A wikibreak, wikiholiday, wikivacation, or leave of wiki-absence is a period when even a wikipediholic must be parted from Wikipedia, although presumably only temporarily.

Even the best Wikipedians need a break sometimes.

The pain involved varies from Wikipedian to Wikipedian. Some find it easy to endure, whereas others find the separation agonizing. Often the latter find themselves grasping at any opportunity to go online "just to check what's happening".

The degree of coercion also varies. Some remarkable individuals are actually capable of taking a voluntary wikiholiday: they are to be admired for their strength of character. Some people have to enforce their departure for their own good. Others still are forced into it through circumstances beyond their control: it is often at such times that wikiholics discover their condition.

Wikibreaks, and reducing activity while on Wikipedia, can reflect a significant issue if a person is going through serious difficulties.