Wikipedia:Moving a page

In Wikipedia, a page can usually be renamed if the already-existing title is incorrect or needs to be changed; this is called moving a page. A page may also be moved to another namespace without changing the base title—for example, a userspace draft may be moved to article space. Autoconfirmed rights are required for page moving but you may request a page move at Wikipedia:Requested moves if you are not yet autoconfirmed, if there is a technical barrier to the move, or if the retitling is expected to be controversial and you need to seek consensus for the name change.

Files (images and media) can be moved only by Wikipedia administrators and file movers, but moves can be requested.

Category moves should be investigated and planned before they are initiated. Please post requests for category moves at Wikipedia:Categories for discussion if you are, or expect to be, unable to complete the process.

Do not move or rename a page by cutting and pasting its content, because doing so fragments the edit history. Instead, please follow the instructions given below.