Wikipedia:Edit filter helper

Edit filter helper is a user group that allows non-administrators to view the details, code, and logs of private edit filters, but not to edit them (administrators can already view private filter details, code, and logs; edit filter managers have read-write access to them). The right may be granted and revoked by administrators. There are three groups of editors for whom this is useful:

  • Those interested in helping with edit filters but who do not meet the thresholds required to be able to modify them.
  • Those working with edit filters on another WMF wiki who want to learn from the English Wikipedia's experience and approach (anyone wanting to learn from another wiki will need permissions on that wiki and so are out of scope for this right).
  • Wikipedia:Sockpuppet investigations (WP:SPI) clerks.

Abuse filter helpers have global view-only access to all filters, and by extension the English Wikipedia, and hence do not need to request this right here.

This page details the right, the requirements for it, and the processes involved in granting and removing it.

There are currently 21 filter helpers on English Wikipedia.