FISU World University Championships

The FISU World University Championships are part of the sporting events of the International University Sports Federation.


In the year of the Universiade, the Championships shall be the same as the World Games tournament. The programme of the World University Championships is subject to change and currently includes 37 sports. In order to be as complete as possible, it includes:

  • Individual/ team sports
  • Indoor/ outdoor sports
  • Combat sports
  • Mind sports
  • Summer/ winter sports.[1]
NumberEventFirst EditionLast Edition
Main Sports
1World University Archery Championships199611th (2016)
2World University Canoe Sprint Championships19988th (2018)
3World University Canoe Slalom Championships19946th (2008)
4World University Cross Country Championships197821st (2018)
5World University Cycling Championships19788th (2018)
6World University Rowing Championships198414th (2016)
7World University Sailing Championships20028th (2016)
8World University Shooting Championships20048th (2018)
Combat Sports
9World University Boxing Championships20048th (2018)
10World University Judo Championships196618th (2006)
11World University Karate Championships199811th (2018)
12World University Muaythai Championships20181st (2018)
13World University Sambo Championships20162nd (2018)
14World University Savate Championships20101st (2010)
15World University Taekwondo Championships198613th (2014)
16World University Wrestling Championships196813th (2018)
17World University Wushu Championships20181st (2018)
Team Sports
18World University 3x3 Basketball Championships20123rd (2016)
19World University American Football Championships20143rd (2018)
20World University Baseball Championships20026th (2018)
21World University Beach Volleyball Championships20029th (2018)
22World University Floorball Championships20028th (2018)
23World University Futsal Championships198416th (2018)
24World University Handball Championships196324th (2018)
25World University Korfball Championships20181st (2018)
26World University Netball Championships20123rd (2018)
27World University Softball Championships20042nd (2006)
28World University Rugby Sevens Championships20048th (2018)
Winter Sports
29World University Ski Orienteering Championships20162nd (2018)
30World University Speed Skating Championships20124th (2018)
Other Sports
31World University Badminton Championships199015th (2018)
32World University Bridge Championships20029th (2018)
33World University Cheerleading Championships20181st (2018)
34World University Chess Championships199015th (2018)
35World University Equestrian Championships199811th (2016)
36World University Golf Championships198617th (2018)
37World University Modern Pentathlon Championships20181st (2018)
38World University Orienteering Championships197821st (2018)
39World University Roller Sports Championships20181st (2018)
40World University Sport Climbing Championships20162nd (2018)
41World University Squash Championships199610th (2018)
42World University Table Tennis Championships197116th (2006)
43World University Triathlon Championships199214th (2018)
44World University Waterski Championships20044th (2016)
45World University Weightlifting Championships20086th (2018)
46World University Woodball Championships20045th (2016)
  • Red = Defunct

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