07 Wikipedia
Wikipedia vs peer-reviewed medical literature for information about the 10 most costly medical conditions-I 2014-10-01 Wikipedia
Wikimedia in education
Wikipedia vs peer-reviewed medical literature for information about the 10 most costly medical conditions-II 2014-10-01 Wikipedia
Wikimedia in education
Wikipedia vs peer-reviewed medical literature for information about the 10 most costly medical conditions-III 2014-10-01 Wikipedia
Wikimedia in education
Wikipedia vs peer-reviewed medical literature for information about the 10 most costly medical conditions-IV 2014-10-01 Wikipedia
Wikimedia in education
Uso de Wikipedia por los profesionales de la salud 2014-11 Wikipedia
Rethinking Wikipedia for the Classroom 2014-02 Wikipedia
Knowledge Construction in Wikipedia: A Systemic-Constructivist Analysis 2014-04-03 Wikipedia
Maturity Assessment of Wikipedia Medical Articles 2014-05 health information on Wikipedia
Wikimedia in education
How Accurate Are Wikipedia Articles in Health, Nutrition, and Medicine? 2014 health information on Wikipedia
Influencing public opinion from corn syrup to obesity: A longitudinal analysis of the references for nutritional entries on Wikipedia 2014-10-29 health information on Wikipedia
Accept, decline, postpone: How newcomer productivity is reduced in English Wikipedia by pre-publication review 2014 Wikipedia
Predicting Controversy of Wikipedia Articles Using the Article Feedback Tool 2014 controversy
Multilinguals and Wikipedia editing 2014 Wikipedia
The day Wikipedia stood still: Wikipedia’s editors’ participation in the 2012 anti-SOPA protests as a case study of online organization empowering international and national political opportunity structures 2014-09-29 Wikipedia
Stop Online Piracy Act
The presence and accuracy of food and nutrition terms in the Spanish and English editions of Wikipedia: in comparison with the Mini Larousse encyclopaedia. 2014-10-02 Wikipedia
Spanish Wikipedia
English Wikipedia
information quality
Communicating developmental psychobiology to the masses: why psychobiologists should contribute to Wikipedia. 2014-08-04 Wikipedia
Citing Wikipedia 2014-03-06 Wikipedia
health information on Wikipedia
citation analysis
Wikipedia: what it is and why it matters for healthcare. 2014-04-08 Wikipedia
health information on Wikipedia
Counter narratives and controversial crimes: The Wikipedia article for the ‘Murder of Meredith Kercher’ 2014-02 English Wikipedia
Italian Wikipedia
Wikipedia: proceed with caution. 2014-05-01 Wikipedia
Bots vs. Wikipedians, Anons vs. Logged-Ins (Redux): A Global Study of Edit Activity on Wikipedia and Wikidata 2014 Wikipedia
Reading about explanations enhances perceptions of inevitability and foreseeability: a cross-cultural study with Wikipedia articles. 2014-02-27 Wikipedia
cross-cultural communication
Analysis of the accuracy and readability of herbal supplement information on Wikipedia. 2014-07-01 Wikipedia
health information on Wikipedia
The distorted mirror of Wikipedia: a quantitative analysis of Wikipedia coverage of academics 2014-01-22 Wikipedia
Wikidata: How We Brought Structured Data to Wikipedia 2014 Wikidata
Mathoid: Robust, Scalable, Fast and Accessible Math Rendering for Wikipedia 2014 Wikipedia
Reader preferences and behavior on Wikipedia 2014 Wikipedia
Wikipedia As a Tool for Disseminating Knowledge of (Agro)Biodiversity 2014-02 Wikipedia
Walking across Wikipedia: a scale-free network model of semantic memory retrieval 2014 Wikipedia
Algorithms for recollection of search terms based on the Wikipedia category structure 2014 Wikipedia
References that anyone can edit: review of Wikipedia citations in peer reviewed health science literature 2014-03-06 peer review
scientific citation
health information on Wikipedia
citation analysis
How structure shapes dynamics: knowledge development in Wikipedia--a network multilevel modeling approach 2014 Wikipedia
Dengue fever: a Wikipedia clinical review 2014-10-02 Dengue virus
dengue fever
RNA virus infectious disease
Modern medicine comes online: How putting Wikipedia articles through a medical journal's traditional process can put free, reliable information into as many hands as possible 2014-10-02 Wikipedia
Motivations for contributing to health-related articles on Wikipedia: an interview study 2014-12-03 Wikipedia
health information on Wikipedia
Evaluation of gastroenterology and hepatology articles on Wikipedia: are they suitable as learning resources for medical students? 2014-02 Wikipedia
health information on Wikipedia
Wikipedia vs peer-reviewed medical literature for information about the 10 most costly medical conditions 2014-05 medical literature
peer review
health information on Wikipedia
Wikimedia in education
La négociation contre la démocratie : le cas Wikipédia 2014 Wikipedia
Mind the skills gap: the role of Internet know-how and gender in differentiated contributions to Wikipedia 2014-11-04 Wikipedia
Wikipedia in the eyes of its beholders: A systematic review of scholarly research on Wikipedia readers and readership 2014-07-08 academic studies about Wikipedia
health information on Wikipedia
The Most Controversial Topics in Wikipedia: A Multilingual and Geographical Analysis 2014 Wikipedia
Global disease monitoring and forecasting with Wikipedia 2014-11 Wikipedia
Wikipedia usage estimates prevalence of influenza-like illness in the United States in near real-time 2014-04 Wikipedia
health information on Wikipedia
United States of America
Complementary and alternative medicine on wikipedia: opportunities for improvement 2014 Wikipedia
alternative medicine
Accuracy and completeness of drug information in Wikipedia: a comparison with standard textbooks of pharmacology 2014 Wikipedia
health information on Wikipedia


label publication date main subject
The Category Structure in Wikipedia: To Analyze and Know Its Quality Using K-Core Decomposition 2013-07-02 Wikipedia
Augmenting Concept Definition in Gloss Vector Semantic Relatedness Measure using Wikipedia Articles 2013-12-14 Wikipedia
Behavioral Aspects in the Interaction Between Wikipedia and its Users 2013-11-07 Wikipedia
Wikipedia Articles Representation with Matrix’u 2013-01-10 Wikipedia
Chinese and Korean Cross-Lingual Issue News Detection based on Translation Knowledge of Wikipedia 2013-12-14 Wikipedia
Improving Semi-supervised Text Classification by Using Wikipedia Knowledge 2013-06-20 Wikipedia
Thai Wikipedia Link Suggestion Framework 2013-07-13 Wikipedia
Detection of Article Qualities in the Chinese Wikipedia Based on C4.5 Decision Tree 2013-07-02 Wikipedia
Mutual evaluation of editors and texts for assessing quality of Wikipedia articles 2013-04-16 Wikipedia
Densification: Semantic document analysis using Wikipedia 2013-10-14 Wikipedia
Understanding trust formation in digital information sources: The case of Wikipedia 2013-03-07 Wikipedia
Enhancing Document Modeling for Information Retrieval Using Wikipedia 2013-01-02 Wikipedia
A Wikipédia como diálogo entre universidade e sociedade: uma experiência em extensão universitária 2013-12-19 Wikipedia
A preliminary study on the effects of barnstars on Wikipedia editing 2013-10-29 Wikipedia
Efficient feature integration with Wikipedia-based semantic feature extraction for Turkish text summarization 2013-08-24 Wikipedia
automatic summarization
Complementary Information for Wikipedia by Comparing Multilingual Articles 2013-03-22 Wikipedia
Improved text annotation with Wikipedia entities 2013-05-01 Wikipedia
Improved concept-based query expansion using Wikipedia 2013-06-24 Wikipedia
Deliberation in Wikipedia: Rationales in article deletion discussions 2013-01-24 Wikipedia
Towards linking libraries and Wikipedia: automatic subject indexing of library records with Wikipedia concepts 2013-12-21 Wikipedia
Properties of language networks in Japanese Wikipedia 2013-04-26 Wikipedia
Symbiotic coupling of P2P and cloud systems: The Wikipedia case 2013-11-11 Wikipedia
Making Sense of Open Data Statistics with Information from Wikipedia 2013-08-19 Wikipedia
Automatic keyphrase annotation of scientific documents using Wikipedia and genetic algorithms 2013-02-09 Wikipedia
Link Prediction in a Bipartite Network Using Wikipedia Revision Information 2013-01-17 Wikipedia
Probabilistic Explicit Topic Modeling Using Wikipedia 2013-09-13 Wikipedia
topic modeling
Stay on the Wikipedia task: When task-related disagreements slip into personal and procedural conflicts 2013-06-14 Wikipedia
Wikipedia-based query phrase expansion in patent class search 2013-11-20 Wikipedia
Wikipedia based semantic smoothing for twitter sentiment classification 2013-08-28 Wikipedia
Automatic Topic Ontology Construction Using Semantic Relations from WordNet and Wikipedia 2013-11-12 Wikipedia
Interest classification of Twitter users using Wikipedia 2013-10-29 Wikipedia
Building Up a Class Hierarchy with Properties from Japanese Wikipedia 2013-05-08 Wikipedia
The role of conflict in determining consensus on quality in Wikipedia articles 2013-10-29 Wikipedia
Utilizing Annotated Wikipedia Article Titles to Improve a Rule-Based Named Entity Recognizer for Turkish 2013-08-28 Wikipedia
Horizontal Search Method for Wikipedia Category Grouping 2013-03-02 Wikipedia
Extracting lack of information on Wikipedia by comparing multilingual articles 2013-01-15 Wikipedia
Wikipedia as a Tool for Active Learning. Experience Gained within the Framework of the Wikifabricación Project 2013-07-01 Wikipedia
WikiDetect: Automatic Vandalism Detection for Wikipedia Using Linguistic Features 2013-09-02 Wikipedia
News auto-tagging using Wikipedia 2013-06-26 Wikipedia
Extracting Knowledge from Wikipedia Articles through Distributed Semantic Analysis 2013-10-17 Wikipedia
Wikipedia entity expansion and attribute extraction from the web using semi-supervised learning 2013-02-05 Wikipedia
A Wikipedia Based Hybrid Ranking Method for Taxonomic Relation Extraction 2013-12-09 Wikipedia
Improving Text Categorization with Semantic Knowledge in Wikipedia 2013-11-30 Wikipedia
A Bookmark Recommender System Based on Social Bookmarking Services and Wikipedia Categories 2013-09-19 Wikipedia
A Content-Context-Centric Approach for Detecting Vandalism in Wikipedia 2013-11-20 Wikipedia
Information Overlap in Multilingual Wikipedia and Summarization 2013-03-19 Wikipedia
An Approach for Deriving Semantically Related Category Hierarchies from Wikipedia Category Graphs 2013-03-05 Wikipedia
Analysis of Cluster Structure in Large-Scale English Wikipedia Category Networks 2013-10-15 Wikipedia Real-Time Classification of Entities in Text with Wikipedia 2013-08-28 Wikipedia
A Learning-Based Framework to Utilize E-HowNet Ontology and Wikipedia Sources to Generate Multiple-Choice Factual Questions 2013-01-17 Wikipedia
Gender differences concerning Wikipedia: A follow-up study 2013-01-24 Wikipedia
The Category Structure in Wikipedia: To Analyze and Know How It Grows 2013-12-10 Wikipedia
Long Live Wikipedia? 2013-01-31 Wikipedia
WHAD: Wikipedia historical attributes data 2013-05-27 Wikipedia
Research on measuring semantic correlation based on the Wikipedia hyperlink network 2013-10-01 Wikipedia
A history of newswork on Wikipedia 2013-10-29 Wikipedia
English Nominal Compound Detection with Wikipedia-Based Methods 2013-08-17 Wikipedia
Effects of Implicit Positive Ratings for Quality Assessment of Wikipedia Articles 2013-04-14 Wikipedia
How long do Wikipedia editors keep active? 2013-04-16 Wikipedia
Evaluating Article Quality and Editor Reputation in Wikipedia 2013-12-20 Wikipedia
Disambiguation to Wikipedia: A Language and Domain Independent Approach 2013-12-09 Wikipedia
Wikipedia in the age of Siri 2013-04-16 Wikipedia
A Game Theoretic Analysis of Collaboration in Wikipedia 2013-10-30 Wikipedia
Etiquette in Wikipedia 2013-04-16 Wikipedia
Extraction of Linked Data Triples from Japanese Wikipedia Text of Ukiyo-e Painters 2013-12-18 Wikipedia
Extracting Ontologies from Arabic Wikipedia: A Linguistic Approach 2013-09-14 Wikipedia
Computing semantic relatedness using word frequency and layout information of Wikipedia 2013-05-01 Wikipedia
Bookmark recommendation in social bookmarking services using Wikipedia 2013-10-01 Wikipedia
