Wrestling at the 1896 Summer Olympics

At the 1896 Summer Olympics, one wrestling event was contested. It was organized and prepared by the Sub-Committee for Wrestling and Gymnastics. Five competitors from four nations competed.

at the Games of the I Olympiad
Wrestling pictogram
VenuePanathinaiko Stadium
Dates10–11 April
No. of events1 (1 men, 0 women)
Competitors5 from 4 nations

Medal summary

These medals are retroactively assigned by the International Olympic Committee; at the time, winners were given a silver medal and subsequent places received no award.

Event Gold Silver Bronze
Carl Schuhmann
Georgios Tsitas
Stephanos Christopoulos

Participating nations

A total of 5 wrestlers from 4 nations competed at the Athens Games:

Medal table

1 Germany1001
2 Greece0112
Totals (2 nations)1113

Sub-Committee for Wrestling and Gymnastics

  • Joan. Phokianos, president
  • George Streit, secretary
  • Joan. Yenissarlis
  • Loukas Belos
  • Nic. Politis
  • Chas. Waldstein
  • Dimitri Aighinitis
  • Dim. Sekkeris
  • Spiridon Comoundouros
  • Const. Manos
  • Sp. Antonopoulos

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