Wrestling at the 1964 Summer Olympics – Men's Greco-Roman featherweight

The men's Greco-Roman featherweight competition at the 1964 Summer Olympics in Tokyo took place from 16 to 19 October at the Komazawa Gymnasium. Nations were limited to one competitor.[1]

Men's Greco-Roman featherweight
at the Games of the XVIII Olympiad
VenueKomazawa Gymnasium
Dates16–19 October
Competitors27 from 27 nations
Imre Polyák  Hungary
Roman Rurua  Soviet Union
Branko Martinović  Yugoslavia

Competition format

This Greco-Roman wrestling competition continued to use the "bad points" elimination system introduced at the 1928 Summer Olympics for Greco-Roman and at the 1932 Summer Olympics for freestyle wrestling, as adjusted at the 1960 Summer Olympics. Each bout awarded 4 points. If the victory was by fall, the winner received 0 and the loser 4. If the victory was by decision, the winner received 1 and the loser 3. If the bout was tied, each wrestler received 2 points. A wrestler who accumulated 6 or more points was eliminated. Rounds continued until there were 3 or fewer uneliminated wrestlers. If only 1 wrestler remained, he received the gold medal. If 2 wrestlers remained, point totals were ignored and they faced each other for gold and silver (if they had already wrestled each other, that result was used). If 3 wrestlers remained, point totals were ignored and a round-robin was held among those 3 to determine medals (with previous head-to-head results, if any, counting for this round-robin).[1][2]


Round 1

WinnerNationVictory TypeLoserNation
Rasoul Mir Malek IranDecisionMoustafa Hamil Mansour Egypt
Erik Olsson SwedenDecisionMarin Bolocan Romania
Branko Martinović YugoslaviaFallNour Aka Sayed Afghanistan
Lothar Schneider United Team of GermanyTieDinko Petrov Bulgaria
Kyösti Lehtonen FinlandFallRubén Leibovich Argentina
Svend Skrydstrup DenmarkTieMüzahir Sille Turkey
Roman Rurua Soviet UnionDecisionKazimierz Macioch Poland
Jef Mewis BelgiumFallBandu Patil India
Hans Marte AustriaFallAntonio Senosa Philippines
Koji Sakurama JapanDecisionMario Tovar Mexico
Petros Galaktopoulos GreeceDecisionKim Bong-jo South Korea
Imre Polyák HungaryDecisionRonald Finley United States
Matti Jutila CanadaTieDon Cacas Australia
Georges Ballery AustriaByeN/AN/A
1Georges Ballery France0
1Kyösti Lehtonen Finland0
1Hans Marte Austria0
1Branko Martinović Yugoslavia0
1Jef Mewis Belgium0
6Petros Galaktopoulos Greece1
6Rasoul Mir Malek Iran1
6Erik Olsson Sweden1
6Imre Polyák Hungary1
6Roman Rurua Soviet Union1
6Koji Sakurama Japan1
12Don Cacas Australia2
12Matti Jutila Canada2
12Dinko Petrov Bulgaria2
12Lothar Schneider United Team of Germany2
12Müzahir Sille Turkey2
12Svend Skrydstrup Denmark2
18Marin Bolocan Romania3
18Ronald Finley United States3
18Kim Bong-jo Iran3
18Kazimierz Macioch Poland3
18Moustafa Hamil Mansour Egypt3
18Mario Tovar Mexico3
24Rubén Leibovich Argentina4
24Bandu Patil India4
24Nour Aka Sayed Afghanistan4
24Antonio Senosa Philippines4

Round 2

The field was narrowed from 27 to 19 in round 2. Mewis was the only wrestler with 0 points.

WinnerNationVictory TypeLoserNation
Moustafa Hamil Mansour EgyptDecisionGeorges Ballery Austria
Kazimierz Macioch PolandDefaultBandu Patil India
Koji Sakurama JapanFallAntonio Senosa Philippines
Rasoul Mir Malek IranTieErik Olsson Sweden
Marin Bolocan RomaniaFallNour Aka Sayed Afghanistan
Jef Mewis BelgiumDefaultMario Tovar Mexico
Hans Marte AustriaDecisionPetros Galaktopoulos Greece
Imre Polyák HungaryFallKim Bong-jo South Korea
Branko Martinović YugoslaviaTieLothar Schneider United Team of Germany
Ronald Finley United StatesDefaultMatti Jutila Canada
Dinko Petrov BulgariaTieKyösti Lehtonen Finland
Roman Rurua Soviet UnionFallMüzahir Sille Turkey
Svend Skrydstrup DenmarkFoulRubén Leibovich Argentina
Don Cacas AustraliaByeN/AN/A
1Jef Mewis Belgium000
2Hans Marte Austria011
2Imre Polyák Hungary101
2Roman Rurua Soviet Union101
2Koji Sakurama Japan101
6Don Cacas Australia202
6Kyösti Lehtonen Finland022
6Branko Martinović Yugoslavia022
6Svend Skrydstrup Denmark202
10Georges Ballery France033
10Marin Bolocan Romania303
10Ronald Finley United States303
10Kazimierz Macioch Poland303
10Rasoul Mir Malek Iran123
10Erik Olsson Sweden123
16Petros Galaktopoulos Greece134
16Moustafa Hamil Mansour Egypt314
16Dinko Petrov Bulgaria224
16Lothar Schneider United Team of Germany224
20Matti Jutila Canada246
20Müzahir Sille Turkey246
22Kim Bong-jo Iran347
22Mario Tovar Mexico347
24Rubén Leibovich Argentina448
24Bandu Patil India448
24Nour Aka Sayed Afghanistan448
24Antonio Senosa Philippines448

