World Wide Web

The World Wide Web (WWW), commonly known as the Web, is the world's dominant software platform.[1] It is an information space where documents and other web resources can be accessed through the Internet using a web browser.[2] The Web has changed people's lives immeasurably.[3][4][5] It is the primary tool billions of people worldwide use to interact on the Internet.[6] It was invented by Tim Berners-Lee at CERN in 1989 and opened to the public in 1991.

The historic World Wide Web logo, designed by Robert Cailliau.
A web page displayed in a web browser
A global map of the Web Index for countries in 2014

Web resources may be any type of downloadable media. Web pages are documents interconnected by hypertext links formatted in Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). The HTML syntax displays embedded hyperlinks with URLs, which permits users to navigate to other web resources. In addition to text, web pages may contain references to images, video, audio, and software components, which are either displayed or internally executed in the user's web browser to render pages or streams of multimedia content. Web applications are web pages that function as application software.

Multiple web resources with a common theme and usually a common domain name make up a website. Websites are stored in computers that are running a web server, which is a program that responds to requests made over the Internet from web browsers running on a user's computer. Website content can be provided by a publisher or interactively from user-generated content. Websites are provided for a myriad of informative, entertainment, commercial, and governmental reasons.

The Web was originally conceived as a document management system.[7] The information in the Web is transferred via the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) to be accessed by users through software applications.

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