Wilton Diptych

The Wilton Diptych (c.1395–1399) is a small portable diptych of two hinged panels, painted on both sides, now in the National Gallery, London. It is an extremely rare survival of a late medieval religious panel painting from England.

The Wilton Diptych; c. 1395–1399; each panel is 53 x 37 cm, left-hand panel
Right-hand panel

The diptych was painted for King Richard II of England, who is depicted kneeling before the Virgin and Child in what is known as a donor portrait. He is presented to them by (left to right) the English saints King Edmund the Martyr, King Edward the Confessor and patron saint, John the Baptist.[1]

The painting is an outstanding example of the International Gothic style, and the nationality of the unknown artist is probably French or English.

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