Wikipedia:Too much detail

When seeing a section or subsection within an article, editors often try to expand them, especially if such sections or subsections are short. However, there are times when people add one or more of the following to such articles:

  • Excessive detail
  • Irrelevant content that is better placed in a different article
  • Trivial content

Before inserting the new material, the significance of additions should be considered. Is it something the topic is widely known for? What is its connection to the topic's notability? Any indiscriminate detail should be removed. Readers might lose interest when a portion of an article goes into too much detail on one specific aspect. Other times, readers might question how so much detail on something is important to the topic. Wikipedia is not supposed to be a collection of every single fact about a subject.

When an article or section has too much content and becomes bloated, it is common for other editors to place the {{Overly detailed}} or {{Very long}} tags within an article. In such instances, delete details that can be reasonably removed.


Advocates of adding a lot of details may argue that all of these details are reliably sourced. Even though the details may be reliably sourced, one must not lose sight of the need for balance. In an article about a famous actor, every detail about her wedding ceremony (who attended, the type of ring, etc.) may be excessive detail, as the article is supposed to focus on her achievements as an actor. On the other hand, if there is an entire article about this wedding ceremony, the detail may be appropriate there.

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