Youth system

In sporting terminology, a youth system is a youth investment program within a particular team or league, which develops and nurtures (bringing) young talent in farm teams, with the vision of using them in the first team in the future if they show enough promise and potential, and to fill up squad numbers in some teams with small budgets.[1][2] In contrast to most professional sports in the United States where the high school and collegiate system is responsible for developing young sports people, most football and basketball clubs, especially in Europe and Latin America, take responsibility for developing their own players of the future.[3]

In the economy of the Soviet Union which was dominated by the state ownership at about 99.99%, the "youth system" had a form of educational institutions known as children-youth sports school or "uchilische" of "Olympic reserve". Financing of the Soviet youth system was conducted through networks of sports societies such as Dynamo, Spartak, CSKA, etc., or major industrial Soviet state enterprises such as Yuzhmash, Black Sea Shipping Company, Izhevsk Mechanical Plant, others.