Wikipedia:Volunteer Response Team

The Volunteer Response Team (VRT) is a group of volunteers who answer most emails sent to Wikipedia and the Wikimedia Foundation. Before April 2021, the team used the Open-source Ticket Request System ("OTRS") software to organize and process the email it receives. After the open-source version of OTRS was discontinued by its developer, the team now uses Znuny, which is an open-source fork of the OTRS software. OTRS is still often used as a short-hand term to refer to the team itself.

OTRS volunteer Dashboard (as of 2016)

The Znuny software provides an organized way for multiple people to categorize and respond to third party emails, so the team can be interpreted as a kind of Wikimedia-wide customer service email team. Volunteers must have an exceptionally good track record on Wikimedia projects, and are required to agree to the Confidentiality agreement for nonpublic information.

There are several different email addresses that reach the volunteer team. If you have been advised to "contact OTRS" and were sent here, please read Wikipedia:Contact us for further advice, including suggestions for which email address to write to for particular problems as well as other possible ways to resolve your issue.