Lo mejor de dos idiomas – Cross-Lingual Linkage of Geotagged Wikipedia Articles 2013-03-09 Wikipedia
Motivating and discouraging factors for Wikipedians: the case study of Persian Wikipedia 2013-06-20 Wikipedia
Cross Language Prediction of Vandalism on Wikipedia Using Article Views and Revisions 2013-04-05 Wikipedia
Extracting Event-Related Information from Article Updates in Wikipedia 2013-03-09 Wikipedia
Issues for Linking Geographical Open Data of GeoNames and Wikipedia 2013-04-08 Wikipedia
Learning through Massively Co-Authored Biographies: Making Sense of Steve Jobs on Wikipedia through Delegated Voice 2013-08-02 Wikipedia
Social Relation Extraction Based on Chinese Wikipedia Articles 2013-02-15 Wikipedia
Extracting complementary information from Wikipedia articles of different languages 2013-08-09 Wikipedia
Monitoring network structure and content quality of signal processing articles on wikipedia 2013-10-29 Wikipedia
Discovering Missing Semantic Relations between Entities in Wikipedia 2013-10-15 Wikipedia
Extracting Term Relationships from Wikipedia 2013-01-30 Wikipedia
Cross-media topic mining on wikipedia 2013-10-22 Wikipedia
An investigation of the relationship between the amount of extra-textual data and the quality of Wikipedia articles 2013-11-12 Wikipedia
A New Approach for Building Domain-Specific Corpus with Wikipedia 2013-06-13 Wikipedia
Related Entity Finding Using Semantic Clustering Based on Wikipedia Categories 2013-06-07 Wikipedia
LensingWikipedia: Parsing text for the interactive visualization of human history 2013-01-07 Wikipedia
The emergence of Wikipedia as a new media institution 2013-10-29 Wikipedia
Assessing quality score of Wikipedia article using mutual evaluation of editors and texts 2013-11-06 Wikipedia
Exploiting the Arabic Wikipedia for semi-automatic construction of a lexical ontology 2013-11-28 Wikipedia
Wikipedia-based semantic query enrichment 2013-10-29 Wikipedia
Beyond the encyclopedia: Collective memories in Wikipedia 2013-07-09 Wikipedia
Navigating the topical structure of academic search results via the Wikipedia category network 2013-11-06 Wikipedia
A Method for Recommending the Most Appropriate Expansion of Acronyms Using Wikipedia 2013-09-25 Wikipedia
Revision graph extraction in Wikipedia based on supergram decomposition 2013-10-29 Wikipedia
Relation extraction from wikipedia articles by entities clustering 2013-11-27 Wikipedia
From DBpedia to Wikipedia: Filling the Gap by Discovering Wikipedia Conventions 2013-05-08 Wikipedia
3D Wikipedia 2013-11-01 Wikipedia
Evaluating Entity Linking with Wikipedia 2013-01 entity linking
A portable multilingual medical directory by automatic categorization of Wikipedia articles 2013 automation
Computing semantic relatedness using Wikipedia features 2013-09 semantic similarity
Wikipedia classroom experiment: bidirectional benefits of students' engagement in online production communities 2013 Wikipedia
peer production system
Methods for exploring and mining tables on Wikipedia 2013 Wikipedia
Extracting PROV provenance traces from Wikipedia history pages 2013 Wikipedia
An open-source toolkit for mining Wikipedia 2013-01 Wikipedia
Good Faith Collaboration: The Culture of Wikipedia 2013-02 Wikipedia
Wicked Wikipedia? Communities of Practice, the Production of Knowledge and Australian Sport History 2013-03 Wikipedia
Multimedia Information Retrieval Based on Late Semantic Fusion Approaches: Experiments on a Wikipedia Image Collection 2013-12 Wikipedia
Inferring Semantic Facets of a Music Folksonomy with Wikipedia 2013-12 Wikipedia
TSDW: Two-stage word sense disambiguation using Wikipedia 2013-04-12 Wikipedia
Visualizing recent changes in Wikipedia 2013-05 Wikipedia
Method and Tool Support for Classifying Software Languages with Wikipedia 2013 Wikipedia
Assigning Wikipedia editing: Triangulation toward understanding university student engagement 2013-06-03 Wikipedia
Application of cooperative filtering in categories recommendation of Chinese Wikipedia 2013-09-26 Wikipedia
BBS topic tracking method for military public opinion based on Wikipedia 2013-05-27 Wikipedia
The influence of cognitive conflict on the result of collaborative editing in Wikipedia 2013-05-20 Wikipedia
How do Baidu Baike and Chinese Wikipedia filter contribution? 2013 Wikipedia
Decentering Design: Wikipedia and Indigenous Knowledge 2013-03 Wikipedia
Is Wikipedia Inefficient? Modelling Effort and Participation in Wikipedia 2013-01 Wikipedia
(Re)triggering Backlash: Responses to News About Wikipedia’s Gender Gap 2013-10 Wikipedia
Explaining authors’ contribution to pivotal artifacts during mass collaboration in the Wikipedia’s knowledge base 2013-10-10 Wikipedia
knowledge base
Unforgetting Women Architects: From the Pritzker to Wikipedia 2013-06-03 Wikipedia
Invasion biology and the success of social collaboration networks, with application to Wikipedia 2013-03 collaboration
Network analysis of user generated content quality in Wikipedia 2013-08-02 information quality
network analysis
user-generated content
Modeling Wikipedia admin elections using multidimensional behavioral social networks 2013-01-22 Wikipedia
The effects of perceived anonymity and anonymity states on conformity and groupthink in online communities: A Wikipedia study 2013-03-08 Wikipedia
Manipulation among the arbiters of collective intelligence: how wikipedia administrators mold public opinion 2013 Wikipedia
Presence and characteristics of nursing terminology in Wikipedia 2013-10-01 Wikipedia
Making Math Searchable in Wikipedia 2013-04-19 Wikipedia
When the levee breaks: without bots, what happens to Wikipedia's quality control processes? 2013 Wikipedia
Vandalism on Wikipedia
quality control
Effectiveness of shared leadership in Wikipedia. 2013-12-01 Wikipedia
Learning multilingual named entity recognition from Wikipedia 2013-01 Wikipedia
named-entity recognition
Teaching How to Edit Wikipedia 2013 Wikipedia
Open Images. Risk or opportunity for art collections in the digital age? 2013 image database
open data
Creative Commons
Automatically identifying health- and clinical-related content in wikipedia. 2013-01-01 Wikipedia
YAGO2: A spatially and temporally enhanced knowledge base from Wikipedia 2013-01 YAGO
knowledge base
Getting to the source: where does Wikipedia get its information from? 2013-08 Wikipedia
source of information
An evaluation of Wikipedia as a resource for patient education in nephrology. 2013-02-22 Wikipedia
health information on Wikipedia
Tell me more: an actionable quality model for Wikipedia 2013 Wikipedia
information quality
Spectral properties of Google matrix of Wikipedia and other networks 2013-04-29 Wikipedia
Google matrix
How do metrics of link analysis correlate to quality, relevance and popularity in wikipedia? 2013 Wikipedia
Improving ESA with Document Similarity 2013 explicit semantic analysis
semantic similarity
Using Edit Sessions to Measure Participation in Wikipedia 2013 Wikipedia
Manypedia: Comparing language points of view of Wikipedia communities 2013-01-02 Wikipedia
Time evolution of Wikipedia network ranking 2013-12 Wikipedia
Google matrix
Using Wikipedia to learn semantic feature representations of concrete concepts in neuroimaging experiments 2013-01-01 neuroimaging
Wikimedia in education
Darned in 2013: inclusion of model organisms and linking with Wikipedia 2013-01 Wikipedia
Jointly they edit: examining the impact of community identification on political interaction in Wikipedia 2013 Wikipedia
Orienteering in knowledge spaces: the hyperbolic geometry of Wikipedia Mathematics 2013 Wikipedia
space (mathematics)
Highlighting entanglement of cultures via ranking of multilingual Wikipedia articles 2013 Wikipedia
Commentary: "the Lake Wobegon effect, a natural human tendency to overestimate one's capabilities" (Wikipedia) 2013-12 lake
Impact of Wikipedia on citation trends 2013 Wikipedia
citation analysis
Exploring the Cautionary Attitude Toward Wikipedia in Higher Education: Implications for Higher Education Institutions 2013-01 Wikipedia
Wikimedia in education
BitCoin meets Google Trends and Wikipedia: quantifying the relationship between phenomena of the Internet era 2013-12-04 Bitcoin
Google Trends
A comparative study of academic and Wikipedia ranking 2013 Wikipedia
Opinions, Conflicts, and Consensus: Modeling Social Dynamics in a Collaborative Environment 2013-02-19
VIAFbot and the Integration of Library Data on Wikipedia 2013-10-14 English Wikipedia
Virtual International Authority File
Quantifying Wikipedia Usage Patterns Before Stock Market Moves 2013-05-08 Wikipedia
Cochrane and Wikipedia: The Collaborative Potential for a Quantum Leap in the Dissemination and Uptake of Trusted Evidence 2013-10-22 Wikipedia
Wikipedia and encyclopedic production 2013-01-15 encyclopedia
The Rise and Decline of an Open Collaboration System: How Wikipedia’s Reaction to Popularity Is Causing Its Decline 2013-05 Wikipedia
open collaboration
Early prediction of movie box office success based on Wikipedia activity big data 2013 Wikipedia
box office
big data
The Wikipedia Gender Gap Revisited: Characterizing Survey Response Bias with Propensity Score Estimation 2013 gender bias on Wikipedia
ISCB computational biology Wikipedia competition 2013 International Society for Computational Biology
computational biology


label publication date main subject
WNavis: Navigating Wikipedia semantically with an SNA-based summarization technique 2012-04-16 Wikipedia
Supporting collaboration in Wikipedia between language communities 2012-03-20 Wikipedia
Short-text domain specific key terms/phrases extraction using an n-gram model with wikipedia 2012-11-15 Wikipedia
Using Mahout for Clustering Wikipedia's Latest Articles: A Comparison between K-means and Fuzzy C-means in the Cloud 2012-01-30 Wikipedia
Summarizing Definition from Wikipedia Articles 2012-11-04 Wikipedia
WikiSent: Weakly Supervised Sentiment Analysis through Extractive Summarization with Wikipedia 2012-09-08 Wikipedia
Feature Transformation Method Enhanced Vandalism Detection in Wikipedia 2012-12-05 Wikipedia
Wikipedia and its network of authors from a social network perspective 2012-10-10 Wikipedia
Document Indexing and Retrieval Using Wikipedia 2012-01-06 Wikipedia
Factors influencing intention to upload content on Wikipedia in South Korea: The effects of social norms and individual differences 2012-01-17 Wikipedia
social norm
Fluctuations in Wikipedia access-rate and edit-event data 2012-07-10 Wikipedia
An English-translated parallel corpus for the CJK Wikipedia collections 2012-12-05 Wikipedia
Autorégulation de rapports sociaux et dispositif dans Wikipedia 2012-02-20 Wikipedia
Contributing to Wikipedia 2012-09-14 Wikipedia
Wikipedia 2012-09-13 Wikipedia
Automatic Vandalism Detection in Wikipedia with Active Associative Classification 2012-09-20 Wikipedia
Wikipedia edit number prediction from the past edit record based on auto-supervised learning 2012-07-09 Wikipedia
The inclusivity of Wikipedia and the drawing of expert boundaries: An examination of talk pages and reference lists 2012-08-17 Wikipedia
Automatic Subject Metadata Generation for Scientific Documents Using Wikipedia and Genetic Algorithms 2012-09-13 Wikipedia
A Method for Automatically Extracting Domain Semantic Networks from Wikipedia 2012-03-09 Wikipedia
Measuring Similarities between Technical Terms Based on Wikipedia 2012-02-04 Wikipedia
Intelligent web page retrieval using Wikipedia knowledge 2012-06-15 Wikipedia
Wikipedia-based topic clustering for microblogs 2012-01-11 Wikipedia
Query Directed Web Page Clustering Using Suffix Tree and Wikipedia Links 2012-12-07 Wikipedia
Cross-Modal Information Retrieval – A Case Study on Chinese Wikipedia 2012-12-07 Wikipedia
Breaking news on wikipedia 2012-02-22 Wikipedia
Exploration and Visualization of Administrator Network in Wikipedia 2012-04-05 Wikipedia
Automatic Taxonomy Extraction in Different Languages Using Wikipedia and Minimal Language-Specific Information 2012-03-06 Wikipedia
Towards Tailored Semantic Annotation Systems from Wikipedia 2012-01-19 Wikipedia
Query Expansion Powered by Wikipedia Hyperlinks 2012-11-29 Wikipedia
Exploiting Wikipedia for cross-lingual and multilingual information retrieval 2012-03-08 Wikipedia
