Wikipedia:Request an account

To prevent the automated creation of Wikipedia accounts using bots or scripts, Wikipedia uses an image verification method (called a CAPTCHA) to assure that new accounts are being created by a real person. To further combat account creation abuse, Wikipedia also prevents the creation of new accounts with usernames that are too similar to other existing Wikipedia accounts.

Welcome to the request an account page

This page is for requesting a Wikipedia account be created for you in the event that you are unable to create one yourself using the signup page.

This is typically due to:

  • Having trouble completing the required CAPTCHA image verification step.
  • Choosing a username that is too similar to an existing username (an account creator can approve similar usernames if certain criteria are met).
  • Using a shared IP address, such as a school or enterprise network, that has been blocked for vandalism, preventing you from creating an account normally.

If you have attempted to create an account but are having trouble with the CAPTCHA image verification step (perhaps because you are using a screen reader or a browser that does not support images), or if you have chosen a username that is too similar to an existing username, you can request an account be created for you.

Your username must represent you as an individual person

Usernames are not allowed on Wikipedia if they:

  • only contain the names of companies, organizations, websites, musical groups or bands, teams, or creative groups
  • are promotional in nature, or appear to advertise, promote, sell, or gain support or user base of any person, company, market, product, channel, or other good or service
  • imply that your user account will be shared between more than one person
  • only describe a role, title, or position within an organization that can be represented or held by different people
Your username must be truthful, appropriate, and support a positive editing environment

Usernames are not allowed on Wikipedia and will be immediately blocked if they: