Young Pirates (Germany)

Young Pirates (German: Junge Piraten, JuPis) is a youth organisation of the Pirate Party of Germany. The organisation was founded in Wiesbaden on 18 April 2009, when the first board of directors was elected.[1] Then-15-year-old Carmelito Bauer was the first elected chairperson. Since then the board is elected yearly by the present members on their federal meeting. At the first federal meeting of members in 2009 the construction of the board of directors was changed. Since then it has included seven board members, the chairperson and its deputy, the secretary general, the treasurer as well as three assessors.

Young Pirates
Junge Piraten (JuPis)
Secretary GeneralLeonard Bellersen
TreasurerPatrick Rauscher
Founded18 April 2009
IdeologyPirate politics
Mother partyPirate Party Germany
International affiliationYoung Pirates of Europe, Pirate Parties International

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