Building a geographical ontology by using Wikipedia 2012-01-17 Wikipedia
Extracting Domain-Relevant Term Using Wikipedia Based on Random Walk Model 2012-10-26 Wikipedia
Topic based semantic clustering using Wikipedia knowledge 2012-08-30 Wikipedia
Supporting Resource-Based Learning on the Web Using Automatically Extracted Large-Scale Taxonomies from Multiple Wikipedia Versions 2012-02-10 Wikipedia
Investigating the determinants of contribution value in Wikipedia 2012-08-09 Wikipedia
Topic Crawling Strategy Based on Wikipedia and Analysis of Pages' Similarity 2012-11-12 Wikipedia
Extraction of Bilingual Cognates from Wikipedia 2012-03-09 Wikipedia
A breakdown of quality flaws in Wikipedia 2012-04-17 Wikipedia
Using Wikipedia concepts and frequency in language to extract key terms from support documents 2012-07-15 Wikipedia
Network Centrality and Contributions to Online Public Good--The Case of Chinese Wikipedia 2012-02-09 Wikipedia
Good Quality Complementary Information for Multilingual Wikipedia 2012-11-07 Wikipedia
LDA-Based Topic Modeling in Labeling Blog Posts with Wikipedia Entries 2012-04-05 Wikipedia
topic modeling
Leave or Stay: The Departure Dynamics of Wikipedia Editors 2012-12-07 Wikipedia
Improving Retrieval Performance with Wikipedia's Category Knowledge 2012-09-17 Wikipedia
Author Disambiguation Using Wikipedia-Based Explicit Semantic Analysis 2012-06-21 Wikipedia
author disambiguation
Wikipedia for academic publishing: advantages and challenges 2012-06-23 Wikipedia
Improving Wikipedia with DBpedia 2012-04-24 Wikipedia
Chinese Text Filtering Based on Domain Keywords Extracted from Wikipedia 2012-11-05 Wikipedia
How the web can help Wikipedia 2012-04-17 Wikipedia
Visualizing revisions and building semantic network in Wikipedia 2012-01-31 Wikipedia
Are Human-Input Seeds Good Enough for Entity Set Expansion? Seeds Rewriting by Leveraging Wikipedia Semantic Knowledge 2012-12-05 Wikipedia
A hybrid method based on WordNet and Wikipedia for computing semantic relatedness between texts 2012-10-10 Wikipedia
Exploiting the Wikipedia structure in local and global classification of taxonomic relations 2012-03-14 Wikipedia
Wikipedia and the University, a case study 2012-03-13 Wikipedia
Advertising Keywords Recommendation for Short-Text Web Pages Using Wikipedia 2012-10-12 Wikipedia
Coercion or empowerment? Moderation of content in Wikipedia as ‘essentially contested’ bureaucratic rules 2012-02-24 Wikipedia
Network Positions and Contributions to Online Public Goods: The Case of Chinese Wikipedia 2012-12-01 Wikipedia
Effective Tag Recommendation System Based on Topic Ontology Using Wikipedia and WordNet 2012-10-19 Wikipedia
User contribution and trust in Wikipedia 2012-03-04 Wikipedia
Harnessing Wikipedia Semantics for Computing Contextual Relatedness 2012-08-25 Wikipedia
Choosing Better Seeds for Entity Set Expansion by Leveraging Wikipedia Semantic Knowledge 2012-09-04 Wikipedia
What leads students to adopt information from Wikipedia? An empirical investigation into the role of trust and information usefulness 2012-07-06 Wikipedia
Assessing Quality Values of Wikipedia Articles Using Implicit Positive and Negative Ratings 2012-08-13 Wikipedia
Exploiting the category structure of Wikipedia for entity ranking 2012-06-19 Wikipedia
A technique for suggesting related Wikipedia articles using link analysis 2012-06-11 Wikipedia
Surfin' Wikipedia 2012-09-12 Wikipedia
Measuring Semantic Relatedness Using Wikipedia Revision Information in a Signed Network 2012-01-06 Wikipedia
Detecting Korean Hedge Sentences in Wikipedia Documents 2012-08-21 Wikipedia
Cross Domain Search by Exploiting Wikipedia 2012-07-10 Wikipedia
MOTIF-RE: Motif-Based Hypernym/Hyponym Relation Extraction from Wikipedia Links 2012-11-05 Wikipedia
Automatic Document Topic Identification using Wikipedia Hierarchical Ontology 2012-10-02 Wikipedia
A Wikipedia-based corpus reference tool 2012-03-13 Wikipedia
Mining a multilingual association dictionary from Wikipedia for cross-language information retrieval 2012-11-13 Wikipedia
Surveying Wikipedia activity: Collaboration, commercialism, and culture 2012-03-13 Wikipedia
Wikipedia 2012-10-29 Wikipedia
Wikipedia-based WSD for multilingual frame annotation 2012-06-18 Wikipedia
Infobox suggestion for Wikipedia entities 2012-11-15 Wikipedia
Wikipedia Revision Graph Extraction Based on N-Gram Cover 2012-08-14 Wikipedia
Exploiting Turkish Wikipedia as a semantic resource for text classification 2012-07-31 Wikipedia
Using Wikipedia and Conceptual Graph Structures to Generate Questions for Academic Writing Support 2012-03-06 Wikipedia
Transforming Wikipedia into a large scale multilingual concept network 2012-06-26 Wikipedia
University futures: Wikipedia uni, core‐periphery reversed, incremental managerialism or bliss for all? 2012-01-28 Wikipedia
Expanding Approach to Information Retrieval Using Semantic Similarity Analysis Based on Wordnet and Wikipedia 2012-05-31 Wikipedia
Type Expansion Based on Wikipedia for Related Entity Finding 2012-05-02 Wikipedia
Changes in college students' perceptions of use of web-based resources for academic tasks with Wikipedia projects: a preliminary exploration 2012-02-14 Wikipedia
An Efficient Incentive Compatible Mechanism to Motivate Wikipedia Contributors 2012-09-03 Wikipedia
Patterns of creation and usage of Wikipedia content 2012-10-19 Wikipedia
Extracting Property Semantics from Japanese Wikipedia 2012-11-20 Wikipedia
Extracting Difference Information from Multilingual Wikipedia 2012-04-05 Wikipedia
Classifying Image Galleries into a Taxonomy Using Metadata and Wikipedia 2012-06-21 Wikipedia
Is wikipedia too difficult? 2012-11-15 Wikipedia
Developing a university Wikipedia 2012-04-17 Wikipedia
Leveraging editor collaboration patterns in wikipedia 2012-06-27 Wikipedia
A Supervised Method for Lexical Annotation of Schema Labels Based on Wikipedia 2012-10-17 Wikipedia
Conceptualizing documents with Wikipedia 2012-11-07 Wikipedia
Extracting semantic relationships for web services based on Wikipedia 2012-01-31 Wikipedia
Programmatic access to Wikipedia 2012-09-12 Wikipedia
Categorizing Search Results Using WordNet and Wikipedia 2012-08-13 Wikipedia
Interactive Information Retrieval Algorithm for Wikipedia Articles 2012-08-01 Wikipedia
A framework to represent and mine knowledge evolution from Wikipedia revisions 2012-04-24 Wikipedia
Search for Minority Information from Wikipedia Based on Similarity of Majority Information 2012-04-05 Wikipedia
Using Wikipedia Anchor Text and Weighted Clustering Coefficient to Enhance the Traditional Multi-document Summarization 2012-03-06 Wikipedia
Research on Spreading and Sharing of Knowledge from Sciencepaper Online to Wikipedia 2012-01-30 Wikipedia
Using Wikipedia for extracting hierarchy and building geo‐ontology 2012-11-22 Wikipedia
A Research for the Centrality of Article Edit Collective in Wikipedia 2012-01-06 Wikipedia
Wikipedia-Based Document Categorization 2012-02-07 Wikipedia
Cross-Lingual Knowledge Discovery: Chinese-to-English Article Linking in Wikipedia 2012-12-05 Wikipedia
Selecting keywords to represent web pages using Wikipedia information 2012-10-15 Wikipedia
Detecting Wikipedia Vandalism with a Contributing Efficiency-Based Approach 2012-11-07 Wikipedia
Automated query learning with Wikipedia and genetic programming 2012-06-19 Wikipedia
Chinese Named Entity Recognition and Disambiguation Based on Wikipedia 2012-11-04 Wikipedia
Similarities, challenges and opportunities of Wikipedia content and open source projects 2012-09-04 Wikipedia
Military History on the Electronic Frontier: Wikipedia Fights the War of 1812 2012-10 Wikipedia
military history
The Elephant in the Room: A Place for Wikipedia in Higher Education? 2012-10-23 Wikipedia
Wikipedia Sources: Managing Sources in Rapidly Evolving Global News Articles on the English Wikipedia 2012 Wikipedia
A World Map of Knowledge in the Making: Wikipedia's Inter-Language Linkage as a Dependency Explorer of Global Knowledge Accumulation 2012-06 Wikipedia
Omnipedia: bridging the wikipedia language gap 2012 Wikipedia
Wikipedia Category Graph and New Intrinsic Information Content Metric for Word Semantic Relatedness Measuring 2012 Wikipedia
semantic similarity
“You Just Type in What You Are Looking For”: Undergraduates' Use of Library Resources vs. Wikipedia 2012-11 Wikipedia
undergraduate education
Clustering Wikipedia infoboxes to discover their types 2012 Wikipedia
A data-driven sketch of Wikipedia editors 2012 Wikipedia
Analysis of Discussion Page in Wikipedia Based on User's Discussion Capability 2012-12 Wikipedia
Improving accessibility to mathematical formulas: the Wikipedia Math Accessor 2012-09 Wikipedia
Bridging the Gap from Wikipedia to Scholarly Sources: A Simple Discovery Tool 2012-04 Wikipedia
What We Know About Wikipedia: A Review of the Literature Analyzing the Project(s) 2012 Wikipedia
There is no deadline: time evolution of Wikipedia discussions 2012 Wikipedia
Do editors or articles drive collaboration?: multilevel statistical network analysis of wikipedia coauthorship 2012 Wikipedia
Predicting quality flaws in user-generated content: the case of wikipedia 2012 Wikipedia
user-generated content
Classifying Wikipedia articles using network motif counts and ratios 2012 Wikipedia
Need to Categorize: A Comparative Look at the Categories of Universal Decimal Classification System and Wikipedia 2012-02 Wikipedia
Evolution of Wikipedia's Category Structure 2012-06 Wikipedia
"Writing up rather than writing down": becoming Wikipedia literate 2012 Wikipedia
An Aesthetic for Deliberating Online: Thinking Through “Universal Pragmatics” and “Dialogism” with Reference to Wikipedia 2012-05 Wikipedia
A Review of “Good Faith Collaboration: The Culture of Wikipedia” 2012-01 Wikipedia
Good Faith Collaboration
DBpedia and the live extraction of structured data from Wikipedia 2012-04-20 Wikipedia
Wikis and Wikipedia as a teaching tool: Five years later 2012-09-03 Wikipedia
Should clinicians edit Wikipedia to engage a wider world web? 2012-07-03 health information on Wikipedia
Wikimedia in education
Is Wikipedia Biased? 2012-05 Wikipedia
Deletion discussions in Wikipedia 2012 Wikipedia
Building a standpoints web to support decision-making in wikipedia 2012 Wikipedia
Alternative interfaces for deletion discussions in Wikipedia 2012 Wikipedia
Classroom Wikipedia participation effects on future intentions to contribute 2012 Wikipedia
Collective Intelligence and Neutral Point of View: The Case of Wikipedia 2012-06 Wikipedia
Drawing a data-driven portrait of Wikipedia editors 2012 Wikipedia
Revisiting reverts: accurate revert detection in Wikipedia 2012-06 Wikipedia
Tagging Wikipedia 2012 Wikipedia
Bots and Cyborgs: Wikipedia's Immune System 2012-03 Wikipedia
internet bot
Basic editing tutorial and concept of Wikipedia: How to correct contents properly 2012 Wikipedia
Wikipedia: Its reliability and social role 2012 Wikipedia
Letter to the editor: quality of mental health information on Wikipedia. 2012-02-07 Wikipedia
health information on Wikipedia
Learning chronobiology by improving Wikipedia. 2012-08-01 Wikipedia
health information on Wikipedia
Wikipedia Lover, Not a Hater: Harnessing Wikipedia to Increase the Discoverability of Library Resources 2012-01 Wikipedia
Wikipedia use amongst medical students - new insights into the digital revolution 2012-11-08 Wikipedia
medical student
medical education
health information on Wikipedia
The World Within Wikipedia: An Ecology of Mind 2012-06-18 Wikipedia
Wikipedia and wikinutrition: key tools for the global promotion of nutrition 2012-09-01 Wikipedia
Presence and adequacy of pharmaceutical preparations in the Spanish edition of Wikipedia 2012-11-16 Wikipedia
Spanish Wikipedia
More challenges since Wikipedia: the effects of exposure to internet information about the Rorschach on selected comprehensive system variables. 2012-10-02 Wikipedia
health information on Wikipedia
Challenges since Wikipedia: the availability of Rorschach information online and internet users' reactions to online media coverage of the Rorschach-Wikipedia debate. 2012-01-01 Wikipedia
health information on Wikipedia
