Workers Party (United States)

The Workers Party (WP) was a Third Camp Trotskyist group in the United States. It was founded in April 1940 by members of the Socialist Workers Party who opposed the Soviet invasion of Finland and Leon Trotsky's belief that the USSR under Joseph Stalin was still innately proletarian, a "degenerated workers' state." They included Max Shachtman, who became the new group's leader, Hal Draper, C. L. R. James, Raya Dunayevskaya, Martin Abern, Joseph Carter, Julius Jacobson, Phyllis Jacobson, Albert Glotzer, Stan Weir, B. J. Widick, James Robertson, and Irving Howe. The party's politics are often referred to as "Shachtmanite."

Workers Party (1940-1949)
Independent Socialist League (1949-1958)
LeaderMax Shachtman
FoundedApril 1940 (1940-04)
DissolvedAugust 1958 (1958-08)
Split fromSocialist Workers Party
Merged intoSocialist Party of America
Succeeded byInternational Socialists
Youth wingSocialist Youth League
IdeologyThird camp Trotskyism
Johnson–Forest Tendency (1940-47)
Political positionFar-left
Colors  Red

At the time of the split, almost 40% of the membership of the SWP left to form the Workers Party. The WP had approximately 500 members. Although it recruited among workers and youth during World War II it never grew substantially, despite having more impact than its numbers would suggest.

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