Woodstock Road, Oxford

Woodstock Road is a major road in Oxford, England, running from St Giles' in the south, north towards Woodstock through the leafy suburb of North Oxford.[1] To the east is Banbury Road, which it meets at the junction with St Giles'.

Woodstock Road, looking south near the former Radcliffe Infirmary.
The southern end of Woodstock Road (left) Banbury Road (right) from the north end of St Giles'.
St Antony's College on the Woodstock Road.
The Gatehouse (demolished 2014) of St Anne's College, formerly the entrance to the college, on Woodstock Road.
The Andrew Wiles Building on Woodstock Road, viewed from St Anne's College
Belsyre Court, a 1936 Grade II listed apartment block, on Woodstock Road.

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