Evolution of Wikipedia's Category Structure 2012-03-04 Wikipedia
“I just Wikipedia it”: Information behavior of first-year writing students 2012 information seeking
undergraduate student
Biographical social networks on Wikipedia: a cross-cultural study of links that made history 2012 Wikipedia
redes sociales
cross-cultural communication
Thermodynamic Principles in Social Collaborations 2012-04-16 Wikipedia
Wikipedia: encyclopaedia cardiologica 2012-05 encyclopedia
health information on Wikipedia
Motivating students to learn biology vocabulary with wikipedia 2012 Wikipedia
Wikimedia in education
Wikipedia neuroscience stub editing in an introductory undergraduate neuroscience course 2012-10-15 Wikipedia
Wikipedia research and tools: review and comments 2012-02-06 Wikipedia
In search of the ur-Wikipedia: universality, similarity, and translation in the Wikipedia inter-language link network 2012 Wikipedia
Quality of information sources about mental disorders: a comparison of Wikipedia with centrally controlled web and printed sources 2012-08 Wikipedia
health information on Wikipedia
mental disorder
World Wide Web
Making your database available through Wikipedia: the pros and cons 2012-01 data sharing
Conflict, criticism, or confidence: an empirical examination of the gender gap in Wikipedia contributions 2012 gender bias on Wikipedia
The People’s Encyclopedia Under the Gaze of the Sages: A Systematic Review of Scholarly Research on Wikipedia 2012-03-17 Wikipedia
academic studies about Wikipedia
Negotiating Cultural Values in Social Media: A Case Study from Wikipedia 2012-01 Wikipedia
social media
A practical approach to language complexity: a Wikipedia case study 2012 Wikipedia
Building a biomedical semantic network in Wikipedia with Semantic Wiki Links 2012 Gene Wiki
Dynamics of conflicts in Wikipedia 2012 Wikipedia
Topic pages: PLoS Computational Biology meets Wikipedia 2012 PLOS Computational Biology
computational biology
health information on Wikipedia
Circadian patterns of Wikipedia editorial activity: a demographic analysis 2012 Wikipedia
circadian rhythm
Assessing the accuracy and quality of Wikipedia entries compared to popular online encyclopaedias 2012 reliability of Wikipedia


label publication date main subject
Wikipedia as a Data Source for Political Scientists: Accuracy and Completeness of Coverage 2011-04
acute exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Noninvasive Ventilation
pulmonary compliance
Using Wikipedia To Develop Students’ Critical Analysis Skills in the Undergraduate Chemistry Curriculum 2011-05-10 chemistry
Linguistically Informed Mining Lexical Semantic Relations from Wikipedia Structure 2011-04-16 Wikipedia
Geotagging Aided by Topic Detection with Wikipedia 2011-03-25 Wikipedia
Extracting the gist of social network services using Wikipedia 2011-04-12 Wikipedia
Conceptual Indexing of Documents Using Wikipedia 2011-10-13 Wikipedia
Automatic acquisition of taxonomies in different languages from multiple Wikipedia versions 2011-09-13 Wikipedia
What Wikipedia deletes 2011-10-04 Wikipedia
Large-scale question classification in cQA by leveraging Wikipedia semantic knowledge 2011-11-16 Wikipedia
Text Clustering Based on Granular Computing and Wikipedia 2011-09-30 Wikipedia
Exploring underproduction in Wikipedia 2011-10-04 Wikipedia
WiGipedia: A Tool for Improving Structured Data in Wikipedia 2011-11-01 Wikipedia
Fast and Accurate Annotation of Short Texts with Wikipedia Pages 2011-10-11 Wikipedia
Supporting Multilingual Discussion for Wikipedia Translation 2011-12-22 Wikipedia
Using Wikipedia to boost collaborative filtering techniques 2011-10-25 Wikipedia
Concept-based document classification using Wikipedia and value function 2011-09-21 Wikipedia
Building Ontology for Mashup Services Based on Wikipedia 2011-07-19 Wikipedia
Exploiting Arabic Wikipedia for automatic ontology generation: A proposed approach 2011-08-25 Wikipedia
Towards automatic quality assurance in Wikipedia 2011-03-29 Wikipedia
Modelling provenance of DBpedia resources using Wikipedia contributions 2011-04-24 Wikipedia
Gist of a Thread in Social Network Services Based on Credibility of Wikipedia 2011-02-22 Wikipedia
Social Network Mining Based on Wikipedia 2011-01-07 Wikipedia
Creating categories for Wikipedia articles using Self-Organizing Maps 2011-10-05 Wikipedia
System Description: EgoMath2 As a Tool for Mathematical Searching on 2011-07-13 Wikipedia
Where's the bio? Databases, Wikipedia, and the web 2011-12-24 Wikipedia
A Wikipedia-based Framework for Collaborative Semantic Annotation 2011-08-05 Wikipedia
Mobile Wikipedia: A Case Study of Information Service Design for Chinese Teenagers 2011-06-26 Wikipedia
“What an un-wiki way of doing things” 2011-12-01 Wikipedia
Query classification using Wikipedia 2011-03-10 Wikipedia
Using internal link and social network analysis to support searches in Wikipedia: A model and its evaluation 2011-03-05 Wikipedia
Wikipedia Sets: Context-Oriented Related Entity Acquisition from Multiple Words 2011-10-13 Wikipedia
Bootstrapping Multilingual Relation Discovery Using English Wikipedia and Wikimedia-Induced Entity Extraction 2011-12-22 Wikipedia
Social capital increases efficiency of collaboration among Wikipedia editors 2011-06-14 Wikipedia
Discovering Context: Classifying Tweets through a Semantic Transform Based on Wikipedia 2011-06-26 Wikipedia
Wikipedia-Based Smoothing for Enhancing Text Clustering 2011-12-13 Wikipedia
Document Topic Extraction Based on Wikipedia Category 2011-07-21 Wikipedia
Examining the "leftness" property of Wikipedia categories 2011-11-16 Wikipedia
iULib: where UDL and Wikipedia could meet 2011-02-16 Wikipedia
Statistical measure of quality in Wikipedia 2011-04-01 Wikipedia
Calculating Wikipedia Article Similarity Using Machine Translation Evaluation Metrics 2011-05-09 Wikipedia
Semantic Processing of Database Textual Attributes Using Wikipedia 2011-11-09 Wikipedia
Enabling type/condition-specified entity/fact retrieval using semantic knowledge extracted from wikipedia 2011-11-16 Wikipedia
Voting Behavior Analysis in the Election of Wikipedia Admins 2011-08-25 Wikipedia
Extracting Events from Wikipedia as RDF Triples Linked to Widespread Semantic Web Datasets 2011-06-26 Wikipedia
A Generalized Flow-Based Method for Analysis of Implicit Relationships on Wikipedia 2011-11-17 Wikipedia
View of the world according to Wikipedia: Are we all little Steinbergs? 2011-06-26 Wikipedia
View of the World from 9th Avenue
Identifying shared leadership in Wikipedia 2011-05-09 Wikipedia
Exploiting Wikipedia Knowledge for Conceptual Hierarchical Clustering of Documents 2011-03-16 Wikipedia
Discussion about Translation in Wikipedia 2011-12-22 Wikipedia
Web 2.0 according to Wikipedia: Capturing an organizing vision 2011-07-28 Wikipedia
Web 2.0
Mining Fuzzy Domain Ontology Based on Concept Vector from Wikipedia Category Network 2011-10-13 Wikipedia
Focus and Element Length for Book and Wikipedia Retrieval 2011-08-30 Wikipedia
Self-Governance Through Group Discussion in Wikipedia 2011-05-17 Wikipedia
Measuring the Development of Wikipedia 2011-09-12 Wikipedia
Cross lingual text classification by mining multilingual topics from wikipedia 2011-02-01 Wikipedia
Self–Organizing Map Representation for Clustering Wikipedia Search Results 2011-04-15 Wikipedia
Vandalism detection in Wikipedia 2011-10-04 Wikipedia
Construction of a Domain Ontological Structure from Wikipedia 2011-03-18 Wikipedia
Wikipedia category visualization using radial layout 2011-10-04 Wikipedia
Quality Evaluation of Wikipedia Articles through Edit History and Editor Groups 2011-04-08 Wikipedia
Annotate Wikipedia with Flickr images 2011-02-01 Wikipedia
English-to-Korean Cross-Lingual Link Detection for Wikipedia 2011-12-03 Wikipedia
Group Interests and Their Correlations Mining Based on Wikipedia 2011-12-07 Wikipedia
Relational Similarity Measure: An Approach Combining Wikipedia and WordNet 2011-05-09 Wikipedia
Introducing New Features to Wikipedia: Case Studies for Web Science 2011-02-18 Wikipedia
The nature of historical representation on Wikipedia: Dominant or alterative historiography? 2011-04-07 Wikipedia
An Improved Contextual Advertising Matching Approach based on Wikipedia Knowledge 2011-06-11 Wikipedia
Retrieval of Single Wikipedia Articles While Reading Abstracts 2011-03-18 Wikipedia
Towards identifying arguments in Wikipedia pages 2011-03-29 Wikipedia
Harvesting Wikipedia Knowledge to Identify Topics in Ongoing Natural Language Dialogs 2011-10-13 Wikipedia
Classification of Recommender Expertise in the Wikipedia Recommender System 2011-07-06 Wikipedia
Mentoring in Wikipedia 2011-10-04 Wikipedia
Building a signed network from interactions in Wikipedia 2011-06-14 Wikipedia
An Exploratory Study of Navigating Wikipedia Semantically: Model and Application 2011-06-26 Wikipedia
Rare Query Expansion via Wikipedia for Sponsored Search 2011-11-24 Wikipedia
Investigating relationships within and between category networks in Wikipedia 2011-04-20 Wikipedia
Finding social roles in Wikipedia 2011-02-15 Wikipedia
The past, present, and future of Wikipedia 2011-03-17 Wikipedia
Deconstructing Wikipedia: Collaborative Content Creation in an Open Process Platform 2011-12-11 Wikipedia
Evaluating significance of historical entities based on tempo-spatial impacts analysis using Wikipedia link structure 2011-06-14 Wikipedia
Classifying Wikipedia entities into fine-grained classes 2011-05-17 Wikipedia
Analysis on the applications of Wikipedia in Chinese information processing 2011-08-31 Wikipedia
Categorization of Wikipedia Articles with Spectral Clustering 2011-08-24 Wikipedia
Wiki-Philosophizing in a Marketplace of Ideas: Evaluating Wikipedia's Entries on Seven Great Minds 2011-12-28 Wikipedia
Information Quality in Wikipedia: The Effects of Group Composition and Task Conflict 2011-04-27 Wikipedia
Language independent identification of parallel sentences using Wikipedia 2011-03-29 Wikipedia
Creating a Wikipedia-based Persian-English word association dictionary 2011-03-17 Wikipedia
Query Phrase Expansion Using Wikipedia in Patent Class Search 2011-12-13 Wikipedia
Collaborative Sensemaking during Admin Permission Granting in Wikipedia 2011-06-26 Wikipedia
Automated Construction of Domain Ontology Taxonomies from Wikipedia 2011-08-10 Wikipedia
Analysis on Multilingual Discussion for Wikipedia Translation 2011-12-22 Wikipedia
Wikipedia world map 2011-10-04 Wikipedia
A Web 2.0 Approach for Organizing Search Results Using Wikipedia 2011-12-13 Wikipedia
Web 2.0
Understanding and supporting online communities of practice: lessons learned from Wikipedia 2011-04-21 Wikipedia
Map-like Wikipedia overview visualization 2011-07-13 Wikipedia
Intelligent humanoid robot with japanese Wikipedia ontology and robot action ontology 2011-03-09 Wikipedia
Building ontological models from Arabic Wikipedia 2011-04-12 Wikipedia
Acquiring the Gist of Social Network Service Threads via Comparison with Wikipedia 2011-10-19 Wikipedia
The Intelligible as a New World? Wikipedia versus the Eighteenth-Century Encyclopédie 2011-02-23 Wikipedia
Using Wikipedia's Content for Cross-Website Page Recommendations that Consider Serendipity 2011-01-21 Wikipedia
Wikipedia vandalism detection 2011-03-29 Wikipedia
Graph-Based Named Entity Linking with Wikipedia 2011-10-06 Wikipedia
Utilizing Wikipedia in Categorizing Topic Related Blogs into Facets 2011-12-10 Wikipedia
Collaborative video editing for Wikipedia 2011-10-04 Wikipedia
0-Step K-means for clustering Wikipedia search results 2011-06 Wikipedia
Why ornithologists should embrace and contribute to Wikipedia 2011-07 Wikipedia
Language resources extracted from Wikipedia 2011-06 Wikipedia
Wikipedia Vandalism Detection: Combining Natural Language, Metadata, and Reputation Features 2011 Vandalism on Wikipedia
Exploring Wikipedia with HMpara 2011 Wikipedia
A link-based visual search engine for Wikipedia 2011 Wikipedia
The visibility of Wikipedia in scholarly publications 2011-07-24 law
Evaluating WikiTrust: A trust support tool for Wikipedia 2011-04-17 law
Leveraging Wikipedia concept and category information to enhance contextual advertising 2011 Wikipedia
Janitors of knowledge: constructing knowledge in the everyday life of Wikipedia editors 2011-09-06 Wikipedia
