Wikipedia:IP editors are human too

Many users believe that unregistered users' sole contributions to Wikipedia are to cause disruption to articles and that they have fewer rights as editors compared with registered users. Studies in 2004 and 2007 found that although most vandalism (80%) is generated by IP editors, over 80% of edits by unregistered users were not vandalism.[1] As current policy stands, unregistered users have the same rights as registered users to participate in the writing of Wikipedia.

Unregistered users are unfairly viewed as disruptive vandals, and some editors routinely revert their additions.

Because of these misconceptions, edits by unregistered users are mistakenly reverted and their contributions to talk pages discounted. This practice is against the philosophy of Wikipedia and founding principles of all Wikimedia projects. When dealing with unregistered contributors, the rule to remember is: IPs are human too.