Round 3

Only four of the 19 wrestlers were eliminated in this round, but 5 men had 5 points after the round. Lehtonen withdrew. Polyák took over the lead at 1 point after Mewis's loss.

WinnerNationVictory TypeLoserNation
Georges Ballery AustriaDecisionDon Cacas Australia
Moustafa Hamil Mansour EgyptDecisionErik Olsson Sweden
Rasoul Mir Malek IranTieMarin Bolocan Romania
Branko Martinović YugoslaviaDefaultDinko Petrov Bulgaria
Kyösti Lehtonen FinlandDecisionLothar Schneider United Team of Germany
Roman Rurua Soviet UnionDecisionSvend Skrydstrup Denmark
Kazimierz Macioch PolandDecisionJef Mewis Belgium
Koji Sakurama JapanDecisionHans Marte Austria
Imre Polyák HungaryFallPetros Galaktopoulos Greece
Ronald Finley United StatesByeN/AN/A
1Imre Polyák Hungary1001
2Branko Martinović Yugoslavia0202
2Roman Rurua Soviet Union1012
2Koji Sakurama Japan1012
5Ronald Finley United States3003
5Jef Mewis Belgium0033
7Georges Ballery France0314
7Kazimierz Macioch Poland3014
7Hans Marte Austria0134
10Marin Bolocan Romania3025
10Don Cacas Australia2035
10Moustafa Hamil Mansour Egypt3115
10Rasoul Mir Malek Iran1225
10Svend Skrydstrup Denmark2035
15Kyösti Lehtonen Finland0213*
16Erik Olsson Sweden1236
17Lothar Schneider United Team of Germany2237
18Petros Galaktopoulos Greece1348
18Dinko Petrov Bulgaria2248

Round 4

All 7 losers and 2 of the 7 winners were eliminated in this round. Polyák stayed at 1 point, while all 4 other wrestlers remaining had 3 points.

WinnerNationVictory TypeLoserNation
Ronald Finley United StatesFallDon Cacas Australia
Rasoul Mir Malek IranDecisionGeorges Ballery Austria
Moustafa Hamil Mansour EgyptDecisionMarin Bolocan Romania
Branko Martinović YugoslaviaDecisionSvend Skrydstrup Denmark
Roman Rurua Soviet UnionDecisionJef Mewis Belgium
Imre Polyák HungaryDefaultHans Marte Austria
Koji Sakurama JapanDecisionKazimierz Macioch Poland
1Imre Polyák Hungary10001
2Ronald Finley United States30003
2Branko Martinović Yugoslavia02013
2Roman Rurua Soviet Union10113
2Koji Sakurama Japan10113
6Moustafa Hamil Mansour Egypt31116
6Jef Mewis Belgium00336
6Rasoul Mir Malek Iran12216
9Georges Ballery France03137
9Kazimierz Macioch Poland30137
11Marin Bolocan Romania30238
11Hans Marte Austria01348
11Svend Skrydstrup Denmark20338
14Don Cacas Australia20349

Round 5

Polyák had the bye. Both bouts featured two wrestlers with 3 points; winners would continue while losers would be out (ties would leave both men in competition). Martinović and Rurua won their bouts, advancing to the final round along with Polyák.

WinnerNationVictory TypeLoserNation
Branko Martinović YugoslaviaDecisionRonald Finley United States
Roman Rurua Soviet UnionDecisionKoji Sakurama Japan
Imre Polyák HungaryByeN/AN/A
1Imre Polyák Hungary100001
2Branko Martinović Yugoslavia020114
2Roman Rurua Soviet Union101114
4Ronald Finley United States300036
4Koji Sakurama Japan101136

Final round

Martinović did not contest the final rounds, taking the bronze medal. Polyák and Rurua wrestled to a draw, with the gold medal going to the Hungarian based on the total points tie-breaker.

WinnerNationVictory TypeLoserNation
Imre Polyák HungaryTieRoman Rurua Soviet Union
Imre Polyák Hungary21000023
Roman Rurua Soviet Union21011126
Branko Martinović YugoslaviaWithdrew


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