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This pool is now kept here for historical purposes only. The millionth article has already been certified; it is Jordanhill railway station.

This is a non-serious pool for predicting the title of the millionth article (as defined by the official article count presented on the Special:statistics, and determined by the powers that be) in the English Wikipedia. The person who comes closest to the actual topic is the winner (bonus points for guessing the exact title). The current number of articles in the English Wikipedia is 6,578,684. This poll closed when the 995,000th article was created.

Other milestone pools that are still open include the following: Wikipedia:Ten-million pool, Wikipedia:500th language pool and Wikipedia:Last topic pool. The Wikipedia:Two-millionth topic pool, and the Wikipedia:Five-million pool are also closed.

The subheadings below were meant to be kept nonspecific and in line with current Wikipedia subcategories, and in alphabetical order at every level.

An example guess would have been: Anatomy of David Hasselhoff's right shoulder, which might have gone under the subheadings: Science/Biology/Anatomy.

Please do not create useless (as of 2022) articles just because they are listed on this page.

You may not make any more guesses.

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