Wikipedia:Office actions

Office actions are actions performed by Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) staff accounts, usually through the authorized role account User:WMFOffice, pursuant to the Wikimedia Foundation official policy.

Office actions are described by the Foundation as "official changes to or removals of content on the Wikimedia projects, or actions against specific individuals, performed by Foundation staff members and under the authority of the Wikimedia Foundation, upon receipt of one or multiple complaints from the community or the public, or as required by law. Complaints that may lead to enforcement of office actions may regard, but are not limited to, privacy violations, child protection, copyright infringement or systematic harassment. All office actions are performed pursuant to the Terms of Use."

On the subject of modifying office actions, the Foundation states "Wikimedia administrators and others who have the technical power to revert or edit office actions are strongly cautioned against doing so. Unauthorized modifications to office actions will not only be reverted, but may lead to sanctions by the Foundation, such as revocation of the rights of the individual involved. When in doubt, community members should consult the Foundation member of staff that performed the office action, or their line manager. However, details regarding an office action are only shared to the extent that they do not compromise the safety of users, the public or the project."

For the full text of the Wikimedia Foundation official policy, see meta:Office actions.

For pages currently protected by office action, see Category:Wikipedia Office-protected pages.

For editing restrictions placed by office action, see Special:Contributions/WMFOffice (former log Wikipedia:Office actions/Log is obsolete).