Sequential Supervised Learning for Hypernym Discovery from Wikipedia 2011 Wikipedia
Observations on the 2011 ALA Annual Conference by a First-Time Attendee and Reports on Transliteracy and Wikipedia Programs 2011-10 Wikipedia
Good Faith Collaboration: The Culture of Wikipedia 2011-10 history and philosophy of science
Too Few New Wikipedians? Modelling Effort and Participation in Wikipedia 2011 Wikipedia
Information quality assessment of community generated content: A user study of Wikipedia 2011-08-15 Wikipedia
Hot off the wiki: dynamics, practices, and structures in Wikipedia's coverage of the Tōhoku catastrophes 2011 Wikipedia
2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami
From Castalia to Wikipedia: Openness and Closure in Knowledge Communities 2011-01 Wikipedia
Edit Wars in Wikipedia 2011-10 Wikipedia
Participation in Wikipedia's article deletion processes 2011 Wikipedia
Encyclopedic Knowledge Patterns from Wikipedia Links 2011 Wikipedia
Understanding knowledge-sharing behaviour in Wikipedia 2011-01 Wikipedia
Why ornithologists should embrace and contribute to Wikipedia 2011-05-31 Wikipedia
WikiProject medicine - Could become a trusted resource if it is assisted not shunned 2011-06-08 health information on Wikipedia
WikiProject Medicine
Wikimedia in education
Measuring article quality in Wikipedia: Lexical clue model 2011-10 Wikipedia
Characterizing Wikipedia pages using edit network motif profiles 2011 Wikipedia
Understanding and improving Wikipedia article discussion spaces 2011 Wikipedia
From Encyclopædia Britannica to Wikipedia 2011-04 Wikipedia
Web 2.0
Encyclopædia Britannica
Link spamming Wikipedia for profit 2011 Wikipedia
Cultural bias in Wikipedia content on famous persons 2011-07-07 Wikipedia
Geography of social ontologies: Testing a variant of the Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis in the context of Wikipedia 2011-07 ontology
Don't bite the newbies: how reverts affect the quantity and quality of Wikipedia work 2011 Wikipedia
Knowledge-sharing intention in a virtual community: a study of participants in the Chinese Wikipedia. 2011-01-23 Wikipedia
How should we deal with Wikipedia: A media literacy perspective 2011 Wikipedia
The visibility of Wikipedia in scholarly publications 2011-08-01 Wikipedia
academic studies about Wikipedia
Digital data. Google books, Wikipedia, and the future of culturomics. 2011-01-01 Wikipedia
Wikipedia: A good address for neuroradiologists? 2011-09-01 Wikipedia
Public anxiety and information seeking following the H1N1 outbreak: blogs, newspaper articles, and Wikipedia visits. 2011-08-09 Wikipedia
health information on Wikipedia
Taxonomy induction based on a collaboratively built knowledge repository 2011-06 Wikipedia
Reliability of Wikipedia as a medication information source for pharmacy students 2011-04 Wikipedia
health information on Wikipedia
Quality assessment of Wikipedia external links 2011 Wikipedia
link rot
Semantic Representation of Provenance in Wikipedia 2011-01-18 Wikipedia
Casting a web of trust over Wikipedia 2011 Wikipedia
Semantic Retrieval of Images by Learning from Wikipedia 2011 Wikipedia
Group Size and Incentives to Contribute: A Natural Experiment at Chinese Wikipedia 2011-06 Wikipedia
Accuracy and completeness of drug information in Wikipedia: an assessment 2011-10 Wikipedia
health information on Wikipedia
Content disputes in Wikipedia reflect geopolitical instability 2011 Wikipedia
Wikipedia information flow analysis reveals the scale-free architecture of the semantic space 2011-02-28 Wikipedia
Should doctors spurn Wikipedia? 2011-12 Wikipedia
health information on Wikipedia
Wikipedia as an evidence source for nursing and healthcare students 2011-02 Wikipedia
health information on Wikipedia
Viable Web Communities: Two Case Studies 2011 Wikipedia
group dynamics
Wiki-Watchdog: Anomaly Detection in Wikipedia Through a Distributional Lens 2011-08 Wikipedia
Patient-oriented cancer information on the internet: a comparison of wikipedia and a professionally maintained database 2011-09 Internet
health information on Wikipedia
Characteristics of external links and dead links in Japanese Wikipedia 2011 Japanese Wikipedia
link rot
WP:Clubhouse? An Exploration of Wikipedia's Gender Imbalance 2011 gender bias on Wikipedia
Gender Bias in Wikipedia and Britannica 2011 gender bias on Wikipedia
Encyclopædia Britannica
Gender differences in Wikipedia editing 2011 Wikipedia
gender bias on Wikipedia
Rfam: Wikipedia, clans and the "decimal" release 2011-01 Wikipedia
Wikipedia: a key tool for global public health promotion 2011 Wikipedia
public health
global health
health information on Wikipedia
consumer health information
health promotion
Historie på Wikipedia 2011-03 Wikipedia
Danish Wikipedia
Linking NCBI to Wikipedia: a wiki-based approach 2011 Wikipedia


label publication date main subject
Trust in wikipedia: how users trust information from an unknown source 2010-05-04 Wikipedia
Ubiquitous Wikipedia on Handheld Device for Mobile Learning 2010-06-15 Wikipedia
Do Wikipedians follow domain experts? 2010-06-22 Wikipedia
Applying Wikipedia-Based Explicit Semantic Analysis for Query-Biased Document Summarization 2010-08-26 Wikipedia
Exploring Wikipedia and Text Features for Named Entity Disambiguation 2010-04-01 Wikipedia
An Exploration of Learning to Link with Wikipedia: Features, Methods and Training Collection 2010-07-07 Wikipedia
Linking Topics of News and Blogs with Wikipedia for Complementary Navigation 2010-10-13 Wikipedia
Improving Question Answering Based on Query Expansion with Wikipedia 2010-12-22 Wikipedia
Gender differences in information behavior concerning Wikipedia, an unorthodox information source? 2010-05-14 Wikipedia
Who integrates the networks of knowledge in Wikipedia? 2010-07-11 Wikipedia
The Framing of Political NGOs in Wikipedia through Criticism Elimination 2010-10-23 Wikipedia
Using Wikipedia categories for compact representations of chemical documents 2010-10-26 Wikipedia
Analysis of Implicit Relations on Wikipedia: Measuring Strength through Mining Elucidatory Objects 2010-04-07 Wikipedia
Quantitative analysis and characterization of Wikipedia requests 2010-06-29 Wikipedia
Learning to Find Interesting Connections in Wikipedia 2010-06-14 Wikipedia
Mining Wikipedia Knowledge to improve document indexing and classification 2010-10-20 Wikipedia
Mining Wikipedia and Yahoo! Answers for Question Expansion in Opinion QA 2010-05-18 Wikipedia
Automatic Extraction of Semantic Relationships for WordNet by Means of Pattern Learning from Wikipedia 2010-09-25 Wikipedia
Expediency-based practice? Medical students' reliance on Google and Wikipedia for biomedical inquiries 2010-01-12 Wikipedia
Ranking of Wikipedia articles in search engines revisited: Fair ranking for reasonable quality? 2010-10-13 Wikipedia
Efficient wikipedia-based semantic interpreter by exploiting top-k processing 2010-10-26 Wikipedia
Exploiting Wikipedia in query understanding systems 2010-12-14 Wikipedia
Project management in the Wikipedia community 2010-07-11 Wikipedia
Legitimizing Wikipedia 2010-09-16 Wikipedia
Extracting Named Entities and Synonyms from Wikipedia 2010-06-08 Wikipedia
Combining Wikipedia-Based Concept Models for Cross-Language Retrieval 2010-05-29 Wikipedia
Normative Behaviour in Wikipedia 2010-06-25 Wikipedia
Mining Concepts from Wikipedia for Ontology Construction 2010-12-03 Wikipedia
The perspectives of higher education faculty on Wikipedia 2010-06-05 Wikipedia
Relation Extraction between Related Concepts by Combining Wikipedia and Web Information for Japanese Language 2010-12-03 Wikipedia
Promoting Ranking Diversity for Biomedical Information Retrieval Using Wikipedia 2010-03-31 Wikipedia
Entity ranking using Wikipedia as a pivot 2010-10-26 Wikipedia
Named entity disambiguation on an ontology enriched by Wikipedia 2010-12-08 Wikipedia
A survival modeling approach to biomedical search result diversification using wikipedia 2010-07-20 Wikipedia
Why finding entities in Wikipedia is difficult, sometimes 2010-05-17 Wikipedia
The correlation between Wikipedia and knowledge sharing on job performance 2010-11-14 Wikipedia
Semantic sense extraction from Wikipedia pages 2010-12-02 Wikipedia
Wikipedia-assisted concept thesaurus for better web media understanding 2010-03-30 Wikipedia
A combined approach to minimizing vandalisms on Wikipedia 2010-12-14 Wikipedia
Academics and Wikipedia 2010-07-03 Wikipedia
Supervised query modeling using wikipedia 2010-07-20 Wikipedia
A Framework for Co-classification of Articles and Users in Wikipedia 2010-11-10 Wikipedia
Integrating web 2.0 resources by wikipedia 2010-11-01 Wikipedia
Web 2.0
A semantic approach for question classification using WordNet and Wikipedia 2010-07-02 Wikipedia
Improving Science Education and Understanding through Editing Wikipedia 2010-08-23 Wikipedia
Outline of Community-Type Content Based on Wikipedia 2010-04-07 Wikipedia
Wisdom of the crowd or technicity of content? Wikipedia as a sociotechnical system 2010-07-08 Wikipedia
Workshop on interdisciplinary research on Wikipedia and wiki communities 2010-06-29 Wikipedia
Focused Search in Books and Wikipedia: Categories, Links and Relevance Feedback 2010-07-07 Wikipedia
Crowdsourcing a wikipedia vandalism corpus 2010-07-20 Wikipedia
Cross-cultural analysis of the Wikipedia community 2010-06-02 Wikipedia
Wikipedia-Based Semantic Smoothing for the Language Modeling Approach to Information Retrieval 2010-03-31 Wikipedia
Geographical classification of documents using evidence from Wikipedia 2010-02-23 Wikipedia
Learning Semantic N-Ary Relations from Wikipedia 2010-08-13 Wikipedia
Tweets mining using WIKIPEDIA and impurity cluster measurement 2010-06-23 Wikipedia
Japanese/English Blog Distillation and Cross-Lingual Blog Analysis with Multilingual Wikipedia Entries as Fundamental Knowledge Source 2010-08-06 Wikipedia
Entity ranking in Wikipedia: utilising categories, links and topic difficulty prediction 2010-01-08 Wikipedia
Visualizing and Exploring Evolving Information Networks in Wikipedia 2010-06-17 Wikipedia
Multi-label Wikipedia Classification with Textual and Link Features 2010-07-07 Wikipedia
Online Video Using BitTorrent and HTML5 Applied to Wikipedia 2010-09-15 Wikipedia
Combining Text/Image in WikipediaMM Task 2009 2010-09-07 Wikipedia
Wikipedia driven autonomous label assignment in wrapper induced tables with missing column names 2010-04-27 Wikipedia
Improving Human-Agent Conversations by Accessing Contextual Knowledge from Wikipedia 2010-11-10 Wikipedia
Towards Automatic Classification of Wikipedia Content 2010-08-21 Wikipedia
Elusive vandalism detection in wikipedia 2010-10-26 Wikipedia
An N-Gram-and-Wikipedia joint approach to Natural Language Identification 2010-12-21 Wikipedia
Study on Wikipedia for translation mining for CLIR 2010-09-22 Wikipedia
When to Cross Over? Cross-Language Linking Using Wikipedia for VideoCLEF 2009 2010-09-07 Wikipedia
Linking wikipedia to the web 2010-07-20 Wikipedia
Educational Tool Based on Topology and Evolution of Hyperlinks in the Wikipedia 2010-09-20 Wikipedia
Measuring author contributions to the Wikipedia 2010-06-29 Wikipedia
Learning a Large Scale of Ontology from Japanese Wikipedia 2010-08-17 Wikipedia
Tag Disambiguation through Flickr and Wikipedia 2010-08-16 Wikipedia
A negative category based approach for Wikipedia document classification 2010-04-09 Wikipedia
Conversation support system for people with language disorders Making topic lists from Wikipedia 2010-10-12 Wikipedia
Wikipedia as a Resource for Chemistry 2010-12-14 Wikipedia
GikiCLEF Topics and Wikipedia Articles: Did They Blend? 2010-09-02 Wikipedia
Use of Language Model, Phrases and Wikipedia Forward Links for INEX 2009 2010-07-07 Wikipedia
'Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia' as a role model? Lessons for open innovation from an exploratory examination of the supposedly democratic-anarchic nature of Wikipedia 2010-10-12 Wikipedia
Coordination and Division of Labor in Open Content Communities: The Role of Template Messages in Wikipedia 2010-03-12 Wikipedia
Mediating at the Student–Wikipedia Intersection 2010-10-07 Wikipedia
