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Scope and Purpose

Welcome to WikiProject Limited recognition, a WikiProject to add, organize, fill out, and provide a standard format for articles about those regions in the world which have declared independence, and maintain a de facto sovereignty, but are conspicuously unrecognized in international circles. The scope of this project includes any and all nations of people considered unrepresented by the international community, primarily those that are considered de facto sovereign states based on the declarative theory. Many of these have very poor articles, or no articles at all, and many lack depth, without articles on key figures.

Regions excluded from the international community are notoriously difficult to gain reliable, up-to-date information on, and what little information is available on the encyclopedia is often subject to controversy and edit warring. If you would like to help us provide high-quality information about nations and peoples of the world that cannot be found on most maps, please join us here!

Our project was founded on 19 July 2004 as WikiProject Unrecognized countries and later WikiProject geopolitical entities not recognised as states. At its peak, we had 23 members, but this project later became inactive. In 2018, our project was revamped and renamed to WP:WPLR with our original goal still in mind: to organize information about states with limited recognition.

Though we also assess and improve articles regarding proto-states and active independence movements, there are currently ten countries of high importance as these entities fully meet the criteria described in the Limited recognition article. These ten countries are the primary focus of our project and portal, and their respective articles fall within our scope for improvement.

States with limited recognition:

This project also aims to improve articles on:

Active independence movements:

Due to the number of peoples that may seek independence, this shortlist attempts to only include movements that are considerably well-documented, particularly those whose movements have standalone Wikipedia articles.

Status of articles

Goals for 2019

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Former countries

If you have any expertise in subjects covered by these portals, please help by updating or maintaining them!

The following subjects in our scope formerly had portals, but were deleted due to a lack of content and/or a lack of maintenance: Republic of Artsakh, Kosovo, Ossetia, and Human rights. If you are interested in creating, expanding, and maintaining portals for these topics, please re-add them to the list above.


Please use the [[User:(Username) | (Your name)]] format or sign without a timestamp using ~~~ when adding your name

Members with a subscript † have either publicly announced retirement (indicated by an r), are currently taking a wiki-break (indicated by a b), or have not actively edited Wikipedia in more than 1 year.


Projects of the Month

Every month (and ideally every week), our WikiProject will have one goal that we'd like to accomplish together. Our goals can include anything relating to the project such as: improving a page, starting a new article, getting more members to join our project, creating more templates to help the readers, locating more articles in our scope, and more! Any members with ideas can feel more than welcome to start new projects, and editors with track records of helping our project can be rewarded for their contributions!

Main Project of the Month: 2019

Establish task pages for each of the 10 high-importance countries in our scope to better organize the tasks awaiting completion There is currently no Project of the Week. Feel free to add one yourself, or post ideas at the project's talk page!

Articles to Improve

Status Key

Unknown status Problems have been resolved Minor issues; could be fixed quickly Neither very bad nor mostly fine Significant attention needed to finish improvements Urgent attention needed
(for situations such as edit wars, etc)
Culture of Abkhazia AbkhaziaRecommend expanding to at least 3-4 distinct sections (currently only has substantive mention of religion & sports).

Education section is very short (it mentions that there is a university, but does not state its name) and needs citations for verification.

Coat of arms of Ossetia South OssetiaThis article attempts to cite articles of legislation, but its reference section is empty. Preferably, the article should have at least four sources (rough estimate based on the amount of content).

Consider reorganizing the sections and checking to make sure the wording complies with the Manual of Style.
Images may or may not be better off in a gallery.
Consider adding a portals bar.
The article could benefit from having more in-text links.
If possible, expand the article with the equivalent of 1-2 more paragraphs of text.

Article alerts

Requests for comments

Articles to be merged

Assessment requests

If there is a page in our scope that you would like to have reassessed, add it to the list below so a member of our project can assess it!

  1. TBA

Article requests

If you know of any subjects which lack articles, please list them below!

EntityProposed NameLink to DraftNotes
 SomalilandCulture of SomalilandTBAThere is currently not enough information available on the encyclopedia for a standalone article to exist. Any research would be greatly appreciated.
 AbkhaziaEducation in AbkhaziaDraft:Education in AbkhaziaThis subject would be the main article to link to at the Education subsection of the Culture of Abkhazia article, but it does not currently exist.


Here are some tasks awaiting attention:
  • Assess: Identify more articles within the scope of the WikiProject by going through the following categories:
    Start class Abkhazia articles (Total of 187)
    Start class Taiwan articles (Total of 3,456)
    Start class Kosovo articles (Total of 842)
    Start class Palestine articles (Total of 2,810)
    Classes assessed:
    FA:  Done A: Not done GA:  Done B: Not done C: Not done Start: In-progress Stub: Not done
    Start class countries assessed:
     Artsakh Start-class assessment not started
     Kosovo Not done
     Northern Cyprus Start-class assessment not started
     Palestine Not done
     Somaliland Start-class assessment not started
     Transnistria Start-class assessment not started
     Western Sahara Start-class assessment not started
  • Cleanup: History of Transnistria Comment: May need to be rewritten entirely
  • Expand:
    The following high-importance states with limited recognition need more information regarding their histories to be found. Please help by expanding the content of their history subsections or drafting a standalone article, as they have no standalone articles for their histories or cultures. History of Northern Cyprus
    History of South Ossetia
    Culture of Somaliland
    Culture of South Ossetia
    Culture of Transnistria
  • Maintain: Portal: Utilize available templates to automatically display the most up-to-date summaries of featured articles.
    Project: Establish a visually appealing template that helps editors easily find articles most in need of immediate attention
  • Photo: Portal: Add a photo gallery to the portal to improve the overall quality.
  • Update: WikiProject Ossetia is inactive. Please consider revamping this project, or taking other actions to help readers find reliable information about Ossetia.
  • Other:
    Establish awards/barnstars for WikiProject
     Somaliland Not done
     Taiwan Not done
     Western Sahara Not done
    Recognize featured/good content covering:
     Northern Cyprus Y No high-quality articles directly relating to Northern Cyprus?
     Somaliland Y No high-quality articles directly relating to Somaliland?
     South Ossetia Y No high-quality articles directly relating to South Ossetia?
     Transnistria Y No high-quality articles directly relating to Transnistria?
     Western Sahara Y No high-quality articles directly relating to Western Sahara?
–When a task is completed, please remove it from the list or mark it as {{done}}.


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This project also issues barnstars for significant contributions for articles relating to specific countries within its scope.
See Wikipedia:WikiProject Limited recognition/Awards for all awards.



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See also

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