Wikipedia:Edit filter

The edit filter is a tool that allows editors in the edit filter manager group to set controls mainly[1] to address common patterns of harmful editing. The current filters can be found at Special:AbuseFilter. A filter automatically compares every edit made to Wikipedia against a defined set of conditions. If an edit matches the conditions of a filter, that filter will respond by logging the edit. It may also tag the edit summary, warn the editor, revoke their autoconfirmed status, and/or disallow the edit entirely.[2]

The AbuseFilter extension was enabled on the English Wikipedia in 2009. The term "edit filter" rather than "abuse filter" is currently used for user-facing elements of the filter as some of the edits it flags are not harmful;[1] the terms are otherwise synonymous.

Because even the smallest mistake in editing a filter can significantly disrupt the encyclopedia, only editors who have the required good judgment and technical proficiency are permitted to configure filters. This page does not discuss technical issues concerning the feature; technical information relating to the operation of the edit filter can be found at Extension:AbuseFilter.

There are currently 149 edit filter managers and 20 edit filter helpers.