Wikipedia and the two-faced professoriate 2010-07-11 Wikipedia
A Self-Supervised Approach for Extraction of Attribute-Value Pairs from Wikipedia Articles 2010-10-05 Wikipedia
Mining Relations between Wikipedia Categories 2010-06-29 Wikipedia
Entity-relationship queries over wikipedia 2010-11-01 Wikipedia
WikipediaViz: Conveying article quality for casual Wikipedia readers 2010-03-12 Wikipedia
Spatio-temporal analysis of Wikipedia metadata and the STiki anti-vandalism tool 2010-07-11 Wikipedia
Rich Ontology Extraction and Wikipedia Expansion Using Language Resources 2010-07-06 Wikipedia
Topic-driven web search result organization by leveraging wikipedia semantic knowledge 2010-10-26 Wikipedia
Conceptual Hierarchical Clustering of Documents using Wikipedia knowledge 2010-09-17 Wikipedia
Overview of the WikipediaMM Task at ImageCLEF 2009 2010-09-07 Wikipedia
Web video categorization based on Wikipedia categories and content-duplicated open resources 2010-11-01 Wikipedia
Content hole search in community-type content using Wikipedia 2010-05-25 Wikipedia
Labeling News Topic Threads with Wikipedia Entries 2010-01-07 Wikipedia
Generating information-rich taxonomy from Wikipedia 2010-12-21 Wikipedia
Entity classification by bag of Wikipedia articles 2010-11-01 Wikipedia
Testing an integrative theoretical model of knowledge-sharing behavior in the context of Wikipedia 2010-03-11 Wikipedia
Semantic enrichment of text representation with wikipedia for text classification 2010-11-30 Wikipedia
The impact of research design on the half-life of the Wikipedia category system 2010-08-10 Wikipedia
Proposal of Spatiotemporal Data Extraction and Visualization System Based on Wikipedia for Application to Earth Science 2010-10-01 Wikipedia
Real-time aggregation of Wikipedia data for visual analytics 2010-12-14 Wikipedia
Building Bilingual Parallel Corpora Based on Wikipedia 2010-04-15 Wikipedia
Wikipedia as Public Scholarship: Communicating Our Impact Online 2010-07-19 Wikipedia
Enishi: Searching Knowledge about Relations by Complementarily Utilizing Wikipedia and the Web 2010-12-29 Wikipedia
Detecting Wikipedia vandalism with active learning and statistical language models 2010-05-04 Wikipedia
Mining and Explaining Relationships in Wikipedia 2010-08-12 Wikipedia
Measuring Semantic Similarity between Words Using Wikipedia 2010-01-08 Wikipedia
Assigning trust to Wikipedia content 2010-06-29 Wikipedia
A Retrieval Method for Earth Science Data Based on Integrated Use of Wikipedia and Domain Ontology 2010-08-12 Wikipedia
Image Interpretation Using Large Corpus: Wikipedia 2010-06-18 Wikipedia
Automatic Assignment of Wikipedia Encyclopedic Entries to WordNet Synsets 2010-07-14 Wikipedia
Analyzing the Creative Editing Behavior of Wikipedia Editors 2010-06-25 Wikipedia
An interactive semantic knowledge base unifying Wikipedia and HowNet 2010-01-26 Wikipedia
Supporting multi-agent reputation calculation in the Wikipedia Recommender System 2010-12-16 Wikipedia
A Semi-automatic Method for Domain Ontology Extraction from Portuguese Language Wikipedia’s Categories 2010-10-27 Wikipedia
Imagining the Wikipedia community: What do Wikipedia authors mean when they write about their ‘community’? 2010-12-07 Wikipedia
Computing Semantic Relatedness between Named Entities Using Wikipedia 2010-12-11 Wikipedia
Using Hyperlink Texts to Improve Quality of Identifying Document Topics Based on Wikipedia 2010-01-07 Wikipedia
Mining the Factors Affecting the Quality of Wikipedia Articles 2010-09-20 Wikipedia
Information seeking with Wikipedia on the iPod Touch 2010-05-08 Wikipedia
Young Adults' Credibility Assessment of Wikipedia 2010-11-25 Wikipedia
A Wikipedia Matching Approach to Contextual Advertising 2010-02-05 Wikipedia
An Efficient Method for Tagging a Query with Category Labels Using Wikipedia towards Enhancing Search Engine Results 2010-11-10 Wikipedia
A Comparison of Approaches for Geospatial Entity Extraction from Wikipedia 2010-11-19 Wikipedia
Using Wikipedia to alleviate data sparsity issues in Recommender Systems 2010-12 Wikipedia
Negotiating with angry mastodons: the wikipedia policy environment as genre ecology 2010 Wikipedia
Beyond Wikipedia: coordination and conflict in online production groups 2010 Wikipedia
online community
Querying Wikipedia documents and relationships 2010 Wikipedia
Socialization Tactics in Wikipedia and Their Effects 2010-02 Wikipedia
Beyond vandalism: Wikipedia trolls 2010-04-13 Wikipedia
“Be Nice”: Wikipedia norms for supportive communication 2010-04 Wikipedia
Wikipedia, Scholarpedia, and References to Journals in the Brain and Behavioral Sciences: A Comparison of Cited Sources and Recommended Readings in Matching Free Online Encyclopedia Entries 2010-08-31 Wikipedia
academic journal
Wikipedia, Scholarpedia, and References to Books in the Brain and Behavioral Sciences: A Comparison of Cited Sources and Recommended Readings in Matching Free Online Encyclopedia Entries 2010-03-09 Wikipedia
Wikipedia – A New Community of Practice?20106Dan O'Sullivan. Wikipedia – A New Community of Practice?. Farnham: Ashgate Publishing 2009. 200 pp., ISBN: 987‐0‐7546‐7433‐7 £40 hard cover 2010-04-20 Wikipedia
Wikipedia – A New Community of Practice?
Where in the Wikipedia Is That Answer? The XLDB at the GikiCLEF 2009 Task 2010 Wikipedia
Centroid-based Classification Enhanced with Wikipedia 2010-12 Wikipedia
Using features extracted from Wikipedia for the task of Word Sense Disambiguation 2010-09 Wikipedia
Spatiotemporal mapping of Wikipedia concepts 2010 Wikipedia
Motivations of Wikipedia content contributors 2010-11 Wikipedia
Faceted Wikipedia Search 2010 Wikipedia
Wikipedia's “Neutral Point of View”: Settling Conflict through Ambiguity 2010-12-30 Wikipedia
Teaching with Wikipedia and other Wikimedia foundation wikis 2010 Wikipedia
Adhocratic Governance in the Internet Age: A Case of Wikipedia 2010-10-11 Wikipedia
Shirky and Sanger, or the costs of crowdsourcing 2010-03-22 crowdsourcing
Beyond Notability. Collective Deliberation on Content Inclusion in Wikipedia 2010-09 Wikipedia
notability in the English Wikipedia
Learning about team collaboration from Wikipedia edit history 2010 Wikipedia
Improving Wikipedia's credibility: References and citations in a sample of history articles 2010 citation analysis
Time to underpin Wikipedia wisdom 2010-12 Wikipedia
TAGME: on-the-fly annotation of short text fragments (by wikipedia entities) 2010 Wikipedia
Wikipedia as an encyclopaedia of life 2010-07-07 Wikipedia
Extracting structured information from Wikipedia articles to populate infoboxes 2010 Wikipedia
STiki: an anti-vandalism tool for Wikipedia using spatio-temporal analysis of revision metadata 2010 Vandalism on Wikipedia
Detecting Wikipedia vandalism via spatio-temporal analysis of revision metadata? 2010 Vandalism on Wikipedia
Beyond Wikipedia: how good a reference source are medical wikis? 2010-01-19 Ganfyd
health information on Wikipedia
Identifying featured articles in wikipedia: writing style matters 2010 Wikipedia
On measuring the quality of Wikipedia articles 2010 Wikipedia
information quality
Determinants of wikipedia quality: the roles of global and local contribution inequality 2010 Wikipedia
information quality
A Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of How Wikipedia Talk Pages Are Used 2010 Wikipedia
Teaching Wikipedia as a mirrored technology 2010-12-18 teaching
The work of sustaining order in Wikipedia: the banning of a vandal 2010 Wikipedia
Two-dimensional ranking of Wikipedia articles 2010-10 Wikipedia
An evaluation of medical knowledge contained in Wikipedia and its use in the LOINC database 2010 database
The tower of Babel meets web 2.0: user-generated content and its applications in a multilingual context 2010 Wikipedia
Web 2.0
user-generated content
Pathology education, Wikipedia and the Net generation 2010-07 Wikipedia
health information on Wikipedia
Wikipedia and osteosarcoma: a trustworthy patients' information? 2010 reliability of Wikipedia
health information on Wikipedia
Recognizing contributions in wikis: Authorship categories, algorithms, and visualizations 2010 human–computer interaction
information system
Ten simple rules for editing Wikipedia 2010 Wikipedia
health information on Wikipedia


label publication date main subject
Creating "the Wikipedia of pros and cons" 2009-11-04 Wikipedia
Visualizing Cooperative Activities with Ellimaps: The Case of Wikipedia 2009-09-14 Wikipedia
Quality Evaluation of Search Results by Typicality and Speciality of Terms Extracted from Wikipedia 2009-03-19 Wikipedia
Articles as Assignments – Modalities and Experiences of Wikipedia Use in University Courses 2009-08-19 Wikipedia
Finding Entities in Wikipedia Using Links and Categories 2009-09-01 Wikipedia
Using Links to Classify Wikipedia Pages 2009-09-01 Wikipedia
Using Wikipedia and Wiktionary in Domain-Specific Information Retrieval 2009-09-16 Wikipedia
Using Wikipedia-Based Conceptual Contexts to Calculate Document Similarity 2009-02-19 Wikipedia
The collaborative construction of "fact" on Wikipedia 2009-10-06 Wikipedia
How and why do college students use Wikipedia? 2009-07-07 Wikipedia
Exploiting Wikipedia as external knowledge for document clustering 2009-06-30 Wikipedia
Wikipedia-Graph Based Key Concept Extraction towards News Analysis 2009-08-25 Wikipedia
A quantitative approach to the use of the Wikipedia 2009-08-24 Wikipedia
Corrigendum to “Wikipedia workload analysis for decentralized hosting” [Computer Networks 53 (11) (2009) 1830–1845] 2009-12-18 Wikipedia
Network analysis of collaboration structure in Wikipedia 2009-04-21 Wikipedia
Mining Wikipedia for Discovering Multilingual Definitions on the Web 2009-01-05 Wikipedia
FolksoViz: A Semantic Relation-Based Folksonomy Visualization Using the Wikipedia Corpus 2009-10-14 Wikipedia
Using Wikipedia to bootstrap open information extraction 2009-04-06 Wikipedia
Wikipedia as an example of positive technology: How to promote knowledge sharing and collaboration with a persuasive tutorial 2009-06-25 Wikipedia
College students' perceptions, motivations and uses of Wikipedia 2009-06-03 Wikipedia
Link Detection with Wikipedia 2009-09-01 Wikipedia
Using Wikipedia for Co-clustering Based Cross-Domain Text Classification 2009-02-13 Wikipedia
A Self-Adaptive Explicit Semantic Analysis Method for Computing Semantic Relatedness Using Wikipedia 2009-01-16 Wikipedia
Understanding user's query intent with wikipedia 2009-04-21 Wikipedia
EFS: Expert Finding System based on Wikipedia link pattern analysis 2009-04-08 Wikipedia
Assessing the quality of Wikipedia articles with lifecycle based metrics 2009-11-04 Wikipedia
Mining multilingual topics from wikipedia 2009-04-21 Wikipedia
Enhancing Wikipedia Editing with WAI-ARIA 2009-11-06 Wikipedia
Serendipitous search via wikipedia 2009-07-28 Wikipedia
Extracting Geospatial Entities from Wikipedia 2009-11-05 Wikipedia
Meliorated approach for extracting bilingual terminology from Wikipedia 2009-03-20 Wikipedia
Using dynamic markov compression to detect vandalism in the wikipedia 2009-07-28 Wikipedia
Annotating wikipedia articles with semantic tags for structured retrieval 2009-11-11 Wikipedia
Using Wikipedia as a Reference for Extracting Semantic Information from a Text 2009-10-29 Wikipedia
Conflict and consensus in the Chinese version of Wikipedia 2009-06-16 Wikipedia
VideoCLEF 2008: ASR Classification with Wikipedia Categories 2009-09-16 Wikipedia
Automatic semantic mapping between query terms and controlled vocabulary through using WordNet and Wikipedia 2009-06-03 Wikipedia
A method of building Chinese field association knowledge from Wikipedia 2009-11-16 Wikipedia
Information arbitrage across multi-lingual Wikipedia 2009-02-10 Wikipedia
Exploitation of the wikipedia category system for enhancing the value of LCSH 2009-06-16 Wikipedia
The use and sharing of information from Wikipedia by high‐tech professionals for work purposes 2009-12-05 Wikipedia
Demo: HistoryViz – Visualizing Events and Relations Extracted from Wikipedia 2009-05-20 Wikipedia
Concept vector extraction from Wikipedia category network 2009-04-06 Wikipedia
Are Wikipedia Resources Useful for Discovering Answers to List Questions within Web Snippets? 2009-05-04 Wikipedia
