Workers Party of Britain

The Workers Party of Britain (WPB) is a minor political party formed in December 2019. Following its establishment in 2019 by its General Members Council, and its leader George Galloway and deputy leader Joti Brar, it campaigned in two elections in Wales, and Scotland, without gaining any seats. George Galloway is to stand as the party's candidate for the 2021 Batley and Spen by-election.[1]

Workers Party of Britain
LeaderGeorge Galloway
Deputy LeaderJoti Brar (vice-chair of the CPGB-ML)
FounderGeorge Galloway
FoundedDecember 2019; 1 year ago (2019-12)
Regional affiliationAll for Unity (Scotland)

Political positions

The party describes itself as "economically radical with an independent foreign policy" and "unequivocally committed to class politics".[2][3]

The party has defended Chris Williamson, who was suspended from Labour for his comments about antisemitism, and Ken Livingstone, who left the party following allegations of antisemitism.[4] In May 2021 Galloway described the party as "the working-class patriotic alternative to fake woke anti-British 'Labour.'"[5]

The party has strong links with the Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist–Leninist) (CPGB-ML), which welcomed the foundation of the WPB. Joti Brar, vice-chair of the CPGB-ML, was elected as deputy leader of the WPB.[6] Brar is an outspoken critic of identity politics as well as transgender rights from a Marxist materialist perspective.[7] The WPB recognises the support the CPGB-ML offered to Galloway concering his position towards Brexit.[8]


The Workers Party of Britain was founded in response to the Labour Party's defeat in the 2019 United Kingdom general election and the ousting of Jeremy Corbyn as leader of Labour. The WPB labels itself as an opposition to Labour, arguing that the latter no longer represented the British working class.[9]

The party gained its first town councillor in 2021, the former independent James Ball who sits on Rhyl town council. In March 2021, the party stood its first candidate for elected office, Paul Burrows, in the by-election for Helensburgh and Lomond South ward on Argyll and Bute Council.[10] Burrows gained 22 votes (0.9%).[11]

In the 2021 United Kingdom local elections, the party stood more than 40 candidates for local elections in England, in addition to standing candidates for the 2021 Senedd election and the 2021 Scottish Parliament election as a part of the All for Unity alliance. No seats were won by the party.

Election results

Senedd elections

Year Votes % Seats Misc.
2021 411 0.04% 0/60 Contested South Wales Central (0.2%)

Holyrood elections

Year Votes % Seats Misc.
2021 23,299 0.9% 0/129 As part of All for Unity, contested all regional ballots

UK Parliament elections

Year Votes % Seats Misc.
2021 TBC TBC 1 By-election in Batley and Spen


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