Yo-yo club

A yo-yo club is a sporting side that is regularly promoted and relegated.[1] The phrase is most typically used in association football in the United Kingdom, especially in reference to promotion to and relegation from the Premier League.

Annual season-end ranking of German club 1. FC Nürnberg, with seven promotions and eight relegations since 1963

The name is derived from the toy yo-yo which goes up and down a string. In Germany the equivalent term is Fahrstuhlmannschaft; in Greece it is ομάδα ασανσέρ; in Hispanic countries it is equipo ascensor; in Danish elevatorhold; in Russia they often say команда-лифт; and in Chinese it is called 升降机; All six terms literally mean "lift team" or "elevator team". In the Netherlands, the term is heen-en-weer club - "to-and-fro club". In Polish, yo-yo clubs are referred to as wańka-wstańka, which translates to "roly-poly toy". In Romanian, clubs oscillating between the first and second tier are called ABBA, in reference to these leagues' former names, Divizia A and Divizia B.

In England the phrase has been used to describe, among others, Birmingham City, Leicester City, Crystal Palace, Fulham, Hull City, Norwich City, Queens Park Rangers, Rotherham United and West Bromwich Albion.

West Brom were an archetypal yo-yo club throughout the first decade of the 21st-century, during which time they were promoted four times and relegated three times. Similarly, Crystal Palace reached the Premier League five times and were relegated the following season on the first four occasions, but have now survived in the top flight since 2013.