WikiTranslate: Query Translation for Cross-Lingual Information Retrieval Using Only Wikipedia 2009-09-16 Wikipedia
Evaluating the trustworthiness of Wikipedia articles through quality and credibility 2009-11-04 Wikipedia
Who Is It? Context Sensitive Named Entity and Instance Recognition by Means of Wikipedia 2009-01-14 Wikipedia
Large-Scale Cross-Media Retrieval of WikipediaMM Images with Textual and Visual Query Expansion 2009-09-16 Wikipedia
A Model for Ranking Entities and Its Application to Wikipedia 2009-01-20 Wikipedia
Creating User Profiles Using Wikipedia 2009-11-09 Wikipedia
Overview of the WikipediaMM Task at ImageCLEF 2008 2009-09-16 Wikipedia
Transparency and social responsibility issues for Wikipedia 2009-05-05 Wikipedia
Context Based Wikipedia Linking 2009-09-01 Wikipedia
Wikipedia Customization for Organization's Process Asset Management 2009-01-14 Wikipedia
Formalization and community investment in wikipedia's regulating texts 2009-10-06 Wikipedia
Semi-automatic extraction and modeling of ontologies using Wikipedia XML Corpus 2009-10-06 Wikipedia
Wikipedia Relatedness Measurement Methods and Influential Features 2009-07-01 Wikipedia
WiKi’mantics: interpreting ontologies with WikipediA 2009-08-26 Wikipedia
Fixing the floating gap: The online encyclopaedia Wikipedia as a global memory place 2009-04-15 Wikipedia
Exploiting Negative Categories and Wikipedia Structures for Document Classification 2009-11-24 Wikipedia
WikiOnto: A System for Semi-automatic Extraction and Modeling of Ontologies Using Wikipedia XML Corpus 2009-11-05 Wikipedia
Searching and computing for vocabularies with semantic correlations from Chinese Wikipedia 2009-01-27 Wikipedia
Using Wikipedia to make academic abstracts more readable 2009-06-03 Wikipedia
A graph-based approach to mining multilingual word associations from wikipedia 2009-07-28 Wikipedia
Adapting Language Modeling Methods for Expert Search to Rank Wikipedia Entities 2009-09-01 Wikipedia
Using wikipedia categories for ad hoc search 2009-07-28 Wikipedia
Is Wikipedia growing a longer tail? 2009-05-12 Wikipedia
Linking Wikipedia entries to blog feeds by machine learning 2009-12-15 Wikipedia
Mining Wikipedia Resources for Discovering Answers to List Questions in Web Snippets 2009-01-05 Wikipedia
Visualizing intellectual connections among philosophers using the hyperlink & semantic data from Wikipedia 2009-11-04 Wikipedia
Word Sense Disambiguation Based on Wikipedia Link Structure 2009-11-05 Wikipedia
Codifying collaborative knowledge: using Wikipedia as a basis for automated ontology learning 2009-08-14 Wikipedia
Leveraging crowdsourcing heuristics to improve search in Wikipedia 2009-11-04 Wikipedia
Query dependent pseudo-relevance feedback based on wikipedia 2009-07-28 Wikipedia
Trust Based Evaluation of Wikipedia’s Contributors 2009-11-12 Wikipedia
Automated Construction Chinese Domain Ontology from Wikipedia 2009-02-25 Wikipedia
Analysis of community structure in Wikipedia 2009-04-21 Wikipedia
Improving the extraction of bilingual terminology from Wikipedia 2009-11-04 Wikipedia
Crosslanguage Retrieval Based on Wikipedia Statistics 2009-09-16 Wikipedia
Enriching Multilingual Language Resources by Discovering Missing Cross-Language Links in Wikipedia 2009-01-14 Wikipedia
Named entity disambiguation by leveraging wikipedia semantic knowledge 2009-11-10 Wikipedia
Enhancing cluster labeling using wikipedia 2009-07-28 Wikipedia
Completing wikipedia's hyperlink structure through dimensionality reduction 2009-11-10 Wikipedia
On the remediation of Wikipedia to the iPod 2009-10-05 Wikipedia
Wikipedia como vocabulario controlado: ¿está superado el control de autoridades tradicional? 2009-02-12 Wikipedia
Improving Keyphrase Extraction Using Wikipedia Semantics 2009-01-14 Wikipedia
Exploring Wikipedia and DMoz as Knowledge Bases for Engineering a User Interests Hierarchy for Social Network Applications 2009-11-06 Wikipedia
Building a Text Classifier by a Keyword and Wikipedia Knowledge 2009-08-08 Wikipedia
Does Wikipedia Information Help Netflix Predictions? 2009-01-05 Wikipedia
Wikipedia model for collective intelligence: a review of information quality 2009 Wikipedia
Wikipedia and lesser-resourced languages 2009 Wikipedia
GikiP at GeoCLEF 2008: Joining GIR and QA Forces for Querying Wikipedia 2009 Wikipedia
Collective annotation of Wikipedia entities in web text 2009 Wikipedia
“Language Is the Skin of My Thought”: Integrating Wikipedia and AI to Support a Guillotine Player 2009 Wikipedia
Protocol for a systematic literature review of research on the Wikipedia 2009 Wikipedia
A Brief Review of Studies of Wikipedia in Peer-Reviewed Journals 2009-02 Wikipedia
"All You Can Eat" Ontology-Building: Feeding Wikipedia to Cyc 2009 ontology
Wikipedia workload analysis for decentralized hosting 2009-07 Wikipedia
Issues of cross-contextual information quality evaluation—The case of Arabic, English, and Korean Wikipedias 2009-12 Wikipedia
Global perspective on Wikipedia research 2009-06-01 Wikipedia
The Epistemic Cultures of Science and Wikipedia: A Comparison 2009-02 Wikipedia
epistemic cultures
The paradox of expertise: is the Wikipedia Reference Desk as good as your library? 2009-10-16 Wikipedia
Clustering Documents Using a Wikipedia-Based Concept Representation 2009 Wikipedia
Exploiting Wikipedia and EuroWordNet to solve Cross-Lingual Question Answering 2009-09-29 Wikipedia
question answering
Wikipedia, Critical Social Theory, and the Possibility of Rational Discourse1 2009-01-13 Wikipedia
Wikipedia use 2009-02-14 Wikipedia
Improving Wikipedia: educational opportunity and professional responsibility 2009-03-05 Wikipedia
Governance, Organization, and Democracy on the Internet: The Iron Law and the Evolution of Wikipedia 2009-03 Wikipedia
Evaluation of pharmacist use and perception of Wikipedia as a drug information resource 2009-11 health information on Wikipedia
Is Wikipedia unsuitable as a clinical information resource for medical students? 2009-12-01 health information on Wikipedia
Wikimedia in education
Wikipedians are born, not made 2009 Wikipedia
A jury of your peers: quality, experience and ownership in Wikipedia 2009 Wikipedia
Wikipedia pages as entry points for book search 2009 Wikipedia
Wikipedia: friend or foe? 2009-08-14 Wikipedia
Bipartite networks of Wikipedia's articles and authors 2009 Wikipedia
Decentralization in Wikipedia Governance 2009-07-01 Wikipedia
Self-efficacy and self-esteem in a knowledge-political battle for anegalitarian epistemology in Wikipedia 2009 Wikipedia
Editing Wikipedia content by screen reader: easier interaction with the Accessible Rich Internet Applications suite. 2009-07-01 Wikipedia
What's in Wikipedia?: mapping topics and conflict using socially annotated category structure 2009 Wikipedia
[Medications in Wikipedia. Comparison of reliability]. 2009-09-01 Wikipedia
Review-Based Ranking of Wikipedia Articles 2009-06 Wikipedia
Is Wikipedia link structure different? 2009 Wikipedia
Large-scale taxonomy mapping for restructuring and integrating Wikipedia 2009-07 Wikipedia
Cross-lingual semantic relatedness using encyclopedic knowledge 2009 semantic similarity
explicit semantic analysis
WikiWalk: random walks on Wikipedia for semantic relatedness 2009-08-07 semantic similarity
Mining meaning from Wikipedia 2009-09 Wikipedia
natural language processing
information retrieval
information extraction
Seeking health information online: does Wikipedia matter? 2009 Wikipedia
health information on Wikipedia
Reengineering the Wikipedia for Reputation 2009-08-01 Wikipedia
Surfing, Diving, and Epistemological Pleasure 2009-08 Wikipedia
health information on Wikipedia


label publication date main subject
Giving Psychology Away: Implementation of Wikipedia Editing in an Introductory Human Development Course 2016-11
undergraduate student
health information on Wikipedia
Information literacy
Quantitative Analysis of the Top Ten Wikipedias 2008-11-01 Wikipedia
Cross-Language Retrieval with Wikipedia 2008-09-25 Wikipedia
Combining Wikipedia and Newswire Texts for Question Answering in Spanish 2008-09-25 Wikipedia
Exploiting Locality of Wikipedia Links in Entity Ranking 2008-03-26 Wikipedia
Wikipedia in Action: Ontological Knowledge in Text Categorization 2008-08-14 Wikipedia
Making Wikipedia editing easier for the blind 2008-12-04 Wikipedia
On the Inequality of Contributions to Wikipedia 2008-01-29 Wikipedia
Wikipedia and Psychology: Coverage of Concepts and Its Use by Undergraduate Students 2008-04-19 Wikipedia
The Pediaphon - Speech Interface to the free Wikipedia Encyclopedia for Mobile Phones, PDA's and MP3-Players 2008-04-28 Wikipedia
Improving Complex Interactive Question Answering with Wikipedia Anchor Text 2008-03-26 Wikipedia
A Wikipedia-Based Multilingual Retrieval Model 2008-03-26 Wikipedia
Searching the wikipedia with contextual information 2008-11-11 Wikipedia
Exploring Wikipedia and Query Log's Ability for Text Feature Representation 2008-07-18 Wikipedia
Unsupervised query segmentation using generative language models and wikipedia 2008-05-15 Wikipedia
Automatically refining the wikipedia infobox ontology 2008-05-15 Wikipedia
An Approach for Extracting Bilingual Terminology from Wikipedia 2008-04-01 Wikipedia
Dynamic Element Retrieval in the Wikipedia Collection 2008-08-20 Wikipedia
Clustering short texts using wikipedia 2008-09-18 Wikipedia
Entity ranking in Wikipedia 2008-04-29 Wikipedia
Constructing a Global Ontology by Concept Mapping Using Wikipedia Thesaurus 2008-04-10 Wikipedia
Using Wikipedia Categories and Links in Entity Ranking 2008-08-20 Wikipedia
Automatic Vandalism Detection in Wikipedia 2008-03-26 Wikipedia
Using Wikipedia knowledge to improve text classification 2008-09-16 Wikipedia
Conflictual consensus in the Chinese version of Wikipedia 2008-07-17 Wikipedia
Discovering Semantics in Multimedia Content Using Wikipedia 2008-04-30 Wikipedia
Us vs. Them: Understanding Social Dynamics in Wikipedia with Revert Graph Visualizations 2008-01-09 Wikipedia
Does WIKIPEDIA provide evidence based health care information? A content analysis 2008-07-28 Wikipedia
Phrase Detection in the Wikipedia 2008-08-20 Wikipedia
Creating critical mass in collaboration systems: Insights from Wikipedia 2008-09-30 Wikipedia
Improving weak ad-hoc queries using wikipedia asexternal corpus 2008-09-18 Wikipedia
Applying the Logic of Multiple-Valued Argumentation to Social Web: SNS and Wikipedia 2008-12-09 Wikipedia
Catriple: Extracting Triples from Wikipedia Categories 2008-11-13 Wikipedia
Association thesaurus construction methods based on link co-occurrence analysis for wikipedia 2008-11-11 Wikipedia
A generic method for multi word extraction from Wikipedia 2008-08-12 Wikipedia
Learning to Tag and Tagging to Learn: A Case Study on Wikipedia 2008-09-26 Wikipedia
Wikimedia in education
Building semantic kernels for text classification using wikipedia 2008-08-27 Wikipedia
Distinguishing between Instances and Classes in the Wikipedia Taxonomy 2008-05-23 Wikipedia
Wikipedia in the pocket 2008-09-18 Wikipedia
Information Literacy: Moving Beyond Wikipedia 2008-11-17 Wikipedia
A Search Engine for Browsing the Wikipedia Thesaurus 2008-04-01 Wikipedia
Wikipedia and academic peer review 2008-03-08 Wikipedia
Building Community Wikipedias: A Machine-Human Partnership Approach 2008-04-29 Wikipedia
Keep it Simple: A Companion for Simple Wikipedia? 2008-04-29 Wikipedia
Wikipedia Ad Hoc Passage Retrieval and Wikipedia Document Linking 2008-08-20 Wikipedia
What Types of Translations Hide in Wikipedia? 2008-02-29 Wikipedia
Article Recommendation Based on a Topic Model for Wikipedia Selection for Schools 2008-11-13 Wikipedia
topic model
Entity-based query reformulation using wikipedia 2008-11-11 Wikipedia
Exploiting Wikipedia for Directional Inferential Text Similarity 2008-04-23 Wikipedia
Understanding the wikipedia phenomenon 2008-11-11 Wikipedia
Wikipedia-Based Kernels for Text Categorization 2008-01-29 Wikipedia
GPX: Ad-Hoc Queries and Automated Link Discovery in the Wikipedia 2008-08-20 Wikipedia
Exploring Words with Semantic Correlations from Chinese Wikipedia 2008-09-17 Wikipedia
Learning to Trust the Crowd: Some Lessons from Wikipedia 2008-04-10 Wikipedia
