Wikipedia:Page mover

The page mover user right (extendedmover user group) allows users to move pages without leaving behind a redirect and to quickly move subpages when moving parent pages.

At their discretion, any administrator can grant this right to experienced and trusted users who regularly move pages and demonstrate familiarity with Wikipedia's policies and guidelines regarding page moving and naming. Users are expected to have at least six months of editing history and at least 3,000 edits. Users should also have experience with the requested moves venue and know how page moving works.

If you wish to request page mover rights for yourself or another user, please see Wikipedia:Requests for permissions/Page mover. Administrators are automatically granted this user right, so they do not need to request it.

There are currently 351 users with page mover right, which makes the total number of users with this permission 1,437 (the rest are administrators).