Workers World Party

The Workers World Party (WWP) is a revolutionary Marxist–Leninist political party in the United States[1] founded in 1959 by a group led by Sam Marcy of the Socialist Workers Party (SWP).[2] Marcy and his followers split from the SWP in 1958 over a series of long-standing differences, among them their support for Henry A. Wallace's Progressive Party in 1948, the positive view they held of the Chinese Revolution led by Mao Zedong and their defense of the 1956 Soviet intervention in Hungary, all of which the SWP opposed.

Workers World Party
First SecretaryLarry Holmes
Founded1959; 62 years ago (1959)
Headquarters147 W. 24th St. 2nd Fl.
New York City, New York 10011
NewspaperWorkers World
Youth wingFight Imperialism–Stand Together
Proletarian internationalism
Political positionFar-left
Colors  Red

The WWP describes itself as a party that has since its founding "supported the struggles of all oppressed peoples". It has recognized the right of nations to self-determination, including the nationally oppressed peoples inside the United States. It supports affirmative action as necessary in the fight for equality and it opposes all forms of racism and religious bigotry. The WWP and its affiliate Youth Against War and Fascism (YAWF) were known for their consistent defense of the Black Panthers, the Weather Underground, the Vietnam Veterans Against the War and the Puerto Rican Independence movement. The WWP was also an early advocate of gay rights and remains active in this area.[citation needed] The WWP has published Workers World since 1959. The newspaper has been a weekly since 1974.

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