A Bilingual Dictionary Extracted from the Wikipedia Link Structure 2008-04-01 Wikipedia
Mining for Practices in Community Collections: Finds From Simple Wikipedia 2008-08-19 Wikipedia
An Empirical Research on Extracting Relations from Wikipedia Text 2008-11-03 Wikipedia
Using and Detecting Links in Wikipedia 2008-08-20 Wikipedia
Improving conceptual search results reorganization using term-concept mappings retrieved from Wikipedia 2008-08-11 Wikipedia
Wikipedia Mining for Huge Scale Japanese Association Thesaurus Construction 2008-04-10 Wikipedia
Evaluating the Comprehensiveness of Wikipedia: The Case of Biochemistry 2008-01-22 Wikipedia
The Paradox of Wikipedia [from the editor's desk] 2008-04-16 Wikipedia
Enhancing text clustering by leveraging Wikipedia semantics 2008 Wikipedia
Annotating Documents by Wikipedia Concepts 2008-12 Wikipedia
entity linking
On ranking controversies in wikipedia 2008 Wikipedia
Lifting the veil: improving accountability and social transparency in Wikipedia with wikidashboard 2008 Wikipedia
Extraction and analysis of tripartite relationships from Wikipedia 2008-06 Wikipedia
Blogs, Wikipedia, Second life, and beyond - By Axel Bruns 2008-11 Wikipedia
Extracting Lexical Semantic Knowledge from Wikipedia and Wiktionary 2008 Wikipedia
lexical semantics
collaborative writing
Using Wikipedia to Teach Information Literacy 2008-12 Wikipedia
Wikimedia in education
Clustering Documents with Active Learning Using Wikipedia 2008-12 Wikipedia
On the credibility of wikipedia 2008 Wikipedia
Topic Calculation and Clustering: An Application to Wikipedia 2008-10 Wikipedia
Learning to link with Wikipedia 2008 Wikipedia
Network Analysis of Wikipedia 2008 Wikipedia
Wikipedia comes second 2008-11-22 Wikipedia
Can you ever trust a wiki?: impacting perceived trustworthiness in wikipedia 2008 Wikipedia
Information extraction from Wikipedia 2008 Wikipedia
Is Wikipedia usable for the blind? 2008 Wikipedia
M1042 The Quality of Open Access and Open Source Internet Material in Gastroenterology: Is Wikipedia Appropriate for Knowledge Transfer to Patients? 2008-04 Wikipedia
health information on Wikipedia
open-source software
When searching for the evidence, stop using Wikipedia! 2008-06-01 health information on Wikipedia
Debating information control in web 2.0: The case of Wikipedia vs. Citizendium 2008-10-24 Wikipedia
Web 2.0
Comparison of Wikipedia and other encyclopedias for accuracy, breadth, and depth in historical articles 2008-02-15 Wikipedia
Scaling Consensus: Increasing Decentralization in Wikipedia Governance 2008-01 Wikipedia
Don’t look now, but we’ve created a bureaucracy: the nature and roles of policies and rules in wikipedia 2008 Wikipedia
Size matters: word count as a measure of quality on wikipedia 2008 Wikipedia
information quality
YAGO: A Large Ontology from Wikipedia and WordNet 2008-09 YAGO
Harnessing the wisdom of crowds in wikipedia: quality through coordination 2008 Wikipedia
Philosophy Democratized? A comparison between Wikipedia and two other Web–based philosophy resources 2008-02-04 philosopher
Does WIKIPEDIA provide evidence-based health care information? A content analysis 2008-01-01 Wikipedia
health information on Wikipedia
Accuracy and completeness of drug information in Wikipedia. 2008-11-06 Wikipedia
health information on Wikipedia
Personality characteristics of Wikipedia members. 2008-12-01 Wikipedia
Vispedia: interactive visual exploration of wikipedia data via search-based integration. 2008-11-01 Wikipedia
Publish in Wikipedia or perish 2008-12-16 Wikipedia
Socrates Back on the Street: Wikipedia's Citing of the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy 2008 Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
citation analysis
Building Language-Independent Concepts from Wikipedia 2008 Wikipedia
The Importance of Link Evidence in Wikipedia 2008 Wikipedia
An Analysis of Topical Coverage of Wikipedia 2008-01 Wikipedia
health information on Wikipedia
SYNOPSIS OF MEDICAL STATISTICS: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 2008-06 encyclopedia
Scope, completeness, and accuracy of drug information in Wikipedia 2008-12 Wikipedia
health information on Wikipedia
An effective, low-cost measure of semantic relatedness obtained from Wikipedia links 2008-07 semantic similarity
Topic indexing with Wikipedia 2008-07-13 Wikipedia
Information quality work organization in wikipedia 2008 information system
human–computer interaction
Clustering of scientific citations in Wikipedia 2008 Wikipedia
scientific citation
cluster analysis
citation analysis
The RNA WikiProject: community annotation of RNA families 2008-12 Wikipedia
Articulations of wikiwork: uncovering valued work in wikipedia through barnstars 2008 Wikipedia
The reach and richness of Wikipedia: Is Wikinomics only for rich countries? 2008-06 Wikipedia
A gene wiki for community annotation of gene function 2008-07-08 Wikipedia
Gene Wiki
health information on Wikipedia


label publication date main subject
Making More Wikipedians: Facilitating Semantics Reuse for Wikipedia Authoring 2007-10-26 Wikipedia
Using Wikipedia technology for topic maps design 2007-04-05 Wikipedia
Ontology evaluation using wikipedia categories for browsing 2007-11-30 Wikipedia
Exploiting semantic role labeling, WordNet and Wikipedia for coreference resolution 2007-05-11 Wikipedia
Visualizing Activity on Wikipedia with Chromograms 2007-09-06 Wikipedia
A tale of information ethics and encyclopædias; or, is Wikipedia just another internet scam? 2007-06-19 Wikipedia
Exploit Semantic Information for Category Annotation Recommendation in Wikipedia 2007-08-14 Wikipedia
Fusing Visual and Textual Retrieval Techniques to Effectively Search Large Collections of Wikipedia Images 2007-08-18 Wikipedia
A comparison of methods for the automatic identification of locations in wikipedia 2007-11-16 Wikipedia
Wikipedia 2007-04-05 Wikipedia
Wagging Wikipedia's long tail 2007-08-22 Wikipedia
Taxonomy and clustering in collaborative systems: The case of the on-line encyclopedia Wikipedia 2007-12-18 Wikipedia
The Wikipedia XML corpus 2007-01-17 Wikipedia
A Bag-of-Words Based Ranking Method for the Wikipedia Question Answering Task 2007-08-30 Wikipedia
PORE: Positive-Only Relation Extraction from Wikipedia Text 2007-10-26 Wikipedia
Harvesting Wiki Consensus: Using Wikipedia Entries as Vocabulary for Knowledge Management 2007-09-24 Wikipedia
On improving wikipedia search using article quality 2007-11-16 Wikipedia
Autonomously semantifying wikipedia 2007-11-30 Wikipedia
EXTIRP: Baseline Retrieval from Wikipedia 2007-08-18 Wikipedia
Wikipedia 2.0, with added trust 2007-09-22 Wikipedia
Visualizing Co-Authorship Networks in Online Wikipedia 2007-04-17 Wikipedia
The Visual Side of Wikipedia 2007-02-09 Wikipedia
The Hidden Order of Wikipedia 2007-08-23 Wikipedia
Democratizing scientific vulgarization. The balance between cooperation and conflict in french Wikipedia 2007 French Wikipedia
Wikipedia as Rational Discourse: An Illustration of the Emancipatory Potential of Information Systems 2007 Wikipedia
A knowledge-based search engine powered by wikipedia 2007 Wikipedia
He says, she says: conflict and coordination in Wikipedia 2007 Wikipedia
Boosting inductive transfer for text classification using wikipedia 2007-12 Wikipedia
Improving Wikipedia's accuracy: Is edit age a solution? 2007 Wikipedia
information quality
Researching wikipedia - current approaches and new directions 2007-10-10 Wikipedia
What open access research can do for Wikipedia 2007-03-05 Wikipedia
What is popular on Wikipedia and why? 2007-04-02 Wikipedia
Proceed with caution: using Wikipedia as a reference 2007-05-01 Wikipedia
Commentary: The prodigious growth and maturation of Wikipedia 2007-11 Wikipedia
Wiki-Surgery? Internal validity of Wikipedia as a medical and surgical reference 2007-09 Wikipedia
Wikimedia in education
Measuring article quality in wikipedia: Models and Evaluation 2007 Wikipedia
information quality
Analyzing and visualizing the semantic coverage of Wikipedia and its authors 2007-01 visualization
Power of the few vs. wisdom of the crowd: Wikipedia and the rise of the bourgeoisie 2007 Wikipedia
Quantitative analysis of the wikipedia community of users 2007 Wikipedia
Talk Before You Type: Coordination in Wikipedia 2007 Wikipedia
A content-driven reputation system for the wikipedia 2007 Wikipedia
Cooperation and quality in wikipedia 2007 Wikipedia
information quality
Self-emergence of knowledge trees: extraction of the Wikipedia hierarchies. 2007-07-13 Wikipedia
Wikify! linking documents to encyclopedic knowledge 2007 Wikipedia
keyword extraction
entity linking
Ranking very many typed entities on wikipedia 2007 Wikipedia
SuggestBot: using intelligent task routing to help people find work in wikipedia 2007 Wikipedia
Xanthusbase: adapting wikipedia principles to a model organism database 2007-01 database
Knowledge derived from Wikipedia for computing semantic relatedness 2007-09 semantic similarity
Semantic Wikipedia 2007-12 Wikipedia
semantic wiki
Semantic MediaWiki
Semantic Web
Computing semantic relatedness using Wikipedia-based explicit semantic analysis 2007-01-06 Wikipedia
semantic similarity
explicit semantic analysis
Why you can't cite Wikipedia in my class 2007-09-01 Wikipedia
Creating, destroying, and restoring value in wikipedia 2007 Wikipedia
Assessing the value of cooperation in Wikipedia 2007-04-02 human–computer interaction
Scientific citations in Wikipedia 2007-08 Wikipedia
scientific citation
citation analysis


label publication date main subject
Quantifying the accuracy of relational statements in Wikipedia 2006-07-24 Wikipedia
How and why Wikipedia works 2006-10-18 Wikipedia
Automatising the learning of lexical patterns: An application to the enrichment of WordNet by extracting semantic relationships from Wikipedia 2006-07-18 Wikipedia
Extracting Trust from Domain Analysis: A Case Study on the Wikipedia Project 2006-10-03 Wikipedia
Integration of Wikipedia and a Geography Digital Library 2006-11-10 Wikipedia
How and why Wikipedia works: an interview with Angela Beesley, Elisabeth Bauer, and Kizu Naoko 2006 Wikipedia
Mining Domain-Specific Thesauri from Wikipedia: A Case Study 2006-12 Wikipedia
Motivations of contributors to Wikipedia 2006-06-01 Wikipedia
Wikipedia 2006-04 Wikipedia
Workshop on Wikipedia research 2006 Wikipedia
Preferential attachment in the growth of social networks: the internet encyclopedia Wikipedia 2006-09-25 Wikipedia
Cultural Differences in Collaborative Authoring of Wikipedia 2006-10 collaboration
Wikipedia rival calls in the experts. 2006-10-01 Wikipedia
Extracting Semantics Relationships between Wikipedia Categories 2006-10-23 Wikipedia
Wikipedias: collaborative web-based encyclopedias as complex networks. 2006-07-24 Wikipedia
Collaborative thesaurus tagging the Wikipedia way 2006-04-27 Wikipedia
Evaluating authoritative sources using social networks: an insight from Wikipedia 2006-05 information system
Overcoming the brittleness bottleneck using Wikipedia: enhancing text categorization with encyclopedic knowledge 2006-07 Wikipedia
Semantic Wikipedia 2006 Semantic MediaWiki
Semantic Web
semantic wiki
Can History Be Open Source? Wikipedia and the Future of the Past 2006-06-01 history and philosophy of science
open-source software


label publication date main subject
Wikipedia in the free culture revolution 2005-11-07 Wikipedia
Power to the people: the case for Wikipedia 2005-03 Wikipedia
Discovering missing links in Wikipedia 2005 Wikipedia
Digitale Bibliothek. Bibliothek, Information und Dokumentation in der Wikipedia 2005-01 Wikipedia
Representation of medical informatics in the wikipedia and its perspectives. 2005-01-01 Wikipedia
Wikipedia risks 2005-12-01 Wikipedia


label publication date main subject
Wikipedia as Participatory Journalism: Reliable Sources? Metrics for evaluating collaborative media as a news resource 2004-04 Wikipedia
citizen journalism


label publication date main subject
Phantom authority, self-selective recruitment and retention of members in virtual communities: The case of Wikipedia 2003-12-01 Wikipedia
virtual community

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