Wrestling at the 1996 Summer Olympics – Men's Greco-Roman 62 kg

The Men's Greco-Roman 62 kg at the 1996 Summer Olympics as part of the wrestling program were held at the Georgia World Congress Center from July 21 to July 22. The gold and silver medalists were determined by the final match of the main single-elimination bracket. The losers advanced to the repechage. These matches determined the bronze medalist for the event.[1]

Men's Greco-Roman 62 kg
at the Games of the XXVI Olympiad
VenueGeorgia World Congress Center
Dates21–22 July
Competitors19 from 19 nations
Włodzimierz Zawadzki  Poland
Juan Marén  Cuba
Mehmet Akif Pirim  Turkey


Round 1

 Aroutic Roumpenian (GRE)1–4 Koba Guliashvili (GEO)
 Włodzimierz Zawadzki (POL)4–3 Igor Petrenko (BLR)
 Marco Sánchez (PUR)5–6 Usama Aziz (SWE)
 Mkhitar Manukyan (ARM)11–0 Hu Guohong (CHN)
 Hryhoriy Komyshenko (UKR)10–0 Winston Santos (VEN)
 Ivan Ivanov (BUL)1–1 Mehmet Akif Pirim (TUR)
 David Zuniga (USA)3–2 Ainsley Robinson (CAN)
 Choi Sang-sun (KOR)0–3 Sergey Martynov (RUS)
 Juan Marén (CUB)5–2 Ahad Pazaj (IRI)
 Bakhodir Kurbanov (UZB)Bye

Round 2

Losers table
 Aroutic Roumpenian (GRE)1–3 Igor Petrenko (BLR)
 Marco Sánchez (PUR)3–8 Hu Guohong (CHN)
 Winston Santos (VEN)0–5 Mehmet Akif Pirim (TUR)
 Ainsley Robinson (CAN)0–7 Choi Sang-sun (KOR)
 Ahad Pazaj (IRI)Bye
Winners table
 Bakhodir Kurbanov (UZB)3–10 Koba Guliashvili (GEO)
 Włodzimierz Zawadzki (POL)3–1 Usama Aziz (SWE)
 Mkhitar Manukyan (ARM)2–3 Hryhoriy Komyshenko (UKR)
 Ivan Radnev (BUL)3–1 David Zuniga (USA)
 Sergey Martynov (RUS)4–5 Juan Marén (CUB)

Round 3

Losers table
 Ahad Pazaj (IRI)6–2 Fall Igor Petrenko (BLR)
 Hu Guohong (CHN)1–3 Mehmet Akif Pirim (TUR)
 Choi Sang-sun (KOR)11–1 Bakhodir Kurbanov (UZB)
 Usama Aziz (SWE)0–4 Mkhitar Manukyan (ARM)
 David Zuniga (USA)6–6 Sergey Martynov (RUS)
Winners table (Quarterfinals)
 Koba Guliashvili (GEO)1–3 Włodzimierz Zawadzki (POL)
 Hryhoriy Komyshenko (UKR)Bye
 Ivan Radnev (BUL)Bye
 Juan Marén (CUB)Bye

Round 4

Losers table
 Ahad Pazaj (IRI)0–4 Mehmet Akif Pirim (TUR)
 Choi Sang-sun (KOR)0–5 Fall Mkhitar Manukyan (ARM)
 Sergey Martynov (RUS)2–7 Koba Guliashvili (GEO)
Winners table (Semifinals)
 Włodzimierz Zawadzki (POL)8–2 Hryhoriy Komyshenko (UKR)
 Ivan Radnev (BUL)1–4 Juan Marén (CUB)

Round 5

Losers table
 Mehmet Akif Pirim (TUR)9–4 Mkhitar Manukyan (ARM)
 Koba Guliashvili (GEO)Bye

Round 6

Losers table
 Hryhoriy Komyshenko (UKR)1–2 Mehmet Akif Pirim (TUR)
 Koba Guliashvili (GEO)3–1 Ivan Radnev (BUL)


7th place match
 Mkhitar Manukyan (ARM)WO Sergey Martynov (RUS)
5th place match
 Hryhoriy Komyshenko (UKR)0–3 Ivan Radnev (BUL)
Bronze medal match
 Mehmet Akif Pirim (TUR)9–0 Koba Guliashvili (GEO)
Gold medal match
 Włodzimierz Zawadzki (POL)3–1 Juan Marén (CUB)

Final standing

Rank Athlete
 Włodzimierz Zawadzki (POL)
 Juan Marén (CUB)
 Mehmet Akif Pirim (TUR)
4  Koba Guliashvili (GEO)
5  Ivan Radnev (BUL)
6  Hryhoriy Komyshenko (UKR)
7  Mkhitar Manukyan (ARM)
8  Sergey Martynov (RUS)
9  Choi Sang-sun (KOR)
10  David Zuniga (USA)
11  Ahad Pazaj (IRI)
12  Hu Guohong (CHN)
13  Igor Petrenko (BLR)
14  Usama Aziz (SWE)
15  Marco Sánchez (PUR)
16  Bakhodir Kurbanov (UZB)
17  Aroutic Roumpenian (GRE)
18  Ainsley Robinson (CAN)
19  Winston Santos (VEN)